Top 5 Best 12 Inch Car Subwoofer (Tested & Reviewed in 2023)

You don’t need a solid reason to have a high-quality sound system in your car; you just have to get it, especially if you plan a long drive with friends.

A reliable sound system can entertain you with clear, clean, and loud music, and an amplifier can further boost performance. Yes, we are talking about the subwoofer with a driver backed by a powerful amplifier to go beyond limitations while producing sound.

The car subwoofer, irrespective of its size and shape, allows smaller speakers to produce a sound at a comfortable frequency range while precisely hitting the low-end notes. However, due to the high demand, subwoofers don’t come easy at an affordable price.

Thus, we tried to test some best 12-inch car subwoofers. These soundbars may not be a good option for smaller cars due to their bigger size, but they can actually sound great and catchy.

1. Polk Audio AA3125-A MM1240 DVC 12-Inch Subwoofer

Polk Audio AA3125-A MM1240 DVC 12-Inch Subwoofer

Add bigger, deeper, and more realistic bass to your car’s sound system with the Polk Audio subwoofers. They are one-of-a-kind and most cost-effective subwoofers you could find in, even in the size of 12-inches.

This attractive subwoofer comes in matte black and round shape, designed to fit easily in enclosures or tubes. We tested it with the ported enclosure and the sound quality was amazing despite the heavy punishments. 

The subwoofer is super flexible to sit in your vehicle’s trunk because it is designed with polymer woofer cones and Butyl rubber material that can fight harsh weather conditions and never stop performing while maintaining the subwoofer’s lifespan.

For connectivity and wirings, Polk Audio AA3125-A comes with high-temperature copper voice coils that should be around 51 mm to give you ample room and opportunity to put the device at the back and make it connect to the front with your stereo.

The heavy-duty input terminals for RCA or other speaker wires are plates with Nickel that can accommodate up to 8 AWG or twisted ones with 12 AWG. Besides, you can also put the grille at the front of the driver, so the bass output gets thumpy and richer while the subwoofer complements the car’s interior.

However, unlike other high-end 12-inches car subwoofers, it is rated at 800W maximum power. The built-in highly responsive motor boosts the overall performance of the woofer, at the same time giving hints to set up a proper ventilation system for fighting the heat.

Thus, if you have ample space in your car to host this blockbuster, get the Polk Audio car subwoofer and enhance your music listening experience with perfect tuning, accurate and clean bass, and a responsive device.

Main Features

  • Boat and wheel mount choices
  • 800W max power handling
  • Made with polymer woofer cones
  • Surrounded with Butyl rubber
• Rich and heavy bass
• Copper voice coils
• Extremely low distortion maintenance capability
• Heavy-duty input terminals
• Appealing design
• The installation and connection may need professional help
• Not much value to money

2. Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Powered Subwoofer

Car subwoofers from Rockford Fosgate are making history by making us feel more immersed in music while driving. Although it comes in a traditional subwoofer design, it gives you flexibility and convenience to get it settled without getting in trouble.

It’s huge, and it may be heavy. So, don’t expect to handle it all alone. You might need to call for help. But the overall device is pretty user-friendly to run inside the SUVs or trucks. 

Like us, you can put it in your trunk because the amplifier (if you choose to connect separately) also requires space and room for ventilation. However, it houses a 300W in a custom sealed 12-inches closed-loop body.

In addition, its low current design and high efficiency produce low premium frequencies that give the charm of deep low notes and punchy bass that hits right to your pulses while driving. We could feel the bass in our chest, especially at high volume levels. 

But the great thing is that it won’t distract you from the surroundings, so putting the volume high wouldn’t be a problem while on the road. We enjoyed how our windows are banging and people in surrounding were also enjoy the rock music. 

The Rockford Fosgate P300-12 12-inches sub surely knows about keeping the balance between enclosure, woofer, and amplifier. It features automatic on/off for smooth usage, and bass EQ lets you customize the sound quality according to your mood and song.

So, if you are a music enthusiast like me, this best 12-inch car subwoofer is made for you. Despite being big, it is everything you need to hit the road with your favorite playlists.

Main Features

  • Easily adjusts in trunk or trucks
  • Comes with installation kit
  • Built-in 300W amplifier
  • Overvoltage protection
  • A couple of low-level inputs
• Punchy and tight bass delivery
• High-temperature voice coils
• Auto on/off
• EQ bass
• Clean pitches
• The bass customization requirement may need time to understand
• The cooling system could be advanced

3. Pioneer TSW312D4 Subwoofer

Pioneer TSW312D4 Subwoofer

Pioneer is all set to bring the blast in a car with this 12-inches 300W powered car subwoofer that catches the attention with its stunning appearance and makes you its fan by producing great sounding bass all day.

Even though many top-tier car subwoofers are raising the bar, we found this 12-inches sub to perform somewhat above our expectations while resting in an enclosure. It may not be the best bass maker and louder sub you come across, but it can win all the challenges and deliver the quality bass you want to hear.

We loved how it came prepared with an industrial heat-activated vinyl covering and, in a custom-sealed enclosure to keep the driver sane when performing at peak levels under different weather conditions. 

Besides, it is a perfect all-in-one solution that has a compelling built-in 300W amplifier that boosts the driver performance and makes it run to its optimum level while keeping the frequency as low as possible.

The interesting features include automatic on/off, bass boosting EQ, adjustable 12dB octave low pass crossover, and 0/180-degree phase switch. Though we set the phase switch at 0 while utilizing the bass boost for the real depth. We also noticed the remote bass level control maximizes the device’s convenience, especially when driving.

Moreover, the enclosure design also knows about maintaining the premium balance between the amplifier, woofer, and enclosure, so the end user gets distortion-free deep bass, exactly as expected. Thermal and overvoltage protection also plays a role in keeping the subwoofer safe and ensuring maintaining the required current flow.

Main Features

  • 5/8 inch MDF construction
  • Clean and thumpy bass
  • Low current max efficiency design
  • Clean and subtle low frequency
  • Large AWG input terminals
  • 3000W RMS power
• Fully reliable
• Responsive motor
• High output
• Budget-friendly
• Smart impedance
• 1-year warranty
• Not advanced cooling system

4. Skar Audio EVL-12 D2 12” Car Subwoofer

Skar Audio EVL-12 D2

Skar Audio is not famous for nothing. It may not be the market leader for the best car subwoofers, but it’s on the way by manufacturing products that are cutting edge in every aspect. From built quality to making clean and touchy bass, you can count on the Skar Audio car subwoofers, especially the EVL-12 D2.

This 12-inches best car subwoofer is a game changer if you are willing to upgrade the sound system while staying on a tight budget. It is well-designed with high-roll foam surrounding, offering protection to the driver while cleaning the distortion.

Moreover, the high-flux ferrite 166 oz motor is very responsive and satisfies the woofer’s power requirements to perform effectively and efficiently. The frequency gets down to 25Hz, while it is loaded with 85.1 dB sensitivity to perform beyond capability.

The dual 2-Ohm component is rated at 2500W peak power, which can prove to be a stunning bass maker in your vehicle. The 3-inches voice coils are 4-layered and high-temperature work hard to enhance the sound quality and ensure wiring flexibility within the car.

It is a great package that brings entertainment and boosts the fun while listening to your favorite playlist. It wasn’t reluctant to get loud, and the sound quality was barely compromised at extreme listening levels. However, we noticed the muddy noise, but it could be a distraction from the surroundings. Overall, it is a great-sounding woofer for the car. 

However, the 12-inches subwoofer requires adequate space to settle down, and you might need some professional help in the connection. So, better be prepared.

Main Features

  • Dual 2-ohm
  • Suitable mounting depth
  • 1250W RMS power
  • High-grade paper cones used
  • High-temperature voice coils for flexible wiring  
• Thick foam surrounding
• No distortion
• Deep low notes
• Responsive bass quality
• Clean and tight bass
• Highly lows
• Dope sensitivity
• Requires ample space

5. Memphis Audio MOJO 1212 Subwoofer

Memphis Audio MOJO 1212 Subwoofer

Memphis Audio Mojo 1212 is a perfect choice to enhance the car’s sound quality while staying on a budget. It is a 12-inches, 1 Ohm or 2-ohm selected impedance and vented enclosure car subwoofer designed to be very efficient while performing with full authority.

The cheap car subwoofer was easily  performed at peak levels, featuring 3.5-inches triple voice coils and a single slug. The integrated ferrite motor is also powerful and responsive enough to handle the peak power and maintain the current flow like a pro.

It can get low, deliver punchy bass, and blend with various applications to enhance the overall quality. The DVVC direct vent voice coil cooling system maximizes performance by keeping the device cool and calm within the enclosure and fighting with all the heat generation. We didn’t come across the heating problems after the long playback period. 

Besides, this unit has a unique construction and appearance profile like other relative car products. It is well designed to install without any professional help. The premium lightweight polypropylene dust cap and double stitched surroundings deal with the distortion and produce accurate bass while securing the driver.

Hence, it is a balanced product of value to money and car stereo enhancement that can help you get rid of boring long routes, even in your SUVs. It can adjust anywhere and produce the bass rating at 3000W peak power and 1500W RMS power. Besides, the subwoofer is loaded with an 83dB sensor and 250 oz magnet, making the device one of its kind and the best 12-inch car subwoofer to date.

Main Features

  • 3000W peak power handling
  • Lightweight polypropylene for exciting sound waves
  • Well-designed cooling system
  • Thick foam surrounding
• Accurate and heart-pounding bass
• Less to no distortions in full volume
• Responsive 250 oz ferrite motor
• User-friendly and power rich
• No option to boost low-end frequencies

Best 12-Inches Car Subwoofer Buying Guide

The first step to take before any heavy-investment shopping is filtering your needs, budget, and requirements, so I think you are at the right place.

It sounds sensible that you are exploring options for the best 12-inches car subwoofer, but did you ensure you have ample space to host it inside the car?

If yes, continue reading because the subwoofer size is not the only consideration you should take before buying one for your car. A subwoofer is a spec-rich device, and one wrong move can compromise your entire entertainment during long off-road routes.

So, let’s see what makes a good subwoofer and why you should get the 12-inches, highly responsive bass enhancer you should get for your SUV or truck.

Where to Place?

Let’s start with where you should place the 12-inches car subwoofer.

Well. I think you don’t have a choice if you have an SUV because it is made to go in the trunk. Irrespective of the shape and design of the woofer and enclosure, you should place it inside the trunk at the side. Also, you can put the carpet underneath so it won’t slip or move much while operating, and the vibrations will be less to feel that way.

Moreover, the voice coils are supposed to travel at the front, so choose the bottom sides and ensure to hide the cables for your safety. We don’t recommend putting the subwoofer somewhere inside, like at the front or under the seats, because it is big and requires proper ventilation to perform effectively.


It is understandable that when you are getting a subwoofer for a car, you think about the enclosures. It houses the driver, offers full support while performing, keeps it safe under different circumstances, and helps with ventilation. 

But the enclosure type depends on the vehicle and its capacity to dedicate a space to the entire system.

Voice Coils

When we talk about subwoofers, voice coils instantly pop up in our minds, right?

They come in different sizes, and you will find them single or dual with high-temperature competence for flexible wiring, a current flowing, and keeping the devices connected.

Unlike singles, duals are more beneficial, and SUV owners should consider that.

Power Handling

When the subwoofer can handle the max power, it can produce a rich and tight bass that you can’t imagine. So, don’t forget to check the peak power handling and RMS power, and do not settle for less.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best 12-inch car subwoofer?

We are rooting for the Rockford Fosgate P300-12 for its stunning deep bass production capability, rating 300W RMS with a built-in power amplifier. The EQ bass booster gives extra punch when required, and the auto on/off function makes it user-friendly for drivers.

Is a 12-inch subwoofer good for a car?

A 12-inch subwoofer can be ideal for enjoying the high-quality rich bass in your car, but it won’t be adjusted in smaller, only the SUVs or trucks. Also, installing on your own can be a little complicated, but overall, it will be a turning point for your music listening. 

Ending Thoughts

So, you must have made up your mind about the bass maker machine, and subwoofers are the top choice in this regard. Irrespective of the specs and other features, all subwoofers mentioned above are willing to provide you with a tight and punchy bass that may shatter your windows and get inside you to boom the pulses.

So, get the best subwoofer for car that best meets your car requirements and enjoy the loud and accurate low frequencies while driving.

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