About Us

Hi, I’m Oscar William.

I am an electrical engineer who loves listening to music- all the time. I think this is the best way to escape from the daily stress of a job. Also, I have a huge collection of records and music subscriptions that keep me hooked to new releases.

I still remember a pair of Sony headphones was my first-ever purchase to listen to my favorite music privately. I kept telling everyone about them and recommending them to use, as they sounded perfect. Then technological advancements happened, so I expanded my entertainment space and introduced stereo speakers, a soundbar, and a subwoofer.

I loved the concept of a subwoofer. How a single solid box that contains a driver and an amp would only focus on the low-end frequencies to lower the burden of other speakers, making them perform at their best and contribute to creating a beautiful soundstage. It generates heavy and thundering bass that I loved, which was a turning point in my career. I decided to test different subwoofers and then review them for people like me who can’t imagine their life without good music.

I love doing things that make people happy- this way, I intend to create ease for my fellow heavy music listeners. Check out my blogs and pour your suggestions about the audio equipment and what you’re looking for next to expand your soundstage.