Top 3 Best Active Subwoofer for Car (Tested in 2023)

If you are planning to experiment with your car sound system, getting an active car subwoofer can bring real fun.

Active subwoofers are the most demanding component of an audio system because it doesn’t require any additional purchasing, and with the built-in amplifier, they can deliver hard-hitting and deep bass to transform the listening experience.

However, finding the best car subwoofer doesn’t seem easy due to the flood of the latest products coming every second. Thus, we have tested and reviewed the top ones with different specs to give you enough choices to choose from. Let’s see what each of them has to offer. 

1. Rockville RW10CA Subwoofer

Rockville RW10CA Car Subwoofer

Finding an active subwoofer is kind of easy because it is the most-demanding unit due to its affordability, space-saving design, and impressive set of specs. And in the range of best car subwoofers, Rockville RW10CA is our top-rated product for its excellent features and robust construction.

It is a 10-inch car subwoofer rated at 800W peak power handling with a built-in 200W amplifier. It is a well-built profile subwoofer with low-level RCA input and high-level input to eliminate the need for a remote wire to make it functional. 

The automatic turn-on technology is a big relief for drivers like us. We didn’t have to manually turn on the sub, it started functioning after detecting the music signals, which was impressive. 

When you turn off the device, the built-in subwoofer automatically stops working and turns itself off. Besides, the installation is a breeze, and you shouldn’t worry about the placement because the 10-inches profile with a built-in amp wouldn’t give you a hard time.

In addition, it is a powerful car subwoofer with a 2 Ohm impedance and 20 – 150 Hz frequency response. You can expect loud, heavy, and deeper bass that will hit the windows with precise tuning and low-end notes and give you a thrilling experience.

This mini beast is loaded with 90dB sensitivity, and you will also get the pleasure of a subsonic filter at 29 Hz that will pick up the frequencies to add an extra punch. You can also charge it with a bass boost option that goes from 0 – 18dB at 45 Hz.

However, you only have to take care of the ventilation system, as the built-in amp generates enough heat, but the subwoofer needs to stay cool to increase the playtime. Ensure it has a reasonable airflow system so it functions without hassle.

Main Features

  • It is CEA-2006 compliant
  • 2 Ohm impedance
  • Seamless installation
  • Low-level input with auto turn-on
  • Low pass filter
• Bass boost feature
• 200W amplifier
• Thundering and room-shaking bass
• Gets loud without harming the quality
• Frequency response goes down at 25 Hz
• Level remote control
• Sound customization and gain levels require time to adjust

2. Rockville SS8P Slim Active Subwoofer

Rockville SS8P Slim Active Subwoofer

Whether you want a car subwoofer or looking for something to reinforce your existing sound system, Rockville SS8P can be your best choice

It is the most user-friendly car subwoofer we could find with a handy body and an affordable price tag. The hookup is dead simple, and placement is flexible due to the versatile and slim body. We put it in the trunk of our car and managed to travel the voice coils at the front quickly. 

This cheapest subwoofer can pleasure your ears to listen to a quality bass with precise tuning and subtle pitching. The 8-inches speaker size with a built-in amplifier is like a small packet that blows a huge bomb in the name of low-end frequencies that, unfortunately, the audio systems fail to capture.

This slim under-seat 400W powered subwoofer comes in an aluminum enclosure that helps with keeping the subwoofer cool despite its playtime and usage. In addition, the low-level RCA input helps with the seamless connection and power up the device, and high-level inputs with auto turn-on technology make it a Godsend device.

The person sitting in the driver seat will have full control over the device, volume, and bass boost options, so the party will never stop. Also, due to its compact design, you can slide down the subwoofer anywhere inside the car or trunk. However, you don’t want to showcase somewhere apparent because the boring profile wouldn’t complement the car.

You will also get numerous other interesting features with Rockville SS8-, including a low pass filter ranging from 50 Hz to 150 Hz and a bass boost up to 0 – 12 dB at 45 Hz. It also features a subsonic filter at 20 Hz.

Though we weren’t expecting much from the compact, low-profile car subwoofer, it delivers outstanding bass performance with a 100W built-in amplifier. Hence, it is a worthy investment for beginners.

Main Features

  • Active-powered car subwoofer
  • 100W RMS power
  • High-level inputs with Auto turn-on
  • Cast Aluminum enclosure
  • Power protects LED
  • Adjustable sensitivity
• Bass-level remote control
• 400W power handling
• Shaking bass
• Short and thermal protection
• Overload protection circuit
• Affordable
• Boring design

3. Rockville USS8 Active Subwoofer

Rockville USS8 Active Subwoofer

Rockville USS8 subwoofer is an old production of the Rockville, but it is the most powerful one with all the necessary features you want to reinforce the car sound system.

The 8-inches size and 600W peak power handling can make a difference and enhance the bass frequencies to sound better, more accurate, and cleaner than before. It ws relatively easy to handle and plug inside the car. 

Since it is the best active subwoofer, you’ll know it comes with a built-in amplifier with 150W power. So, you wouldn’t face trouble pairing the device with the car battery and enjoy the solid bass pitching with your playlist.

In addition, it integrates high-level inputs with an automatic turn-on, saving you the trouble of accessing the device to manage it. The adjustable input sensitivity gives you full control of the device and its outcome, and the thermal protection and short protection circuit ensure the safety and durability of the subwoofer.

If we talk about other specs that make it the best car subwoofer, we can’t help mentioning a low pass filter from 50 Hz – 150 Hz and a subsonic filter from 20 Hz – 50 Hz. Also, it features a frequency response of 15 Hz – 125 Hz, so you can set what you want to hear according to your music.

This compact entry-level subwoofer may not have advanced features to offer, but the basic ones are enough to satisfy the music-listening experience. With a high flux powerful motor and flexible connectivity options, it is the product to have.

Main Features

  • Smart turn-on
  • Protective gears
  • 2.9-inches thick enclosure
  • Built-in 150W amplifier
  • Bass boost option
• Easy installation
• Compact body
• Clean and seamless wiring
• Remote control
• Subsonic filter
• Booming and thrilling bass
• keeping it cool can be tricky

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best active subwoofer for a car?

Rockville RW10CA is the best 10-inches car subwoofer with 2 Ohm impedance, 800W peak power, and a 200W built-in amplifier. It produces excellent bass notes that the built-in sound system fails to deliver, even without costing a fortune.

Is an active subwoofer better?

Even though passive subwoofers are more popular, active subwoofers tend to perform better in a car while offering other benefits, like saving space or producing deeper bass that hits right with the pitches.

Is an active subwoofer better for a car?

 You can expect more impactful sound from active subwoofers so that you can rely on it for mini-car parties or long trips with endless playtime. 

Ending Thoughts

An active subwoofer is an all-in-one package with a built-in amplifier that keeps itself cool in an enclosure and never stops becoming a beast when performing. Passive subwoofers are an end-game, but active subwoofers are known for the punchy and richer bass that perfectly suits different genre songs.

We have mentioned the compact-size active subwoofers that are perfect to set in small cars and give a solid reinforcement to your car stereo. Have a detailed look at the specs and choose for yourself accordingly. 

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