Top 7 Best Budget Car Subwoofers (Tested & Reviewed in 2023)

Most cars do not come with subwoofers, and the speaker’s quality is not more than average. And if you are like me, you must not imagine sitting in a car without putting on some music.

But installing an entirely new and upgraded sound system along with a subwoofer in the car would be expensive, and the idea of adding some bass depth to the music will remain untouched.

Therefore, getting a subwoofer and connecting it with the existing sound system to enhance the audio quality while adding the cheap thrill of bass won’t harm anyone. However, if you are on a budget, finding the best budget car subwoofer would be no less than an adventure.

Well, no more worries! We have you covered with the 7 cheapest subwoofers for car recommendations that help you clear your mind and grab the right product without breaking the bank.

1. Rockville W8K9D4 Subwoofer

Rockville W8K9D4 Subwoofer

If you are looking for a subwoofer for your car that entirely changes the sound within, Rockville W8K9D4 is the product. The 8-inches design with incredible built-in quality saves time and hassle in the installation.

It is a premium product of the K9 series with dual 4-Ohm and 2000W of peak power handling capacity. The subwoofer is covered with thick foam that enhances the sound quality while minimizing distortion. Besides, considering the black stitching cone reinforcement, we can vouch for its long lifespan, making it long-lasting sound equipment for your smaller or heavy vehicles.

In addition, this best car subwoofer features 1000W program power handling and 500W RMS power handling, which is unusual for cheap car subwoofers. It can deliver a tight, punchy bass while not compromising the dialogue performance and tuning. Besides, heavy off-roading or bumps on the way won’t compromise your fun; it still produces a ton of music.

Nevertheless, it is a product of amazing car subwoofer professionals; it would be a shame if they don’t consider other qualities, like venting or cooling. The integrated voice coils handle the pressure of 200 degrees Celsius, and the vented Hole on the T-Yoke that has a 10mm thickness improves the heat dissipation.

So, if you are looking to boost the fun while traveling, mount the Rockville K9 8-inches subwoofer in your car and enjoy shaking bass on your next trips.

Main Features

  • Well-constructed woofer with the excellent build quality
  • Ultra-stiff polypropylene dust cap
  • The entire sub is surrounded by thick foam
  • Seamless installation with rubber boot magnet covers
• 5.91-inches mounting depth
• 81.2dB sensitivity level
• Ultra-stiff cones to handle more power
• 2000W peak power handling
• Easy to handle with lightweight construction
• Grills do not protect speakers

2. Skar Audio DDX-10 D4 Subwoofer

Skar Audio DDX-10 D4 Subwoofer

Another entertaining best budget 10-inch car subwoofer we have from Skar Audio, which produces the world’s best subwoofers regarding build quality, design, and performance. DDX-10 D4 is a competitive grade dual 4-Ohm 10-inches subwoofer ready to shake your car’s mirrors with heavy sound delivery.

It has a typical subwoofer body, designed for cars to install beneath the seats or fix in the trunk easily. The 10-inches body won’t leave you to question its placement, and the high roll foam stitching around it ensures the distortion-free sound delivery.

It integrates a double stack magnet with a high temperature of 2.5-inches copper voice coil with a 1500W peak power handling and 1000W RMS, which is not surprising from the top-notch product from Skar Audio.

This best cheap subwoofer ranges from 28Hz – 300Hz, so you can expect the low pitches to perform incredibly well and deliver the tight bass to hear, feel, and enjoy. It produces loud, accurate, and heavy bass notes that can be used in many different applications.

When it comes to delivery of necessary power, we found a powerful 202 oz ferrite motor inside the DDX-10 D4 body that ensures responsive power to the subwoofer to perform beyond expectations. It stalks your cravings and starts performing in no time to save you boring long routes.

Main Features

  • The cooling system is advanced
  • 4-Ohm voice coil configuration
  • 6.10-inches mounting depth
  • Responsive motor
  • Wired connectivity
  • Accurate bass notes performance
• 1500W peak power handling
• Loud and heavy bass
• High roll foam stitching
• A mixture of SQ and SPL
• EQ presets or advanced controlling would be a plus

3. Skar Audio SDR-8 D2 Subwoofer

Skar Audio SDR-8 D2 Subwoofer

In terms of power delivery and acoustic responsiveness across the whole low-end frequency range, the Skar Audio SDR-8 D2 subwoofer was created to reimagine the concept of an “everyday car subwoofer.”

The SDR series has continued to be one of the most successful subwoofer lines we have ever introduced, and its success can be attributed in part to the considerable engineering considerations that went into producing this 8-inch subwoofer.

The SDR-8 has a voice coil made of 2 inches of high-temperature copper with four layers, so it is able to run at its peak performance for hours on end while still providing the user with the confidence that it can withstand the harshness of the environment.

With the wired connectivity technology, this best budget car subwoofer features to handle 700W peak power handling and 350W RMS power handling. This 8-inch dual 2-ohm car subwoofer has a frequency range of 30 Hz – 350 Hz; the low-frequency bass notes hit right on the eardrums while driving to double the traveling excitement.

It integrates a powerful high flux Ferrite motor that gives necessary power to the driver. The advanced airflow design is also worth noticing, making it surprising responsiveness and budget-friendly car subwoofer.

Main Features

  • 700W peak power
  • Pure copper four-layer voice coil
  • High flux motor
  • Produce low-end bass frequencies with authority
  • Fully responsive and compelling
• Easy installation
• Unique suspension system
• Ultra-stiff cones
• Great flexibility
• Incredible bass performance
• You may have to compromise on accuracy for cost

4. Rockville W12K6D4 V2 Subwoofer

Rockville W12K6D4 V2 Subwoofer

When we step out to buy a cheap car subwoofer, Rockville comes to our minds. It’s a name of perfection when it comes to attractive design, lightweight body, and wholesome sound quality. This particular unit from the brand is a 12-inch dual 2-Ohm subwoofer featuring 2000W peak power handling and 1000W program handling.

Besides, the subwoofer integrates 2.5-inches USA-made voice coils covered with 100% OFC copper with Aluminum, intended to last longer and ensure high power voltage handling. It surely gives a heavy punch and a relaxing massage on long trips with accurate bass and loud notes.

The design is also attractive, and the rubber magnet covers make it even more eye-catching while shielding the magnet. The custom mounting Gasket adds points to its attractive look while making the installation super easy and flexible.

The frequency response of 27 Hz – 1.5KHz is tempting. In addition, it produces bass that hits right on the notes with the 600W RMS. Besides, the Rockville uses high-grade glue that can handle extraordinarily high temperatures, so it can handle more power than rated, giving you a heavenly music listening experience while driving.

Main Features

  • Vented Hole on T-yoke for heat dissipation
  • 85dB sensitivity
  • High BL magnetic Motor gap
  • 5.75-inches mounting depth
  • Red stitching cone reinforcement ensures longevity
  • The mounting gasket helps in air-tight mounting
• The frequency goes down to 27Hz
• 2400W peak power handling
• Excellent and accurate bass notes
• Compelling and responsive motor
• We found some distortion

5. Rockford Fosgate R2D4-12 Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate R2D4-12 Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate is a pioneer of quality car subwoofers at affordable rates. The Prime R2 subwoofers from Rockford Fosgate are meant to last and provide a powerful bass response in your vehicle.

The R2D4-12 sub has a cone made of mica-injected polypropylene 12 inches in diameter and a high-density polyfoam surround that helps it produce deep and low notes. Because it has dual voice coils with a resistance of 4 ohms, you may wire it for an impedance of either 2 or 8 ohms, providing you greater options when configuring your system.

Rockford Fosgate stitches the tinsel leads that transport the signal to the voice coils directly into the cone. Because of this, the tinsel leads can withstand severe use without being damaged, resulting in reliable and constant performance. The stamped solid-steel frame features ventilation that is often only found in high-end subs, which enables this sub to maintain a cool operating temperature.

The compelling integrated motor can handle extreme pressure, and the woofer runs at the rate of 500W of peak power. The frequency response of 43 Hz to 250 Hz is satisfactory and justifiable, giving you ample room to enjoy the low bass notes while saving hundreds of bucks.

Main Features

  • Solid bass reproduction
  • Sealed and vented enclosure optimization
  • Mica injected polypropylene cone
  • Anodized aluminum voice coil ring
• Affordable
• Easy installation
• Attractive design
• High-quality cones
• Advanced cooling system
• The bass notes could be more accurate and lower

6. Skar Audio SDR-12 D4 Subwoofer

Skar Audio SDR-12 D4 Subwoofer

If you want a perfect combination of strong build quality, excellent performance, and affordable rates in a car subwoofer, go for the Skar Audio SDR-12 D4 12-inches subwoofer that proves to be a game-changer for your next long drives.

It is a dual 4-Ohm version powered by 1200W maximum power, making it a thrill-producing bass device in a car. The high-flux ferrite motor supports the driver in delivering low-end bass frequencies with authority.

The design and construction are not different from the other models of the car subwoofers, but the high roll foam keeps it safe and reduces the distortion level to ensure accuracy and tight punch. Even though the Skar audio car subwoofers are not high-end and compete with the top-notch products in the market, they still do the job without burdening your pockets.

It features 2.5-inches high-temperature 4-layer copper voice coils designed to handle high temperatures but ensures flexibility and stability within the device. Also, it can satisfy your music listening cravings with accurate low bass notes, as the frequency response ranges from 22 Hz – 300 Hz.

Main Features

  • Dual 4-Ohm car subwoofer
  • High flux ferrite motor
  • 4-layer high-temperature voice coils
  • 22Hz – 300Hz frequency
  • 13.5mm Xmax
  • 6.47-inches mounting depth
• High thick foam covering
• Rated at 600 RMS
• Budget-friendly
• Responsive
• Incredible low-end bass response
• Seamless fixing in a car
• Sensitivity isn’t high as expected

7. Skar Audio EVL-65 D2 Subwoofer

Skar Audio EVL-65 D2 Subwoofer

Among the extensive product line of Skar Audio, car subwoofers are hitting products that attract a market while delivering quality products within a tight budget. Car subwoofers from Skar audio are not only physically appealing, but their built quality and sound performance also reach the sky.

The last product on our list of the cheapest subwoofer for a car is Skar Audio EVL-65 D2, a 6.5-inches dual 2 Ohm car subwoofer featuring 2-inches high-temperature voice coils with the handling of peak power of 400W and rated at 200W RMS.

It may be a small subwoofer in the list, but its potential to produce accurate low bass notes is surprising. With a massive attitude and hard-hitting bass, it can shake the car windows and side mirrors and let the surrounding know about your mini party on the road.

Another surprising and catching point of this cheap car subwoofer is its equipped 39 oz motor that delivers steady and clean power so it can perform without any hassle. Besides, the advanced airflow cooling system also plays a significant part in keeping the device running, giving you the best time of your life while traveling. Whether you play hip hop or any other audio category, the car subwoofer covers you for low-end frequencies with stunning accuracy.

Main Features

  • 2-inch high-temperature voice coils
  • Advanced cooling system
  • 50-250 Hz frequency
  • High-grade pressed paper cone
  • High-temperature voice coils
• Compact size
• Compelling motor
• Sounds pretty great
• 61 Hz Fs
• 3.56-inches mounting depth
• Installation may require some special skills and tool

Best Cheapest Car Subwoofer Buying Guide 2022

When coming across a range of terrific subwoofers willing to produce excellent bass depth with great low pitch accuracy at an affordable rate, it’s hard to make a buying decision. Therefore, here are some questions you should ask while getting a cheap car subwoofer and do some research beforehand about the machine, so you don’t invest in the wrong product.

What do I need?

Are you a casual traveler or often hit the roads with friends or family to enjoy some quality time with great music and heavy snacking?

 You may find asking this question to yourself odd, but it directly connects with the type of subwoofer you should get for the car. If you don’t travel much, mainly off-road, you should get the cheapest subwoofer for car that doesn’t have impressive specifications but does the job. It may sound more like a formality, but you need a punchy bass in your music to have great music listening, right? Thus, a 10-inch subwoofer from the reviews mentioned above would be a perfect companion to satisfy your daily great music listening cravings.

Build Quality

Subwoofer build quality is another factor to watch out for. Like soundbars, the best car subwoofer also has some quality standards. Many subwoofers are made of MDF with a carpet or thick padded foam covering for shield and distortion elimination purposes.

The Aluminum covering on voice coils is also worth noticing, as many other protective measures the brand takes to stand out in the market. However, you may not have premium build quality as the cheap car subwoofer, but you should not settle for poor quality that wouldn’t last long.

Frequency Range

Always choose a wider frequency range. It shows the soundness and potential at both ends of the spectrum. With a wider range, it should be able to produce the top and bottom ends of the bass sound more effectively.


How much will you require? The power handling capacity of the subwoofer will determine some aspects of the overall sound. The more powerful it is, the louder and deeper the bass will be in most circumstances.


Always set a budget beforehand before doing the subwoofer shopping.

As we all know, we can’t resist enjoying quality music, so spending on a device responsible for ensuring quality music listening won’t harm us- at least we think.

Hence, make a plan about what you need, from frequency range to the subwoofer size; you should be on the same page and then set a reasonable budget with the help of online reviews and related articles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best budget car subwoofer?

Rockford Fosgate R2D4-12 is a competitive car subwoofer in the market with an affordable rate, rated at 250W RMS with a peak power handling of 500W. It is a 12-inch sub with an anodized aluminum voice coil and VC trim ring. It sets a standard in the music industry by delivering accurate, punchy, and hard-hitting low-end frequencies.

What are some of the cheapest car subs that are good?

We can consider the range of Skar Audio car subwoofers that are a perfect mixture of durability, great sound quality, and affordability. Skar Audio EVL-65 D2 is a 6.5-inches car subwoofer that hits right on the spot with punchy bass, and Skar Audio SDR-8 D2 is an 8-inches game-changer car subwoofer.

What is the best subwoofer for the money?

Rockville W8K9D4 is the best subwoofer for money, with a peak power handling of 2000W with a sensitivity of 81.2dB. The solid construction covers the entire sub with thick foam to eliminate distortion and maximize the driver’s security. The rubber boot magnet covers help with installation, but the lightweight construction also hints at convenience.

Ending Thoughts

Reviewing the best car subwoofer is not easy because every unit in the market has expertise in delivering low-pitched sound while keeping the audio quality intact and boosting the bass boom. With a high sensitivity rating, a cheap car subwoofer wins the heart by offering high gain with low power.

So, prioritize your needs, choose the products that best match them, and make a purchase immediately because the insane demand will not leave them untouched for you.

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