Boss CXX8 8 Inch Car Subwoofer In-depth Review

Over time, people who drive can’t imagine getting on the road without putting on some music. Car audio has become the most important aspect of any vehicle, and brands like Boss Audio have realized the evolving need and hence produced some quality car subwoofers.

We got to test one of the products from their reliable subwoofer collection. Boss Audio CXX8 was a top-selling product for several reasons. Let’s see what makes it stand out in the market.

BOSS Audio Systems CXX8 Car Subwoofer

BOSS Audio Systems CXX8 8 Inch Car Subwoofer
BrandBOSS Audio Systems
Model NameCXX8
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Size8 Inches

Size and Placement

It is a compact and delicate piece of audio equipment. It is only 8-inches in size, giving you enough options to place it wherever you want. The CXX8 model from a Chaos Extreme series is winning hearts with its handy profile in a round shape.

The subwoofer measures 8.25 x 8.25 x 4.3-inches and weighs around 4.62 lbs. It means you won’t be struggling to find the sweet spot for it, and the lightweight might help you with easy installation.

In addition, it records 3.78-inches mounting height and 7.25-inches mounting hole diameter. Even though it sounds easy to mind, we strongly recommend professional installation to avoid any mishap with this beast.

Design and Enclosures

As mentioned earlier, it comes in a round shape or design, so you can opt for an enclosure type that best fits your requirements, mainly the available space in your car. Considering its profile, we believe you have a choice of sealed and ported enclosures.

You should also focus on the ventilation part. Remember, the placement needs extra attention because you don’t want to leave it shaky. After all, it can compromise the performance, and making it too heavy also wouldn’t fall in your favor.

For manufacturing this car subwoofer, a polypropylene cone is used, which is durable and maximizes sound quality. Besides appearance, it also complements the design of the woofer. You would also see a rubber surround attached to endure the punishment without the risk of tearing.

Power Handling

Power handling is the most exciting part a subwoofer has to offer. It sets the standard for it, and car owners judge a subwoofer based on it.

Boss CXX8 comes with a 600W maximum power handling, which is not bad because an average quality subwoofer’s power handling rates are around 300 Watts. It makes the subwoofer push hard, and the highly responsive motor will ensure the required power sustainability.

Since it is a passive subwoofer, you must get a compatible amplifier with reasonable RMS power to make it properly functional and enjoy the hard-hitting punch outcomes.

Sound Quality

Audio equipment from Boss never disappoints you when it comes to performance. It gets out of the way while functioning, which we notice with CXX8. The bass quality is impressive. The subwoofer was smartly catching the low-end frequencies from the music and reproducing the bass with so much passion and depth without compromising the sound quality.

It features a resonant frequency of 49 Hz with a loaded sensitivity of 83dB, making it bring intense bass power without consuming much energy. So, whether you listen to rap or country music, it is worth getting for your car or truck.

Necessary Specs

Other highlighting features of the CXX8 were high-temperature voice coils to maintain the subwoofer strength and fatigue properties. It gives you the benefit of enjoying long playtimes without worrying about the device.

Besides, the stamped basket helps with energy consumption to make the subwoofer lighter in feel, bringing more party at a lower weight.

• Powerful and responsive motor structure
• 49 Hz resonant frequency level
• 4 Ohm impedance
• Single voice coil to keep the wiring a little complex
• Light on pockets
• Heavy on bass production
• Lack of controlling options

Bottom Line

In light of all the features, handy design, and terrific sound performance, Boss CXX8 has made us its fan. So to speak, affordability is another point that we would consider to mount it with our car stereo.

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