How to Choose a Subwoofer for Your Car? (Buying Guide)

Undoubtedly, car subwoofers have become an important component of your car sound system due to their extraordinary services, like producing deep and filling bass frequencies. So, it may sound exaggerated, but the presence of the subwoofer greatly impacts the quality of your car’s audio system.

Also, if you have recently listened to music in someone’s car having a subwoofer, you would notice his sound system performs so much better than yours, and every frequency would make a noticeable difference. This urges the need to get a high-quality subwoofer that best suits your car and performs accordingly.

But how?

How to Choose a Subwoofer for Your Car?

Choosing a subwoofer for a car is not easy as it sounds. You cannot go to market and get the one that is most appealing to the eyes because of the specs and detailing matter with such devices. Even though you want to enhance the car interior by adding a luxury element to it, you still can’t avoid other important factors that we will highlight in this article.

So, let’s discuss how to choose a subwoofer for a car. It will help you land the right product while saving time, energy, and money.

What is a Bass?

When you are unclear about why you are getting a certain product, you cannot get the right one. So, let’s start with what bass is and how these frequencies can make a difference while listening to music.

Well, bass, also known as the bottom end, is a tone of low pitch that sounds deepest if delivered through the right instrument. The low-end frequencies or pitch ranges from 16 Hz – 256 Hz, and when delivered properly, it can really make a difference and enhance the overall sound quality by blending with upper and mid-level tones.

Why Subwoofers?

A Subwoofer is a type of instrument responsible for catching the bottom-end frequencies from music, boosting them, and making them vulnerable while adding realism and a pinch of depth, so it sounds richer to the ear.

Your home or car entertainment system is incomplete without a quality subwoofer that knows the job, and people with good music taste understand its importance. Hence, we see the rising demand for the best subwoofers to connect with home audio systems or car stereos.

Decide on your Budget

When you are determined to get a car subwoofer, deciding on a budget is the first thing you should work on.

How much you are willing to invest in reinforcing the car sound system will speak so much about your preferences and what outcome you expect from it. Besides, you can get the car subwoofer ranging from 100 dollars to thousands; it depends on the features and technology you opt for.

We have a list of the best car subwoofers under 100, and then you can find car subwoofers under 500 dollars, varying in sizes, specs, and types of subwoofers. Thus, there is no harm in reading reviews about the top products that fit under your set budget and then making a final decision.

Check the Subwoofer Material

The subwoofer material and its construction will determine its longevity and durability while working in different weather conditions.

A car subwoofer is something you cannot change over seasons, so ensure the built quality is solid with high-quality materials. You would find car subwoofers with MDF construction. The polypropylene cones and thick roll foam with solid stitching also significantly make a subwoofer stand out.

Enclosure Type

The type of enclosure a sub will be mounted in will impact the sound quality it will produce. Usually, the sealed enclosures can provide you with deep and clean bass while peeing the accuracy intact, and the ported enclosures can help you with volume richness.

However, you need to consider other things. For an active subwoofer with a built-in amplifier, get an enclosure with a vented pole to keep the device cool and stable with continuous airflow.

Car Subwoofer Size

This is one of the most important things you should do before shopping for a new subwoofer. Unfortunately, not all cars can fit a subwoofer. If you have a sedan, you may be able to fit a small 10-inch subwoofer, and SUVs, on the other hand, can easily fit a 12-inch subwoofer.

If you have a truck or a large sedan, you can fit a 15-inch subwoofer. On top of the space, you should also look for the location of your car’s audio system. The subwoofer should preferably be placed near the back of the car for optimal sound quality.

Power Handling and Sensitivity

More power means more booming bass.

If you want to enjoy a thrilling and hard-hitting bass, ensure to get the subwoofer with maximum power handling capacity. But remember, the subwoofer would drain the car battery, so you have to get relatable products to satisfy the power cravings.

You also want to notice the RMS power rating and ensure the subwoofer handles the amplifier’s output power to perform with full authority and without blowing the devices.

In addition, you also want to notice the sensitivity if you want to get more output with the available power rating. A car subwoofer with high sensitivity doesn’t require much power to become a beast.

Check the Current Sound System Wattage

That is another thing that you need to be careful about when buying a car subwoofer. You should always make sure that the RMS of your subwoofer is equal to or greater than that of your current sound system. This is particularly important if your car’s audio system is factory-fitted, as it is most likely not made for high volume.

If your current system is not made for high volume, a subwoofer with higher wattage can damage your car’s audio system. That’s why it is better to make sure that your new subwoofer has the same or higher wattage than your current system.

Frequency Range

Do you want to know how low a subwoofer can play and how well it can capture the low-end frequencies to produce richer and deeper bass? Check for the frequency range.

Wiring Should be Flexible

Car owners who want more flexibility in wiring the subwoofer prefer dual voice coil subwoofers. Read on to the subwoofer’s specifications to know whether it is single or dual voice coils.

A single voice coil would do no harm and can easily connect to the sound system and start performing. But with dual voice coils, you will have more control over the devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I choose the right subwoofer for my car?

Several factors combine to make a perfect or ideal subwoofer for your car. Here are some of them that you can’t afford to avoid.
·         Decide the budget
·         Match subwoofer size with your available space
·         Type of subwoofer; active or passive
·         Enclosure type
·         Power handling and a sensitivity rating

What size subs should I get for my car?

The subwoofer that you can easily fit inside the car without compromising much space and that is flexible enough with the wiring is the one you should get. The subwoofers come in 6-inches to 18-inches, meaning every car owner can have high-quality subwoofers according to their respective car size.

How powerful a subwoofer do I need for the car?

 The general rule of thumb says the 300W subwoofer would be powerful enough to perform with your car audio system. However, you should check the amplifier and speaker system must match.

How many watts is a good subwoofer for a car?

The best wattage of a car subwoofer you can get is 300W. It can produce high-quality, loud, clean, and clear bass that blends well with other frequencies to deliver an immersive listening experience.

What should I check before buying a subwoofer?

Never forget to check the subwoofer specification set and match them with your requirements and needs. Besides, the subwoofer measurements with enclosure type can also save you a lot of post-shopping hassle.

Ending Thoughts

The subwoofer is one of the critical elements of a sound system. It is responsible for producing the low-end frequencies that make a sound truly immersive and full. When choosing a subwoofer, you should pay special attention to the unit’s size, type, and power.

Selecting the best car subwoofer is not an easy task and requires much research and consideration. With these detailed discussions and suggestions, you can easily find the best car subwoofer for your needs and listening experience.

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