What Size Subwoofer Do I Need for My Car?

Many audio upgrading systems are available in the market, but not everything is made for everyone. If you have decided to get a sub, size consideration should be the first thing you should look after because it can also set the standards for performance.

We all know why car subwoofers exist- to make our long journey bearable with exceptional sound quality and breathtaking bass performance. So, let it remain like that and try that the sizes and components don’t cause trouble and never compromise our experience.

Nevertheless, we cannot just get a subwoofer because it looks good or produces low-frequency bass; many other potential factors need consideration before you step up in buying it. First, you need to check its power handling capacity, RMS power, impedance, and size.

In addition, the best car subwoofers come in various sizes, types, and designs, so choosing the right one can be very overwhelming, especially from the market with many exciting pieces to offer. Hence, below we will discuss an essential concern of car owners; what size subwoofer do I need for my car? So, let’s figure it out for you.

Subwoofer Sizes and Performance

The size of the subwoofer plays a vital impact in terms of performance and is also a primary factor in several areas. The size usually dictates how well it can reproduce low frequencies, which in turn determines the audio quality and how well it can manage power.

Car Size: An Important Factor

When hunting for a subwoofer, the size of your car is a crucial consideration because all automobiles’ trunks and cargo areas come in various dimensions. Learning more about your car and available space for some extra entertainment can help you make the right choice.

In addition, it is better to make up your mind beforehand about the subwoofer placement. Where would you prefer it to be set up where it gets enough ventilation and offer adequate room to set up by passing vires to the battery and stuff? Keep the subwoofer where it is easy to access by the car owner.

We recommend putting the subwoofer in the trunk area because it is more spacious than inside the car. However, if you are thinking about a compact sub with a built-in amplifier, underneath the seats can do well for you. Again, it depends on your preferences and car size.

Now, it raises another question, what subwoofer could fit into my car? Let’s dig deep into that, but first, let me tell you about the common subwoofer sizes available in the market.

Common Subwoofer Sizes

8-Inch Subwoofers

This is the smallest option you could get in the car sub-lines. The size is perfect for smaller cars and won’t put you in trouble with installation and placement. Besides, it easily fits under the seat or at the front area of the passenger seat and performs with full power.

However, they may not produce the top-tier or high-end bass that you usually listen to in home theater systems, but they can do well for routine music listening under a strict budget.

10-inch Subwoofers

Another option for smaller cars is a 10-inch sub, which looks hardly like 8-inch ones but comes with specs and feature upgradation. It is also easy to handle and seamless to install in cars as they don’t consume much space.

However, compared to the 8″, it produces a lot more and better bass and can shatter your car windows when performing at full volume. Also, they are quite budget-friendly, so it is a win-win for you.

12-inch Subwoofers

If you are a music lover and want something extraordinary in your car, get a 12-inch subwoofer. It delivers premium audio quality and is the most popular among car owners who love some entertainment while driving.

However, it may not fit into small cars as the device needs enough room to make home with an amplifier and then move while performing. The sub is designed for bigger cars because they would need more power sources due to their large size and performance capability.

15-inch Subwoofers

Another consideration and an upgrade to the 12-inch sub is a 15-inch subwoofer which is famous for its incredible performance, big size, and rich or deep bass. These are among the largest subs you can find in the market and are designed for heavy vehicles you can use for off-roading. Only large and heavy vehicles can accommodate these subs and provide enough power for their stable performance.

On the other side, the 15-inch subwoofer is quite expensive and requires some special skills, preferably an expert, to install, so it will be another cost. Also, they require lots of space, so you might need to dictate some room in the car for this system.

18-inch Subwoofers

It might be the last category of sub-sizes we have, and it is undoubtedly the largest and require massive space to accommodate. Besides being expensive and complex to install on your own, these types of subs come with amazing benefits.

The 18-inch sub can produce much better than any other we have discussed as it is more powerful, comes with high power handling capacity, and can deliver low frequencies so you can feel every pitch and tune coming out of the device.

The performance won’t compromise on the high volumes, and the clarity is outstanding. So, if you have enough space in the room for an 18-inch sub, it can be a game-changer. It is a worth-investing device for an immersive music listening experience and having a mini-concert in your large vehicle

What Size Subwoofer Fits My Car?

Are you still struggling with what subwoofer size could fit into your car while not disturbing you, and all the sizes mentioned above increase your music-listening cravings?

Well, worry no more. It happens with all music enthusiasts. We want great, big, heavy, and powerful, but our car size has some other plans for us.

Look at your car and think what can easily fit into it that wouldn’t cost you your peace while driving with friends and family. If you have a smaller car, a 10-inch sub can be your best and safe choice because:

  • It is smaller in size
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Safe to place anywhere in the car, including under the rear sets or trunk
  • More powerful bass

However, if you have an SUV and can dedicate a space for the sound system with an amplifier, you can go with 12-15-inches subs according to their types and size preferences. Also, don’t forget to dig deep into the ported and sealed subwoofers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a good size of subwoofer for a car?

The subwoofer that fits into the car hassle-free and doesn’t cause disturbance in your driving habits is the best car subwoofer. Choosing the right subwoofer that fits is a complete process; one wrong move can end you with the wrong product.

How do you know what size subwoofer to get?

Learn how much space you can manage for the subwoofer and where you prefer to keep it. Do some measurements, and consider getting smaller subs like 6″, 8″, and 10″ if you don’t have enough space in the trunk.

Ending Thoughts

Choosing the right size subwoofer for the car can be very challenging and tricky. You may have to compromise the powerful performance for the smaller size or space with low frequencies.

Only good research and knowledge about car sizes and traveling preferences can help you make the right decision. This article can help you with the subwoofer size options and recommendations where they can fit perfectly.

At last, let me whisper to the small car owners- you can get a 6-inches subwoofer at a reasonable price that can keep up with your regular music-listening cravings.


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