Top 3 Best Car Subwoofer under $500 (Tested & Reviewed in 2023)

As we all know, a subwoofer is a remarkable speaker designed to produce bass. Irrespective of the music you listen to, its job is to boost the overall sound performance while creating low-frequency ranges to make the lower lows noticeable and worth hearing.

You get to enjoy the deeper tones and perfect midranges, but it also varies with the subwoofer designs and types. Smaller subs may be good with midranges, while the larger ones, especially 12-inches, can promise deeper pitches that go down according to their frequency range.

But if you are a music enthusiast, you must enjoy it when the music shakes your car windows, and you get to feel the bass in your chest. But for that, you need to invest in a top-tier subwoofer packed with powerful specs and features, and the construction won’t disappoint you in any way.

Therefore, setting up a budget is necessary, and revolving your research around it is the next hardest step. Well, we have found some high-quality, feature-rich, and best car subwoofers under 500 dollars that you can get, install, and enjoy in no time. Let’s learn more about them in detail.

1. Dual Electronics BP1204 Car Subwoofer

Dual Electronics BP1204 Car Subwoofer

Dual electronics has a specialty under home entertainment products, and their car subwoofers have been breaking records by producing tremendous sound quality and low pitches that amaze you.

This very impressive unit comes with an illuminating lighting system that enhances the car’s interior while providing you with high-quality sound on the road. Besides, it adds style with the carpeted chassis and mirrored chambers with the built-in crossovers. In addition, the woofer is composed of polypropylene material that helps with insulation.

The 12-inch subwoofer combines dual woofers, each with a power handling of 550W and 300W RMS, making it combined with the 110W powered subwoofer. It has an 8-Ohm impedance per single voice coil and a custom-tuned port that helps make the bass output more effective.

We tested the sub with bass-heavy content at different volume levels and were surprised to get stimulating bass notes. The sound was accurate and perfectly aligned with the other frequencies to create an immersive experience.  

The tuned port, 2.5″ voice coils, and computer-aided design boost output efficiency so your subwoofer can deliver consistently low bass. People who want to stand out and have the option to customize their vehicles’ setups will like this. It’s also great for people whose jobs require frequently driving on bumpy roads while listening to music with deep, resonating bass.

Moreover, mounting and setting up the device may require some professional assistance, and since it is made of 12-inches, it definitely requires ample space to settle down in the car.

Main Features

  • Aluminium cones for a pleasing appearance
  • Dual woofers with 550W each power handling
  • Built-in crossover for multiple setups
  • Illuminating design
  • Excellent low bass consistency
• Optimized woofers
• 2.5″ VC boosts the efficiency
• 600W RMS
• Punchy and tight bass
• 30 Hz – 200kHz frequency range
• It requires max space to set and adjust
• Not made for smaller cars

2. PRORECK PR-122M Subwoofer

PRORECK PR-122M Subwoofer

Proreck is another brand to trust when getting the best car subwoofer under 500, as it has been ruling the subwoofer market for so long and definitely knows the job. 

Their car subwoofers are not only attractive to the eye, but their performance is also outclassing, especially with the delivery of low-hitting notes with perfect accuracy. 

We found that the subwoofer is quite easy to install but needs adequate space to get inside and perform at full capacity. It is a complete package with a 1500W amplifier, subwoofer, and a wiring kit.

Since we all know that dual subwoofers provide a great dynamic range with lower output compression and distortion level, providing immersive and more accurate bass than ever. Proreck kept everything in mind while producing this top-tier unit that ensures you feel the bass in your heart and pulse while driving off-road with noisy surroundings.

However, we have noticed the bass gets muddy a little at very lows, but the highs are very high and crisp to the ears. With the power handling of 1500W and 400W RMS, this sub is making history with its performance and sound quality.

Among other things, it features 1.5-inches 4-layers voice coils that help with the stable and flexible connections, and the vented magnet motor structure steals the show.

Main Features

  • The carpeted surface looks good while offering protection
  • The sub comes with an amplifier and wiring kit for smooth installing
  • Power and rich bass production
  • 400W of dynamic power at 2 Ohms
  • 15 Hz – 20kHz frequency response
• High power 1.5-inches voice coils
• Bass optimization circuit
• Comes with a dashboard remote
• High-quality construction
• The low notes are a bit muddy

3. Skar Audio DDX-10 D4 Subwoofer

Skar Audio DDX-10 D4 Subwoofer

We finally have something budget-friendly for small car owners who cannot afford to go off-roading or sit in a car without putting music on loud volume. With its outstanding performance and plug-and-play configuration, this 10-inch subwoofer from SKAR Audio will blow your mind.

It is pretty easy to handle and quick to install in the car. This subwoofer is made to be a game-changer since it is rated at 1500W peak power and 1000W RMS power. The dual 4-Ohm best car subwoofer comes with an impressive and advanced cooling system to ensure low bass consistency even after being used for hours.

It features a frequency response of 28 – 300 Hz and 83.6 dB sensitivity, enough to  fill our SUV with great musicals. This 10-inches dual 4-Ohm subwoofer can easily be installed in the car’s trunk or underneath the driver’s seat. 

But we managed to make it home by the rear seats of our SUV. The thick foam surrounding won’t cause any hassle in the sound production, even though we didn’t notice any distortion playing.

In addition, integrating a double stack magnet with 2.5-inches high-temperature voice coils can help maintain the production quality with consistency. At the same time, the cooling system also plays a vital role.

Besides, the high flex 202 ox ferrite motor also boosts the subwoofer to perform beyond expectations and produces rich and tight bass to double the fun.

Main Features

  • 4-ohm VC configuration
  • High power and responsive 202 oz motor
  • 1500W max power
  • High-temperature copper voice coil
  • Competitive paper cone stitching
• Advanced airflow
• Accurate and hard-hitting bass
• 29-300Hz frequency
• Easy to mount
• There was nothing we could find that went against this gangster

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best car subwoofer under 500?

Our votes for the best car subwoofer under 500 go with Skar Audio DDX-10 D4, a 10-inches dual 4-ohm subwoofer rated at 1500W maximum power and 1000W RMS power. The high-quality voice coils are made to bear high temperatures with an advanced cooling system integration that hints at losing no edges in delivering loud and hitting bass.

Is 500 dollars enough for a car subwoofer?

Although it depends on your preferences and requirements, 500 is still more than enough for a car subwoofer, even when we include the installation costs. Check out our recommendations for subwoofers under 500 and save your precious time.

Ending Thoughts

We take pride in providing a well-researched piece with first-hand testing and deep examination because we want you to get the product that lasts longer, satisfies your music-listening cravings, and saves your time from the market’s manipulation tactics.

This article introduces car subwoofers of different sizes that are perfect for making bass within your car. These 3 high-end products are Amazon’s best choice and can be yours.

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