Car Subwoofer VS Home Subwoofer: Which One to Pick?

A subwoofer is an amplifier intended to imitate low-pitched sound frequencies known as bass and sub-bass, lower in recurrence than those which can be (ideally) produced by a woofer.

The standard recurrence range for a subwoofer is around 20-200 Hz for buyer items, under 100 Hz for professional live sound, and under 80 Hz in Thanks guaranteed frameworks.

Subwoofers are rarely utilized alone, as they are planned to expand the low-recurrence scope of amplifiers that cover the higher-recurrence groups. While the expression “subwoofer” alludes to the speaker driver, in like manner of speech, the term frequently alludes to a subwoofer driver mounted in a speaker nook (bureau), frequently with an implicit enhancer.

What’s the Difference?

Assuming that you want a car sound subwoofer to assist with working on the nature of sound in your car, you might have seen that various sorts vary in price. Picking a subwoofer can, at times, be confusing sometimes.

Indeed, the response is you can involve a home subwoofer in the car. However, it takes a touch of expertise to change over the speaker. It isn’t generally the most innovative thought due to the plan distinctions between the two sorts of speakers.

 Advantages of Car Subwoofer 

  • Car subwoofers are quite often evaluated at two to four ohms.
  • Car subwoofers are relatively smaller in size and take responsibility for producing bottom-end frequencies. 
  • The subwoofer in a car lightens down the burden of other speakers and participates in creating an exciting musical harmony. 
  • A car subwoofer widens the soundstage and enhances the overall music-listening experience within the vehicle 
  • With a little subwoofer, the speakers in the car should not be supplanted. Enormous subwoofers will create a lot of force and require new speakers to take the extra power. With more modest subwoofers, it may not be essential to redesign any of the different parts of the sound system.
  • The ohms rating of a speaker is how much obstruction the speaker offers to the current being provided by the intensifier. Hypothetically talking, a speaker that offers a lower block, or ohms rating, will permit an enhancer to create higher wattage levels with more insufficient measures of electrical flow. This is especially significant in a car because the battery can generally produce between 12 and 14 volts.
  • Car subwoofers are typically wired to an outer intensifier to drive the speaker. With car subwoofers, this is not an excessive amount to set aside cash in the assembling system for what it’s worth to permit proprietors of subwoofers to pick a proper power level enhancer to drive the unit. 

Disadvantages of Car Subwoofer

  • For the most part, a car’s subwoofers require much higher wattage ability to accomplish a similar decibel listening level.
  • One can’t appreciate bass in a car subwoofer; to get more bass and lift, you want to introduce a costly subwoofer or an extra subwoofer.
  • Subwoofers might harm the vehicle and release a portion of its parts, yet they won’t create any underlying or mechanical harm.
  • There are no unfortunate results of having a subwoofer in your vehicle other than depleting the battery each once in a while and potentially slackening a portion of the parts.
  • A subwoofer utilizes a ton of force; if you don’t watch out, it can rapidly deplete your battery. Please make sure to switch them off when they are not required.

Advantages of Home Subwoofer 

  • When you connect a subwoofer to your home sound or home theatre framework, you will most likely be notified that you should plug the subwoofer into a plug. This is because most home subwoofers have an independent speaker used to just power the subwoofer. It is more cost-saving for the maker to remember a different speaker for the subwoofer instead of introducing an enhancer that handles the extra information channel. These sorts of subwoofers that have independent enhancers are called dynamic subwoofers.
  • One more benefit of the home subwoofer is the proficiency of the speaker. Home subwoofers are usually substantially more productive in contrast with some other forms of musical instruments. 
  • Home speakers are intended to push more air and produce sound in more extensive listening regions.
  • Lower recurrence sounds created by a subwoofer at even medium volumes can cause breaks in mortar walls or along creases on a wall made of drywall after some time

Disadvantages of Home Subwoofer

  • The impedance rating (Ohms) or opposition rating of speakers. By and large, car speakers will be appraised at four ohms.
  • Lower blocking or ohms values consider more crosstalk, commotion, and bending. Therefore home speakers generally use eight-ohm impedance esteem.
  • The trouble of legitimate arrangements to stay away from room collaboration issues, bass abrogation, and boominess.
  • The trouble of legitimate joining with the mains (stage coherency with the mains, smooth frequency reaction changes at the hybrid frequencies) 
  • Even with a superior battery, you will, in any case, have that issue while creating a great deal of force so rapidly. This may ultimately prompt a dead alternator or battery if utilizing the stock.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does a subwoofer make a difference in a car?

Subwoofers add bass and clearness to your sound system. Furthermore, they can add to a framework’s presentation differently. A quality subwoofer will add profundity and authenticity to your music that you would somehow pass up with a manufacturing plant car sound system.

Can I use a home subwoofer in my car?

The answer is you can involve a home subwoofer in the car, but before you take any step further, it takes a touch of expertise to change over the speaker. It isn’t generally the most innovative thought due to the plan distinctions between the two sorts of speakers.

Can I use home speakers in my car?

Utilizing home sound speakers checks out. Most car speakers are only four-ohm variants of the home sound stuff. You shouldn’t try it unless you can get the power inverter and balance the power requirements.

Can a car subwoofer be used at home?

You can certainly use the best car subwoofer at home as they are viable with home sound frameworks (home theater). You might take your car speakers to supply and convey the right power using a power adapter. If the power rating is similar, you can use a car subwoofer at home.

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