Down Firing Subwoofer Placement Ideas [UPDATED]

Downfire subwoofers are getting traction in recent times, and people are just loving the down-firing subwoofers due to their earth-shaking bass.

However, not many people know the Down Firing Subwoofer Placement options, thus, we have compiled this complete step-by-step guide in which we have put together the top spots for the down-firing subwoofer.

That being said, let’s jump right into the matter, and check out the details of the matter.

Down Firing Subwoofer Placement Ideas

The down-firing subwoofers come with numerous placement options, some of them work, and others don’t.

Here, we have compiled three of the most popular subwoofer placement spots that you can try in 2023. All of these down-firing subwoofer placement options are thoroughly tested by us, and they work fantastically with the down-firing subwoofers to perfection.

Corner Placement

The corner subwoofer placement is the most preferred and versatile subwoofer placement option that you have. By placing the subwoofer in the corner, you can take full advantage of its capabilities.

When the down-firing subwoofer is placed in the corner, it uses both the walls as well as the flooring to provide you with better vibrations.

Generally, we do recommend the corner placement for all kinds of subwoofers, but it works out best for the down-firing subwoofers which provide the bass from the bottom, and by echoing the bass into the wall, they can provide superior quality bass.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you do not need to put the subwoofer very close to the walls, and need at least 8-inches of distance from the wall for the top-notch performance from the subwoofer.

Front of the Room Placement

If you think that the corner placement is not a viable option for you, then you can also try out the front placement option for the subwoofer.

You can place the subwoofer on the front on any side of the center channel speaker, or the sound, and take full advantage of its capabilities. This placement option is pretty versatile and works with both solo and dual subwoofer options.

Just like the corner subwoofer placement, you need to assure that the subwoofer is at a distance from the wall, otherwise, it can ruin your whole experience by creating unnecessary rattling.

Mid Wall Placement

The mid-wall subwoofer placement option is an amazing option for the dual subwoofer where you can have bass from both sides. This placement option is perfect for the dual down fire subwoofers, and might not work with the solo subwoofer.

In fact, if you try the mid-wall placement option for your subwoofer as compared to the corner subwoofer placement or the front subwoofer placement option, you can face a severe downfall in performance.

Thus, it is recommended to use the mid-wall placement option for the dual subwoofer option only.

Backwall Placement

Last not least, you can also try out the back wall subwoofer placement option. You can use the back wall subwoofer placement option to have the bass from the back of your ears.

This option might not be good enough as compared to the rest of the placement options for the down-fire subwoofers, still, it provides a reasonable amount of bass.

Hence, you can use this placement option, if none of the other placement options are working for you.

Down-Firing Subwoofer on Carpet

Contrary to the popular belief, down-firing subwoofers work out perfectly fine on carpets. They have an adequate amount of height available, which allows them to transform the bass using the carpet’s materials.

There are numerous benefits of using the carpet as an underlying material for your subwoofers as the carpet provides stability and better transmission, and also eliminates the rattling sound produced by the subwoofer on hardwood flooring.

There is only a single drawback of using carpet flooring, as it absorbs some amount of bass, which tunes down the bass performance.

Down-Firing Subwoofer in Cabinet

Regardless it’s a front-facing subwoofer or a down-firing subwoofer, we do not recommend putting it in a cabinet.

The space-saving on the cabinet might seem good, but it is not good enough to blow away the set of cones that a down-firing subwoofer causes on a cabinet.

A down-firing subwoofer in a cabinet causes a rattling sound, which takes away all the fun from you. You are not able to hear the low-frequency response as you should otherwise hear.

Moreover, when you put a down-firing subwoofer in a cabinet, its performance also gets reduced. Thus, it is not advisable to put the down-firing subwoofer in a cabinet.

Down-Firing Subwoofer On Hardwood Floor

The down-firing subwoofers workout just okay on the hardwood flooring. The performance of the down-firing subwoofers on the hardwood is not as smooth as the carpet flooring, still, it works out just okay.

The problem that you can face on the hardwood floor with the down-firing subwoofers is stability. Down-firing, subwoofers can cause the subwoofer to move away from the position.

Other than the stability issues, the down-firing subwoofers provide balanced bass on the hardwood floors.

Summing it up, the down-firing subwoofers provide good quality bass on the hardwood flooring, but the sound performance of the subwoofers on the hardwood flooring is not as good as the carpet flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Better to Put the Downfire Subwoofer on Carpet or Hardwood?

The downforce subwoofers perform better on the carpet as compared to the hardwood. On carpet, the down-fire subwoofer is able to provide you with more stability as compared to hardwood. Other than the stability, the overall sound performance of the carpet or hardwood flooring is more or less the same.

Are Front-Facing Subwoofers Better than the Down-firing Subwoofers?

Yes, the front-facing subwoofers are better than the down-firing subwoofers. It’s the reason that front-firing subwoofers are preferred by audiophiles throughout the world.

Where Should I Place the Downfire Subwoofer?

You should place the down-fire subwoofer in the corner of the room. In the corner, the down fire subwoofer provides you with the best possible bass performance.


Placing the down-fire subwoofer in the right spot takes a lot of trial and error. Making the subwoofer at the right spot allows you to enjoy the bass of the subwoofer to the fullest.

In this article, we have compiled the top spots for placing the subwoofer. Alongside, we have also described whether you should place the subwoofer on the carpet, in the cabinet, or on hardwood flooring.

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