Dual Subwoofer Placement Ideas [2023 UPDATED]

Dual subwoofer placement can be quite tricky as compared to solo subwoofer placement, as, unlike a single subwoofer, using dual subwoofers can make or break the lower frequency response.

Thus, we have compiled this detailed post in which we have thoroughly provided you with complete details about the dual subwoofer placement options.

So, you can take full advantage of the dual subwoofer setup like never before.

Dual Subwoofer Placement Options

Dual subwoofer placement is a complete science, and contrary to single subwoofer placement, you cannot place the subwoofers anywhere, and still enjoy good bass. Placing the dual subwoofer setup in the wrong spots can ruin your whole audio listening experience.

Thus, you need to be extremely careful with the dual subwoofer placement.

Here, we have compiled three popular dual subwoofer placement options that you can try to take advantage of the dual subwoofer setup.

Front Facing Dual Subwoofer Placement

The front-facing dual subwoofer placement spot is the most popular and versatile option for dual subwoofers. Just like the dual subwoofers, it is also highly popular for single subwoofers.

There are many benefits of using this placement. In the front-facing dual subwoofer placement, you place the subwoofers facing you, which allows you to enjoy proper bass focused at you.

Moreover, it also provides you with greater wavelength.

In the dual subwoofer placement, you need to keep the subwoofers at an equal distance from the center channel speaker or the soundbar. So, the bass on the speakers is well distributed.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind in the case of the dual subwoofer setup is that you need to keep the subwoofers at an equal distance from the wall as well.

Mid-Wall Dual Subwoofer Placement

Just like the front-wall dual subwoofer setup, the mid-wall dual subwoofer placement is another immensely popular option that you have on board.

In the mid-wall subwoofer placement, both the subwoofers are placed on the left and right sides of the couch on the opposite walls.

Thus, they point the bass directly at you, which allows you to enjoy bass from both sides. This setup is pretty popular for larger rooms, and halls where you need to have thumping bass.

Alongside the larger rooms, this setup is also very versatile for situations where you do not have a very powerful subwoofer combo.

Opposing Wall Dual Subwoofer Placement

Last but not least dual subwoofer option that you can try is the opposing wall set up in which you place the subwoofer on the opposing walls. In this setup, you need to put the subwoofers on the front, and the backside.

The placement on this setup goes like this, if you have the front subwoofer on the right side, then the back subwoofer must be on the left side.

Or, if the front speaker is on the left side, then you need to assure that the backside speaker is placed on the right side.

This placement option also produces versatile sound performance with a hefty amount of bass.

Dual Subwoofer Placement in Small Room

We recommend the front subwoofer placement for the small rooms. In the smaller rooms, we do not endorse the mid-wall or the opposing wall placement.

The reason for this is quite simple, if the subwoofers are placed parallel to each other in a smaller room, they are more likely to produce rattling sounds or vibrations.

Thus, it is not recommended to try any other placement options other than the front room placement option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Put Two Subwoofers?

Yes, you can put two subwoofers together. In fact, you can also put more than two subwoofers together. You can put two, three, or even four subwoofers together.

Are Dual Subwoofers Worth it?

If you have a large room, then it is worth having a dual subwoofer setup. On the other hand, if you have a compact room, it does not make sense to use a dual subwoofer setup.

Should Dual Subwoofers Be in the Same Phase?

Yes, the dual subwoofers should be in the same phase. If you have a subwoofer set to 0 degrees, and the other subwoofer to be phased at 180 degrees, then both the subwoofers would cancel each other’s effect and worsen the performance.


A dual subwoofer setup is one of the most technical setups that you need to take very seriously. In this blog post, we have compiled three different spots for the placement of a dual subwoofer setup.

The most desired place for the dual subwoofer setup is the front of the room. However, you can also place the subwoofer on the mid wall, and the opposing walls, and still enjoy equally good quality bass.

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