How to Install Subwoofer in Car [Step-by-Step]

If you are not convinced with the performance of your car sound system, you may need the best car subwoofer. A subwoofer is a device that can enhance the overall sound quality while adding a fair share of low-pitched sound, known as bass.

Installing a subwoofer may seem tricky as wires are involved, but it is pretty easy and doesn’t require some special skills. However, it does demand some homework, especially having a sound knowledge about the product before digging into it.

Subwoofers require lots of power to operate, so they are usually connected to the car’s battery and an amplifier that ensures stable current flow so the driver can perform with full authority. We will learn more about the subwoofer installation in the article and finish the job in no time.

How to Install a Car Subwoofer? [Detailed-Steps]

Also, this step-by-step guide will enlighten you about the necessary equipment and how you can utilize them to function in this exciting audio device. Let’s start.

Step 1: Gather the Pieces of Equipment

Now, let’s start with gathering all the necessary equipment for the connection journey. Finding and getting everything beforehand will save you time and help in doing the chore effectively.

  • Basic installing tools
  • Sub box
  • Speakers
  • Wires for speakers
  • Wiring kit (readily available on Amazon or any hardware shop, comes with fuses and wires)

Wiring Kit

Unfortunately, the subwoofers package doesn’t have the necessary wires for installation, so you must purchase them. The easy and safe way to buy is wiring kits that include everything you need under a box, including connectors and wires over 16 ft that you will use during installation.

Step 2: Subwoofer Placement

Choose the ideal spot to place a subwoofer in a car. Since the built-in amplifier generates a lot of heat, the place should have proper ventilation so the device remains cool and perform effectively. In addition, make sure there is plenty of room for the subwoofer to sit along with the amplifier and you don’t have difficulty accessing it.

Also, subwoofers that come with built-in amplifiers may not require much space to settle down and can be easily placed underneath the seats or at the front of the passenger seat.

Step 3: Remove the Car Battery

Safety before everything.

Turn off the car using a key and remove the battery from your vehicle before getting ahead in the process.

Once you disconnect the battery, it will be safe for you to touch the wires. However, ensure the red color cable doesn’t come close to the metal. Besides, it is always better to wear safety gloves before getting into dangerous stuff like disconnecting or removing the car battery.

Step 4: Find the Firewall Opening

The firewall is the metal frame that separates the engine from the rest of the car and has a tiny opening despite looking closed. Finding the opening can be tricky, but it is important because it will welcome the subwoofer wire.

However, if you can’t find any opening there, check on the passenger side or make one use a sharp knife.

Step 5: Power Cable – From Battery to Subwoofer

Now the interesting part is here. The installation process is almost over. Grab the red color power cable, which should be the longest in the kit, but ensure to check the labeling and make it go through the firewall hole until it gets inside the car, all the way to the subwoofer.

Don’t connect it for now but make it room so it stays safe and doesn’t expose it to any damage. Also, grab a plier and cut the power wire up to 6-inches. Then get the wire strippers, blade, or something sharp like a knife and put it on the end of the power cable, and breakthrough to expose the wires underneath. Do the entire process with much precision and safety.

Step 6: Plug Wire into In-Line Fuse

Get the exposed wire and crimp it using a special tool; it will combine the wire strands and convert it into a shape that can easily fit into the fuse opening.

Get an Allen key, open the terminal above the hall, insert the power cable, and close it. The wire should be fully adjusted into the fuse and should not remain loose.

Step 7: Remote and RCA Cables

Don’t forget to run the RCA and remote wires to the stereo by making it travel through the carpet and side panels. Ensure they keep a good distance from the power cable.

Now you need to get access to the stereo cables, and you might need to do some removing tasks, like detaching the stereo to its docking and gaining access to the wires. Then insert the cables to their respective inputs, like RCA cables, into the colored outlets.

Moreover, connect the blue remote wire to the subwoofer blue wire using a connector. After connecting all the necessary cables, put the stereo back in its place.

Step 8: Install a Powerful Amp and Make some Connections

Before burning out or overheating, a speaker or amplifier can only operate at maximum capacity for roughly a minute. Instead of focusing on the peak rating, you should consider your subwoofers’ RMS rating.

After getting an amp, place it next to the sub or at the top of the enclosure. Now connect it to the stereo with its wiring. Now, connecting the red power cable to the amplifier, you may have to crimp it. The blue remote wire should go into the amplifier’s remote slot. At last, insert the ground wire to the negative and last place of the amp beside the blue remote wire.

Now, connect the subwoofer and amp using the speaker wires. RCA cable should go into the colored port at the amp’s rear panel.

Step 9: Attach the Negative Battery Terminal

After completing all the wirings and other stuff, reattach the battery terminal we removed earlier and test the subwoofer. It should start operating and start doing the job.

Ending Thoughts

Installing a subwoofer into the car can be fun when you know the tricks. This article will disclose all the necessary steps, help you with the wires and their connections, and provide a sense of achievement when you use the subwoofer while driving.

This is a perfect mini guide to installing a subwoofer in a car because it is quite an experiment from removing battery to playing with stereo and lots of wires.

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