JBL GTO vs GX: Which One is Better?

The JBL car speaker brand has been dominating the American market for years due to its high audio quality and efficiency. James Bullough Lansing started the JBL company in 1946, and it has earned a solid reputation over the years.

Over the years, they have been producing quality audio equipment that meets the needs of their customers all over the world!

There are a lot of JBL car speakers on the market, but you are at the best place if you are looking for the best model available. The following are reviews of some of JBL’s top-of-the-line car speakers.

JBL GTO vs GX Comparison Table

Here, we’re comparing two of the most common JBL speakers.

ModelJBL GTO629JBL GX602
Speaker Size6 1/26 1/2
Tweeter CompositionSilkFabric
Tweeter DesignEdge-Driven DomeEdge-Driven Dome
Tweeter Size1”1”
Impedance (Ohms)32.3
Frequency Response53 – 21k Hz50 – 21k Hz
Peak Power Handling (Watts)180180
Woofer CompositionCarbon-injectedPolypropylene
Woofer SurroundButyl RubberRubber
Sensitivity93 dB92 dB
Maximum RMS Wattage6060
Minimum RMS Wattage52
Magnet TypeFerriteN/A
Speaker GrillesYesYes
Top-mount Depth2 inches2 1/16 inches
Bottom-mount DepthN/AN/A
Voice Coil DiameterN/AN/A
Mounting Height0.774 inches0.778 inches
Cutout Diameter or Length5 1/16 inches5 1/16 inches
Warranty 1 Year1 Year
Warranty ProviderManufacturerManufacturer

Review of JBL GTO

The JBL car speakers are an excellent investment if you’re looking for a speaker with an impressive volume and plenty of bass to make your car sound amazing.

Our review focuses on the best JBL car speakers with extreme bass output and volume. You can easily place these speakers in your car door and stereo sound system since they are designed as component speakers. In cars and trucks, these speakers are excellent, even at low impedances, making them a great choice.

JBL GTO Series speakers feature rubber-coated woofer cones that will enhance your bass. Moreover, the quality of the sound is enhanced by the titanium lining surrounding the tweeter, which adds depth to its sound.

In addition to the peak output capacity of 300 watts (or 600 watts per pair), these speakers have a sensitivity rating of 94 dB, which means that if you feel like cranking up the music, you can do so.

Durability is also a key feature of these products. It is specifically designed to handle humidity and rapid temperature changes both, which can cause damage to car speakers.

Lastly, it also has an easy installation process. Manufacturers make sure that their speakers fit naturally into factory-made holes.

Unfortunately, these speakers are some of the more expensive ones. Although the price is high, there is plenty to appreciate here if you don’t mind paying for it.

• Very powerful bass and sound quality
• Titanium-lined tweeter for clarity and depth
• Rubber-coated woofer for better bass
• Extremely durable
• Easy to install
• The price is relatively high


JBL GTO609C Car Speaker System

As a full-component speaker set, the JBL GTO609C is one of the excellent JBL car speakers. These speakers cover a wide range of frequencies – from crystal clear highs to clear midranges and powerful, punchy bass.

These speakers are perfect for replacing your car’s OEM speakers and will not disappoint you if you buy them.

They feature a low impedance rating of just 3 ohms. In most cars, wires are undersized, so this system compensates for that and makes the most of every watt.

For greater sound and louder volume, we would recommend amplifying these speakers.

JBL GTO939 GTO Car Coaxial Speakers

JBL GTO939 GTO series is an excellent choice if you need coaxial speakers for your car door. You can enjoy incredible volume with this 6 x 9 three-way loudspeaker pair.

In addition, the speakers feature a plus-one woofer cone with a rubber surround to boost the bass and give the speakers a deeper sound.

It surprises us that these speakers are so good and loud for the price they cost. I love the richness and clarity of the highs and the smoothness and depth of the bass and the lows.

It is absolutely stunning how clear and crisp the vocals sound on these speakers. This speaker’s volume gets very loud, and there is no distortion when you turn it up.

Furthermore, these speakers can be used with low-impedance car stereos. With a 2-ohm impedance, it is compatible with legacy car audio systems and can handle 300 watts at peak power.

These speakers deliver superb bass performance without requiring a separate woofer. Additionally, they can be mounted into your car door with a depth of three inches.

A mylar-titanium tweeter and a super-tweeter with level controls are included with the GTO939 if you need to adjust the sound.

Review of JBL GX

With the JBL GX Series speakers, you can have a pair of high-quality coaxial speakers that can handle 180 watts at their peak power. The unit operates at a frequency of 50Hz – 21kHz, which makes it able to capture a wide range of different sounds with clarity.

The 6-inch installation width should work with most factory precut holes. A significant advantage of this product is that it has a 3-ohm impedance and comes with deluxe earbuds that further enhance its value as a whole.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to get all the sound quality you’re expecting out of these speakers. There is a noticeable problem with the tweeters when it comes to high notes in particular.

At this price range, you usually encounter such drawbacks. However, the speakers will serve as an upgrade for most factory speakers supplied with your vehicle.

• 180-watt peak power
• Comes with deluxe earbuds
• Easy to install
• Affordable
• Struggles to hit high notes


JBL GX628 GX Series Coaxial Car Speakers

With 180W peak power, the JBL GX628 coaxial car speakers are among the loudest in the GX model series. You’ll need at least 5W to run them. They can be easily installed inside your car door and fit most OEM car audio sound systems.

With JBL GX628 car speakers, you’ll get crystal clear sound reproduction compared to other JBL car speakers. With these premium speakers, your car audio can be played loudly and with crystal clear highs and mids.

To get the best out of these JBL speakers, we recommend pairing them with a car amp. It is much better sounding than original car speakers when properly amplified.

With a frequency range from 50Hz to 21kHz, the GX628 has a plus-one woofer cone to improve sensitivity and reduce distortion. With a 2.3 ohm impedance, you can pair these car speakers straight out of the box with your car sound system (although we highly recommend amplifying them).

The GX628s deliver loud and crisp sound performance that will not disappoint if you are looking for coaxial car speakers.

JBL GX602 GX Series Coaxial Car Speakers

Despite not being as loud as the GX628 speakers, the GX602 coaxial speakers from JBL are still a great upgrade for any existing car audio system. Installation is easy – simply pop off the speaker grill, remove the old speaker, and attach the new speaker.

Power and sound quality are excellent on the GX602 speakers. A crisp and crystal clear sound can be heard in the highs and midranges. It doesn’t produce as loud a bass as the GTO609Cs, but the sound quality and volume are fairly decent.

The low-impedance rating of these speakers allows them to be powered by most car audio stereo systems. It can get extremely loud without distortion, with a peak power of 180 watts and an RMS power handling of 120 watts.

A dedicated car amp would improve the sound quality of these speakers. In addition, if you listen to rock or EDM music a lot, we recommend a car subwoofer.

The GX602 has an additional polypropylene cone to deliver crisp, clear audio. Its mounting depth is 2.06 inches. You can find the JBL GX602s on a budget if you want to upgrade your existing car audio system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is JBL GTO?

JBL engineers designed this GTO 629 coaxial speaker to deliver a powerful and clear sound without causing any distortion from a head unit or amplifier that can provide a maximum power of 180 watts. As a result, the GTO 629 is the best match for systems powered by head units or factory amplifiers.

Which one is better: JBL, GTO, or GX?

The JBL GTO speakers are relatively better than the JBL GX speakers. Despite their low impedance, these speakers provide stellar sound quality – making them perfect for cars and trucks. 
One of the best bass car speakers is the JBL Club6520, which has excellent bass and overall good sound quality. In addition to their high-sensitivity design, these car speakers are made from high-quality components to provide long-lasting performance.


We hope our JBL car speaker reviews have helped you decide which product is best for you. Nevertheless, if you’re still undecided between a couple of options, here are some suggestions.

We recommend the JBL GTO629 Premium Co-Axial Speaker if you want a true upgrade. Our runner-up, the JBL GX602 GX Series Coaxial Car Speakers, may be the best option if you’re simply trying to replace your factory speakers on a budget.

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