Kicker 44CWCD84 CompC 8 Inch Subwoofer In-depth Review

When it comes to bass production, KICKER is known to put out great and deep bass while reinforcing the sound system for better quality delivery.

KICKER has been in the audio industry for decades, and the CompC line is proof of bringing vintage art back to life with more improvements. KICKER knows the music is incomplete without a thundering bass, and 44CWCD84 car subwoofer is launched to fill the gaps, so you have an immersive listening experience.

Kicker 44CWCD84 Subwoofer

Kicker 44CWCD84 Subwoofer
Model Name43TCWRT124
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Size8 Inches
Recommended UseMusic

Size and Placement

Since KICKER promotes entertainment, this 8-inch compact car subwoofer screams for its motto. The round profile and small size allow you to put it anywhere you like because the built-in amplifier means you don’t need extra space for additional equipment.

Specifically, the subwoofer has dimensions of 2.44 x 2.44 x 7.28-inches and weighs around 5.98 pounds. If you have any prior experience with sound systems, mainly subwoofers, it will be super handy to install in a car.

In addition, we recommend putting it in a trunk if you are willing to dedicate a space. The sealed and ported enclosure with a minimum of 200W power handling would do well. The installation requirement of this portable subwoofer would be a 3.88-inches mounting depth and a 7-inches mounting diameter in the sealed enclosures.

Design and Enclosures

Like all the subwoofers and audio equipment of KICKER, this unit also has a reliable design. It features a flex-resistant polypropylene cone that helps with the production of hard-hitting bass without any distortion. You can also see a ribbed foam surrounding the subwoofer, designed to promote the long excursion and keep the cone on target.

We could also not avoid the steel basket addition that sets the foundation of solid and intense bass. Besides, if you happen to set it in the vented enclosure, it could also go wild while keeping the driver intact for the bigger and heavier bass.

If you choose vented sub-boxes that help with the airflow system to keep it functional for longer, between 0.66+ and 1.2 cubic feet volume would be required. However, the sealed box volume should be around 0.50 – 1.20 cubic feet.

Power Handling

KICKER 44CWCD84 has a power handling capacity of 400W peak power and 200W RMS power. This powerful subwoofer is equipped with a responsive motor structure that helps with power management and sustainability.

Furthermore, it features a frequency response of 30 – 500 Hz, indicating it plays with these frequencies and makes them more enriched and deeper to hear.

The sensitivity level of 85.6dB speaks for its being super-efficient with power handling and sound reproduction.

Sound Quality

It reproduces great sound that makes every pitch noticeable and immersive. The clear and clean bass without distortion is a treat to the ears, no matter what genre you listen to. In addition, the sound quality won’t be compromised despite the volume levels, so get ready to hit the road with non-stop partying in full volume to shake the cars in the surrounding.

Necessary Specs

Dual 4 Ohm high-temperature voice coils help with wiring flexibility and push the subwoofer to receive more power from the mono amplifier and perform like a beast.

Perimeter venting for Thermal management makes it super durable, and ribbed polyurethane surrounded with yellow stitching all around the subwoofer makes it stand out. You can also see a huge fancy logo at the top, and the cone in matte black color screams for catching attention.

Moreover, spring-loaded speaker terminals make the subwoofer perform outstanding while keeping the driver intact while driving or performing. Also, the installation process of the subwoofer wouldn’t cost you much, and with the right instructions, you can do it hassle-free.

• High-temperature voice coils
• 400W peak power handling
• Comes with a manual in a different language
• Relatively compact
• Works well with a sealed enclosure
• Great sounding bass production
• A grille at the top of the driver could be valuable
• Not the ideal power handling

Bottom Line

KICKER 44CWCD84 is a high-quality car subwoofer from its CompC series, and from design to sound quality; it is winning the hearts of car and truck owners. It easily fits in a variety of small to big vehicles and reinforces the existing speakers like a pro.

The dual voice coils will make a difference, especially at this power-handling rating. Overall, it is a great sub to have in the car for the long, non-stop party. 

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