Kicker vs Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer: Which One is Better?

You’ve probably come across Rockford Fosgate and Kicker if you’ve been looking for a new car subwoofer or amplifier over the last decade.

The inescapable presence of these companies in any car audio store is not by accident. There are several reasons behind it.

The Kicker and Rockford Fosgate brands have been around for as long as the mobile audio market has existed.

Rockford’s “Punch” amplifiers were their first product. In the beginning, Kicker was named after a subwoofer built for a musician which was nicknamed Ass Kicker. 

Firstly, both manufacturers make superb amplifiers and subwoofers with the latest long-lasting and reliable technologies. Kicker vs. Rockford Fosgate is a neck-and-neck competition. 

The choice between these two companies comes down to the price and the specifications that meet your specific requirements.

Our comparison of a few subs from Rockford Fosgate and Kicker will help you decide which one is right for you.

You’re about to discover the real story about Rockford Fosgate and Kicker so that you can choose the right one!

Rockford Fosgate

Upon discovering that the human ear didn’t respond the same way to full-frequency audio in 1973, Jim Fosgate discovered that music sounds differently at low volumes than it does at full volume.

In this way, Fosgate was able to come up with the Frequency Energizer, which eventually became Fosgate’s trademark Punch EQ.

Using the Punch EQ, full-range audio could be enhanced in the bass by up to +18 dB and in the treble by up to +12 dB at 20 kHz using a hinged filter.

The Punch sound has now become synonymous with Rockford Fosgate and can be heard across a wide range of their products, including speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and signal processors for cars, marine, motorsports, and motorcycles.

The company has become a global brand due to its leadership in innovation, design, and technology.

In addition to succeeding with the slogan “Car Audio For Fanatics,” Fosgate won an Emmy for innovations in surround-sound technology, proving that their slogan “Where Music Meets Technology” still holds true.

There are many car subwoofers on the market, but some of the most popular are RF subwoofers.

Among the Rockford Fosgate subwoofer lineup is entry-level Prime subs, Punch subwoofers, and the more expensive Power subwoofers. With their Punch subwoofers, you get the best of both worlds: power and affordability.

Various designs and sizes are available for Punch series subwoofers. These subwoofers sound punchy, as their name implies. The speakers are designed to produce enough bass to satisfy most people. 

The punch components will give you a powerful sound that will impress your audience. Compared to smaller competitors of the same size, they have a 25% larger woofer cone because of advanced technology. The larger the woofer cone, the wider the dispersion and the stronger the bass.

Technical Specifications

The Punch subwoofers from Rockford Fosgate have great power handling capability. Therefore, you can push them much harder without damaging them.

In terms of sensitivity, however, they are a bit lacking. As a result, a powerful amplifier will be needed to drive these subwoofers.

A speaker’s sensitivity rating indicates how well it converts power into volume. To achieve the same volume output, only half the power is required for every 3dB increase in sensitivity.

To put it another way, subwoofers with high sensitivity ratings need less power to produce the same volume as subwoofers with low sensitivity ratings.

Furthermore, while the bass output of these subwoofers is impressive enough to satisfy anyone, it is a bit lacking in quality. Although there is bass, it is not as well-defined and well-rounded as some of the high-end subwoofers we’ve seen.

Recommended Rockford Fosgate Subwoofers

Rockford Fosgate offers a variety of power handling and price points based on how much bass your system needs. Rockford has the sub to sound it if you have the power to drive it. Taking a look at the Power, Punch, and Prime series will help you decide which of these is right for you.

Power Series by Rockford Fosgate – optimized for maximum power

Power Series subwoofers are a true testament to Rockford Fosgate’s engineering, handling RMS power ranges from 500 watts to 2500 watts.

As part of the advanced design, they incorporate the Fosgate Vertical Attach Surround Technique (VAST) design.

This design is to increase the cone area, with multi-layer composite cones, injection-molded foam surrounds, and massive cast aluminum baskets to concentrate all that power.

The Power Series subs allow you to connect your amplifier for a 1-ohm impedance, allowing you to get maximum power from your system. The subwoofer will have a huge impact when you combine all these features.

Prime Series from Rockford Fosgate – Big Bass at its Best

With the entry-level Prime Series subwoofers, you can get Rockford Fosgate’s great sound at a great price.

With mica-reinforced polypropylene cones, RF combines excellent sound with exceptional durability at surprisingly reasonable prices, making their design and concept accessible to all. 

They combine great bass at a low price that will pleasantly surprise you.

Punch Series from Rockford Fosgate – A Technical Knockout

In the Punch Series subwoofers, Fosgate offers the same high-end designs found in their high-end subwoofers, including its VAST surround technology and anodized aluminum voice coil formers.

A Kevlar® reinforced paper cone gives you an ideal combination of musical warmth and strength so that your low end is always prominent.

Rockford Fosgate P3D2-12

RF’s P3D2-12 car subwoofer is one of its best-selling models. Up to 600 watts can be delivered continuously with this 2-Ohm dual voice coil subwoofer. This is the best-performing subwoofer in the Rockford Fosgate Punch series.

This subwoofer is designed to deliver deep, loud bass. Its anodized aluminum cone keeps its rigidity while remaining responsive despite heavy play.

As a result of the method used by Rockford Fosgate to affix the oversized rubber surround to the cone, there is an increase in available cone area of up to 25%, allowing this sub to produce even bigger bass.

Multiple technologies make this subwoofer a great subwoofer, including double-snack magnets for hard-hitting and a wide surround that increases radiating cone area and output.

Overall, the P3D2-12 subwoofer is a great choice in this price range. You can’t go wrong with this subwoofer if you’re looking for an affordable subwoofer with decent bass performance.

Rockford Fosgate Pros and Cons

• Exceptional power handling
• High-quality construction
• Deep bass response
• High-impedance subwoofers produce more heat resulting in subwoofer shorter life
• They need a cooling system or a bass box with good ventilation.


Kicker started as a two-man operation in a one-car garage in Stillwater, Oklahoma, in 1973 when Steve Irby founded the company.

The original Kicker speaker enclosure was designed for use in motor vehicles in 1980. This was the first full-range speaker enclosure built specifically for use in motor vehicles.

As a result of its legacy of innovation, the company has maintained its leading position in the industry right up until today and continues to drive the industry forward.

When Kicker introduced its Solo-Baric® L7TM Series square subwoofers in 2001, they raised the bar on subwoofer performance to a whole new level.

This exciting, stand-out design offers a surface area of over 20% greater than that of a conventional round cone of the same size, helping to maximize the low-end impact of the subwoofer.

Round-cone subwoofers from Kicker have benefited from the technology developed for the Solo-Baric Series and have been adapted for the rest of the line of kicker subwoofers. There has been a great deal of growth in the Kicker product line in the past few years.

Kicker now offers a variety of subwoofer enclosures, subwoofers, and other speakers for cars, power sports, marine applications, trucks, and their Lifestyle line of home audio products.

The company’s mobile audio offering also includes power amplifiers, digital signal processing (DSP) processors, and other components designed to fulfill the company’s motto, “Livin’ Loud.”

A wide range of car subwoofers is available from Kicker to suit every need and budget.

Because Comp series subwoofers are in the low-mid price range, they’re Kicker’s best-selling subwoofers.

The Kicker Comp series of subwoofers are available in a wide variety of models (single and dual voice coils) and sizes (ranging from eight inches to fifteen inches).

These are the best speakers for the car audio system if you want to add some bass without spending much money.

Subwoofers designed by Kicker can handle a fair amount of power. To make these subs sound great, it is imperative that they are placed in a medium to large enclosure (sealed or ported), but the most important thing is not to overload them with excessive power.

You only need 150 – 250 watts of RMS power to complete the job. For those more interested in competing in SPL competitions, you should look at subwoofers from the L7 series.

This is what they’re built for. You will need to upgrade your car’s electrical system or, at the very least, use a car audio capacitor if you plan to use L7 subwoofers. They require a lot of power and can drain your car’s electrical system.

If you’re after a budget-friendly subwoofer, a shallow-mounted subwoofer, or an SPL subwoofer of the highest quality, Kicker is sure to have something right for you.

The Kicker subwoofer lineup is one of the largest in the world. With 11 product lines, there is sure to be one that fits your needs. The high-end includes Kicker Solo-Baric L7 and CompVX.

A middle pillar is formed by three components: CompVR, CompR, and CompRT. Additionally, three lines are focused on value: Comp, CompS, and CompD.

Recommended Kicker Subwoofers

The Kicker has a subwoofer to meet every bass requirement. The subwoofer line offers high-end subs for SPL circuits as well as solid subs for beginner bass enthusiasts.

It’s time to check out their lineup, and we’ll assist you in finding the subwoofer(s) you’ll need to complete your car audio system. Of course, we will start with the Solo-Basics first because they are probably the most common.

Kicker Solo-Baric L7 Series subwoofers

Several innovative features are built into the Kicker Solo-Baric subwoofers, such as the revolutionary square-cone design that can offer 20% more surface area and yet fit into the same amount of space as conventional round cones.

It features dual voice coils that will give you the maximum flexibility when it comes to matching these subs to the rest of your system.

Their rugged construction and innovative design will even allow them to easily handle power inputs of 500 to 1200 watts RMS. Whenever you want to hear genuinely massive bass, there is nothing like them.

Solid sound from Kicker CompR and CompVR Series subwoofers

Kicker’s signature molded polypropylene cones give the CompR and CompVR subs their ability to deliver the great bass you expect in an affordable design that provides greater stiffness and less distortion when compared to standard polypropylene cones.

They have been designed with advanced features and solid performance coupled with a power handling (RMS) of 300 to 800 watts, giving you the best bang for your buck.

Kicker CompQ and CompVX Series subwoofers

As a result of Kicker’s Solo-Baric technology, the CompQ and CompVX Series of round-cone subs offer a unique and unusual combination of performance and style that is anything but traditional.

As an advantage of buying this speaker, you can expect a powerful bass response with a power handling range of 600 to 1100 watts RMS.

It also features polypropylene molded cones, Santoprene rubber surrounds, and heavy-cast aluminum baskets.

If you want a subwoofer with Kicker’s most advanced features that can fit round speaker openings, these heavy hitters will meet all your needs.

Kicker 10C124

As one of Kicker’s most popular 12″ subwoofers, the 10C124 boasts a polypropylene woofer cone that is designed to withstand flex and a 360-degree back bracing system.

It eliminates distortion and provides heavy-hitting bass.

As an added benefit, it has a tough steel basket that provides a reliable foundation for big bass. It also has a durable motor structure that includes ribbed foam surrounds, double stitching and extensive venting.

Subwoofers of this size have a sensitivity rating of 88 dB and can handle up to 150 watts RMS. They can be mounted in free-air or sealed enclosures.

Kicker Subwoofers Pros and Cons

• Unique square design
• Exceptional response and quality
• Powerful and loud
Impedance is a bit higher so not more efficient than 2 ohms.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Rockford Fosgate subs good?

The P3 series subs by Rockford Fosgate are excellent. It is one of the best subwoofers they have ever designed for a car series. In fact, it is called the Punch series, and they weren’t joking when they said it was hard, and you can feel it. Considering that Punch subwoofers have an extremely high music power rating, this makes sense since they have a large peak power.

Is Rockford Fosgate high quality?

The Rockford Fosgate brand is widely regarded as one of the best brands of car audio on the market, providing drivers with a high-quality sound experience at a reasonable cost.

Is Rockford better than Kicker?

It will depend on your available power if you wish to use LED lights. A Kicker is a better option than a Rockford Fosgate M1 if you have 35-45W RMS. Rockford Fosgate M1 is a better option if your amplifier has 75-100 watts of RMS power.

Is Rockford Fosgate made in America?

The best thing about RF products is that they design and engineer their entire line of products in Tempe, AZ, the USA, which includes amps, subwoofers, speakers, processors, and source units. Technology isn’t the only thing that Rockford Fosgate® is known for.


Rockford Fosgate and Kicker subwoofers are frequently compared, and we are constantly asked which is better.

Answering this question can be very challenging, rather than worrying about which subwoofer type is better – Rockford Fosgate or Kicker.

 It would be better if you asked which subwoofer is best for your application and not about which type is better.

There’s something for everyone between Rockford Fosgate and Kicker, regardless of what you’re searching for in a subwoofer.

You can choose from a wide range of subwoofers available from these great companies so that you can dial in the style and volume of bass response you want.

Whether you choose Rockford Fosgate or Kicker to serve your low-end needs, you can be confident in their products’ quality craftsmanship and innovative designs.

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