LG Subwoofer No Sound Issue [Fixes]

Having a subwoofer and connecting it to your home theater system can be pretty exciting because it doubles the fun of sound listening by ensuring the thundering bass delivery.

A subwoofer is a sound-making machine that solely focuses on producing bass frequencies, which are usually the low-end frequencies in a sound. Especially the LG subwoofers, a multi-billion company production that concerns user experience, go ahead. LG subwoofers raise the bar by ensuring the precise, heart-pounding, and richer bass we always desire to listen to.

Additionally, operating and connecting the subwoofer is no rocket science. However, sometimes, like any other musical instrument, the LG subwoofer also happens to face potential problems, like delivering no sound that at least human ears can hear.

Why My LG Subwoofer Not Working? (Reasons & Fixes)

Technically, there could be many reasons behind the LG subwoofer’s no sound problem. One could be obvious, like failing to connect properly with the soundbar or low volume. But we will discuss in detail all the reasons that could cause this issue and how to fix them to resume listening to high-quality loud sounds.

Try the Volume

Before going ahead, try lowering the volume of your soundbar and then try again. Sometimes when you enjoy listening to your favorite tracks on loud volume, it gets hard for a subwoofer to catch signals and thus fails to connect.

After turning the volume down, we recommend powering off both devices for a while and then putting them on. It should fix the problem.

However, if not, move to the next possible problem.

Watch Out for LED Lights

When the LG subwoofer doesn’t work, there could be some variations with the LED lights. You must see the red and green lights blinking; sometimes, their combination tells you about the machine’s working status. Surprisingly, not all blinking lights are bad. So, let’s explore what each LED light means.

LG Subwoofer Blinking Green

Usually, when the subwoofer is turned on, we see the stable red light that indicates its working status. It also helps us identify if the connection is secure and enabled, so we start playing our tracks. So, in general, the green light means the subwoofer is normal and in a perfect position to work.

However, if the green light won’t stop blinking on your LG subwoofer, it would make us think of two things. One option could be a secure link on standby due to no available connection, or it is demanding a reset.

Ensure the connection availability, and prepare it for the reset if still facing the issue. Here are a few steps to reset the LG subwoofer:

  • Go to the rear side of the subwoofer and find a tiny button labeled “pairing.”
  • Press the button and hold it for a few seconds, at least 5. If you can’t press it with your fingers, try using the screwdriver or any other tool.
  • You will see red and green lights blinking as soon as you hold the button.
  • Now, unplug the subwoofer from the power and remove the wireless subwoofer cord too.
  • The lights will stop blinking.
  • You can plug in the subwoofer again.
  • Turn it on and connect to the available device.
  • The green light should be stable now.

LG Subwoofer Red Light

If the subwoofer is blinking red, it means the device is not working, and there could be many reasons behind it. We also assume the subwoofer is at standby mode with this red light on.

The subwoofer is good to go if the light is not blinking. You can check the power supply and connection and make it run in no time. However, if the red light is blinking, it’s time to determine the real culprit because the problem is in the air.

Blinking Red Lights – Why is it Happening and How to fix it?

If the LED lights on your LG subwoofer blink in red color and won’t stop, then consider the subwoofer is overheating. You should instantly turn it off to prevent further damage because it can blow the device and harm the connected devices. After ensuring the power is off, monitor the venting system and ensure there is no obstruction.

Don’t plug the subwoofer back for some time and give it some time to cool down. Change its location if it is necessary, but ensure it gets enough room for ventilation.

After some time, plug the power cord into the socket and turn the subwoofer on. The red light should be gone, and the device should be ready to roll again.

LG Subwoofer Cutting Out

Another annoying problem that irritates us while enjoying the loud, crisp, and killing bass frequencies is cutting out the device. It could be frustrating at some point because the device won’t run at all is one thing and causing disruptions while playing is another.

So, it better be fixed before it tests our patience. The main reason behind cutting out is the distance between the soundbar and the subwoofer, which makes the subwoofer struggle to find the signals and perform. Another reason could be an obstruction between the devices.

The Bluetooth interference is real, and we don’t find it serious, assuming the signals will reach the point considering its huge range. But it’s not the case every time. Thus,

  •  Ensure there is not much distance between the soundbar and subwoofer and that no heavy objects come in between to cause the disturbance.
  • The wirings should be proper. No old and exposed wires/cables should be used for any connection.
  • Connection with soundbar should be stable
  • Reset the subwoofer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my subwoofer light red?

It is because the subwoofer is not working, and this is its way of telling you that. Check out the power, connections, and everything that could cause the problem. Reset the subwoofer using the pairing button at the back and try playing it again.

Why is my LG subwoofer flashing green?

The blinking green light on the subwoofer calls for a device reset or securing a connection link.  

Why does my LG subwoofer keep cutting out?

Because your subwoofer won’t seem to catch the signals from the soundbar. Unplug the subwoofer, reset it using the back button, plug it in, connect with the device, and play the tracks.

Bottom Line

Some LG subwoofers won’t produce sound when turned on. It could be due to a faulty power supply, the woofer itself, or an issue with your audio system. We have discussed the solutions for these potential problems so you can try resolving them and get your woofer back on track for endless fun. 

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