How to Make Bass Louder in Car? [Useful Tips]

Because cars are so loud, their subwoofers, which produce bass, have to be even louder.

But how do you make a car subwoofer louder without compromising the rest of the car’s audio? The secret is, my friend, displacement. The more displacement, the better because that’s how the subwoofer works and can become a beast within the car.

People spend a substantial amount of money on their cars and even more on sound systems or car subwoofers. A great-sounding car is attractive enough to wow your friends and impresses your date. However, you may miss out on how you can boost the bass it is already producing and make it sound louder, so your surroundings will also notice you.

Furthermore, many music enthusiasts believe that the louder the sub-theatre, the deeper it can sound, and they become more efficient at moving air around the vehicle to produce tight and punchy bass sound waves. The theory is believable because we have seen car owners placing the subwoofer in their trunks or preferring to get compact car subwoofers that produce more noise with depth.

Nevertheless, there are many ways to make bass louder in a car without sacrificing tuning and clarity. Continue reading to explore how to make subs louder outside the car.

How to Get the Quality Bass in a Car?

If you are a fan of home theater systems, you must be aware of the exciting technology that enhances the sound quality, adds the bass blend, and makes it more engaging to listen to. Yes, we call it a subwoofer, and surprisingly, we now have the best car subwoofer to enjoy a great sounding bass in our vehicles.

A car subwoofer is a unique cabinet that produces frequencies below 30 Hz and can easily mount in the trunk, behind the rear seats, or even underneath the driver or passenger seat (according to the size).

The subwoofer comes in different shapes and sizes, but you can judge them according to their power-handling capacities. Since they are designed to produce low-end notes, they still require some configuration settings to make the output according to your preference, and here comes the discussion on how to make the sub louder than it claims to produce.

You can push it beyond limits and make it push harder than it is supposed to. Allow me to walk you through some tips and tricks to make it the most entertaining purchase you have ever made and rock the roads with the loud and tight bass you deserve to hear.

How to Make Bass Louder Without Harming the Sound Quality?

Where are the Subs Placed?

It is important to know that you may want to make your sub louder outside the car, but you don’t want to compromise on the sound quality, right?

You would not want your sound to be distorted or unclear just because of the low frequencies hitting the spot. As we have mentioned, if you are trying to make your sub louder outside the car, watch out for the placement. The sound waves from your subwoofer will go into the back of the car and bounce off the seats if they are pointed toward the trunk. As a result, the bass is amplified while actually becoming more distorted.

Second Woofer to Bass Boost

If you are avoiding distortion and can’t afford any bit of it, try installing another woofer to boost the bass level while not hurting the sound quality.

Try Increasing Power

We all know subwoofers require significant power to perform and make bass, so why not increase the power and force it to push harder and sound louder? Increasing the power rating is the perfect and safest way to make the bass louder in the car. You can do it by connecting a second subwoofer, so it won’t trigger the car battery.

Big Subwoofer, Big Volume

If a compact subwoofer is not delivering enough volume and you feel that the car needs some extra hit and punches, try getting a big subwoofer with more peak power handling and RMS power. However, you may need to compromise, like budget and space, to get the desired volume.

The big-size subwoofer can maximize the air pressure, which eventually enhances the bass levels, and expands the overall volume.

Check the Frequency

Sometimes everything is correct, the device, the placement, amplifier, but the subwoofer won’t get high and become wild even while playing hip hop.

It could be the subwoofer configuration that you might forget to align with the speakers. Since the subwoofer is not an independent device, it needs your attention to set up the power, gains, and other factors so it can sound according to your needs. Therefore, checking the internal parts, mostly configuration settings, is safe before taking another step.

Why does My Subwoofer Seem Weak?

Do you, by any chance, ever think that your subwoofer might sound weak or not hitting the way it is supposed to be? Well, it is not an unusual problem, and we have heard many queries regarding this. Let’s see some common causes behind it.

  1. You should start with inspecting the motor. The most common reason behind distorted or low bass is battery fuse, weak motor, and no proper current flow.
  2. Does your music have low-frequency output? Because you must know that the subwoofer can only perform when the music you play has low frequencies that need to be improved. The subwoofer picks those frequencies and boosts them to sound better. So, if the music lacks them, the subwoofer can’t be of any help.
  3. Does your subwoofer receive enough power it needs to perform? If not, it will definitely sound weak.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make my subwoofer sound deeper?

Try to push the subwoofer into a core and align the sub-level with the receiver volume to make it sound deeper and richer. The more bass frequency waves inside the car, the deeper the bass will be.

How do I make my subs hit the hardest?

Try adding filters of phase shifters to the car subwoofer and see how it starts hitting the hardest. Also, adding the power source can help you with increasing the volume and its potential to sound louder and better. 

How do I increase the bass in my car?

The best way to increase the bass in the car is by connecting a quality subwoofer with a powerful amplifier. It will pick the low frequencies from your music and make them sound better by adding a mixture of bass depth and realism.

Ending Thoughts

Subwoofers are not only meant to connect with home theatre systems and for people who want to rock the dance floors at homecoming. But, it can be a perfect companion on your long family or family trips by keeping you occupied with perfect bass, clear sound performance, and loud volume.

You just need to know some tricks to make your sub louder outside the car; this article will help you with that.

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