Pioneer TS-WX130DA Review (Tested & by Experts in 2023)

If you’re looking for an affordable and fantastic subwoofer to slip under the seat of your vehicle, look no further than the Pioneer TS-WX130DA 8″ compact active subwoofer. This subwoofer is perfect for those who want to add extra bass to their music without breaking the pocket.

Its solid size makes it stress-free to install in any vehicle and delivers an impressive 160 watts of power. Plus, the advanced technology ensures precise and distortion-free sound.

Let’s explore its specs and features in-depth to understand the product better. But first, let’’s unbox it together. 

Pioneer TS-WX130DA Subwoofer

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Pioneer TS-WX130DA Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-WX130DA Subwoofer

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The Pioneer TS-WX130DA is an exciting compact subwoofer with a built-in amplifier and various bass modes for acoustic listening. The frequency is impressive for this size, and the sensitivity indicates it doesn’t require a lot of power to produce great sound.

Main Features

  • Built-in Class D Amp
  • 50W nominal power
  • Bass modes
  • Small and slim profile
  • Wide frequency response

Unboxing the Pioneer TS-WX130DA Subwoofer

The Pioneer TS-WX130DA came in small box from the brand and we were surprised how the subwoofer manages to sit within it, but its compact size complements the easy access, fast shipping, and safe arrival.

We were excited to test it in our testing lab and then in the vehicle, so we started unpacking it instantly. The box was filled with detailed information about the product and what is inside the box with visuals.

As soon as we started unpacking, we found a bag of cables, remote, some loose mounting screws, cable harness, and a user manual to get it started. Also, the subwoofer was covered with cloth-like material for safe shipping. 


Pioneer TS-WX130DA Subwoofer Design

The Pioneer TS-WX130DA Compact Series subwoofer has a sleek and subtle design that will look decent in any car. The subwoofer is only 8″x5-1/4″, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space, but it still packs a punch.

The compact profile makes it versatile to put anywhere in the car or mount on the doors for the hitting sound and bass performance. Also, it would give a hard time during installation and setup; the small size complements the setup. 

Some Add-ons

The Pioneer TS-WX130DA also has an input sensitivity of 0.5-4.0 volts. The subwoofer has a remote control to adjust the bass levels from the comfort of your seat. It lets you place the subwoofer anywhere without facing the hurdle of manual navigation.

 It also features an auto on/off feature, which will turn on when it detects an audio signal and turn off when there is none.

Easy Setup

Pioneer TS-WX130DA Subwoofer Setup

You’ll be happy to know that the Pioneer TS-WX130DA is easy to set up. You require a power source and an acoustic input, and you’re good to go.

The subwoofer comes with a power cord and an RCA cable, which you’ll use to connect the subwoofer to your receiver. Once everything is plugged in, you must turn on the power and adjust the volume to your liking.

If you want to play technical, you can adjust the crossover frequency. But don’t worry; you needn’t be an audio expert to get great sound out of this subwoofer.

Sound Quality

The Pioneer TS-WX130DA Compact Series subwoofer might be small, but it packs a punch regarding sound quality. It features a max power of 160 watts and a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 200 Hz. Whether you’re listening to EDM, pop, rock, or hip-hop, this subwoofer will provide the perfect amount of bass.


Pioneer TS-WX130DA Subwoofer Controls

On the backbone of the subwoofer, there are two inputs. One is for a left speaker, and one is for a suitable speaker. There is also an output for connecting to another subwoofer.

You can also use the speaker-level input if you don’t have a preamp or receiver.

Frequency Response Range

The Pioneer TS-WX130DA has a frequency response range of 20Hz – 200Hz, which means it can reproduce the low frequencies of bass notes very well. With this subwoofer, you will hear the low rumble of movie soundtracks and the thump of car stereos.

Bass Performance

The Pioneer TS-WX130DA definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to bass performance. This subwoofer hits high notes hard and low to extremely low, and what’s impressive is that it doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

The bass is clear and well-defined, even at high volumes. And because it’s an active subwoofer, you can adjust the level and frequency settings to get the perfect sound for your car while it satisfies the required power needs.

Power Output

Now let’s talk about power output. The Pioneer TS-WX130DA compact active subwoofer is a powerhouse, delivering 160 watts of max power.

It is more than enough to provide some severe boom to your music and is also great for movies and gaming. The subwoofer also has a low-pass filter, which can reproduce the lowest frequencies without distortion.

• Affordable
• Compact profile
• 160 watts of max power
• Deep listening modes
• Not compatible with all car stereos

Bottom Line

The Pioneer TS-WX130DA is a fantastic subwoofer offering excellent price value, and it is a perfect choice if you’re looking to improve your home theater experience.

It is much easier to install, and the 20Hz down frequency ensures you get precise, hard-hitting, and thundering bass performance.

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