Polk Audio PSW108 Review (Expert Opinions)

Looking to give a spontaneous punch with accurate bass to your home theater setup but low on budget? Try Polk Audio PSW108! 

There are many different options when choosing speakers for your home entertainment center. With an abundance of stunning models to pick from, it can be tough to elect which speaker is the best fit.

However, with this Polk Audio PSW108 10-inch powered subwoofer review, you will learn all about the features of this low-budget high-quality model! 

Polk Audio PSW108 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer

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Polk Audio PSW108 Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW108 Subwoofer

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Polk Audio PSW108 is an effective, compact, and affordable 100W subwoofer that perfectly delivers the sounding bass with the built-in woofer fuels power by the amp. Klippel technology hardly makes distortions noticeable.

Main Features

  • Speaker level and RCA level inputs
  • 10-inch forward firing speaker
  • Crossover control
  • Phase switch
  • Auto on/off 

Design or Built Quality

It was love at first sight because the black cabinet box has a wooden texture at the sides, and two massive holes at the front deliver solid and punchy bass from the built-in drivers.

The front seems matte, but the black oak vinyl finish adds charm to the subwoofer and makes it enhances the space décor. It will be a classy addition to your home theater setup as it sits politely on the floor and doesn’t move despite throwing some intense bass punches at high volumes.

Moreover, it shouldn’t consume much space as it measures around 12.4 x 9.4 x 10.2 inches, but you need spare hands while handling and setting it up as it weighs around 26 pounds.


The vented front panel enclosure makes a home to a 10-inches firing driver and a Class-D round amplifier throwing RMS power of 50W and 100W dynamic power. The driver is well-constructed with a dynamic balance polymer cone featuring a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

Inputs and Controls

The front is simple, with the brand logo at the bottom and a detachable grille, and all the controls are at the back. Like any other mid-range Polk Audio subwoofer, it features multiple lines and speaker-level inputs at outputs at the backside.

However, the lack of wireless connectivity is disappointing, especially in the era of smart devices. You will require a special subwoofer cable to make it pair with a home theater or stereo setup. 

The power button is also at the back and easily reachable. Still, you might not need it as it features automatic on/off control, enabling the functionality when it receives any sound signal. Also, the power saver is a valuable addition that puts it on standby when not used for a few minutes.

Additionally, the lack of remote control is quite disappointing, so you will utilize the volume control and toggle phase switch more often to make the most out of it.

Sound Performance

The Polk Audio PSW108 is a good value for its price range, and it offers decent performance as a passive subwoofer. Its limited frequency of 35Hz to 200Hz won’t give you the accuracy necessary for high-end audio listening, but it will handle most movie soundtracks reasonably well.

Compared to PSW10, which was supposed to be its upgraded version, it features a lower frequency and can be relied on for great bass performance.

Whether you are hooked to Jazz or pop sound, it sounds pretty well, loud, with fewer distractions and booming, and more focused on the tuning. It throws powerful lows and fills the room with subtle bass notes that you hardly notice any lacking.

That being said, the bold sound production is backed by Klipppel technology that uses device construction and materials to tune out distortion and comes with rich and intense bass output despite the volume levels.

Built-in Amplifier

The built-in amplifier fuels the power to the woofer so it can perform wildly and satisfy the need to produce low-frequency notes in the entire sound setup.

Polk Audio PSW-108 features a class AB amplifier that produces massive power output with minimal distortion. This means you can punch the subwoofer to perform at maximum volume levels while not distracting you with annoying distortions, ruining the entire mood of music streaming.

Value for Money

Compared to other Polk Audio subwoofer models at this price, like PSW10, PSW108 offers value for money by offering decent design, reasonable frequency response range, multiple tuning options, and power saving mode.

Its profile is user-friendly, and no beginner or sound equipment expert faces any hassle in setting up or hooking the subwoofer.


This sleek but heavy and solid subwoofer comes with safe and secure packaging that ensures careful handling throughout the shipping.

The box includes some basics, like the 10-inches subwoofer, detachable grille, user manual for some setting up and usage instructions, and RCA port.

However, you might need an adapter before plugging in, so better check the voltage compatibility beforehand.


Surprisingly, the Polk Audio PSW108 comes with a 3-year warranty for the amplifier and a 5-year warranty for the built-in woofer driver.

Use the subwoofer without fearing it’s breaking, and make the most of your listening experience.

• The speaker delivers rich bass at front
• Klippel technology for dealing with distortions
• Punchy bass at extreme listening levels
• Excellent resonance
• Connects well with an existing system
• Lack of remote

Bottom Line

The Polk Audio PSW108 is a budget-friendly 10-inch powered subwoofer that packs a punch for its price. It has an impressive sound signature and delivers stunning overall sound performance with lots of controls, including a phase switch.

So, if you are on a fitted budget and need a compact subwoofer to add depth to your music, the Polk PSW108 is a valuable option.

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