Polk PSW505 Review (Tested & Reviewed by Experts)

As we know, subwoofers are an important part of a home theater setup if you are after a deep bass.

They are easy to set up, quick to pair with other devices, and incredible addition to boost the volume while enjoying a real hit of low bass notes. Polk has realized the need for woofers and thus comes with a stunning collection with different sizes and power outputs.

Polk PSW505 is not an exception with MDF construction, affordable price tag, and loud thumpy bass. Let’s get into the details and explore why it is popular among home theater fanatics.

Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer

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Polk Audio PSW505 Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW505 Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW505 is a 12-inch subwoofer with an MDF enclosure, diversified inputs and controls, a wide frequency range, and 450W peak power output. It is a budget-friendly option for deep and heavy bass.

Main Features

  • Automatic on/off
  • Noise cancellation
  • High peak power
  • Great sound accuracy
  • 23-160Hz frequency response

Well-Packed Subwoofer – Unboxing the Polk PSW505

Polk never disappoints with the quality of its product, but it surprised us with the packaging quality too. It arrived well-packaged and ready to go, with the power cord, user manual, and connectivity cable neatly tucked away in a small plastic bag within the box.

While unpacking the PSW505 woofer, we inspected it for any damage. Luckily, there were no noticeable blemishes or scratches on the enclosure or driver unit. Thanks to the great packaging material, including plastic coats and foam, it was safe inside the box throughout the shipping. 


Polk PSW505 subwoofer is not unusual or surprising for the 12-inches home theater subwoofer. It measures 16.125 by 15.125 by 18.1875-inches and weighs about 48 pounds, so it is nothing that you have imagined for a subwoofer.

It is heavy, bulky, and extremely hard to move around. Also, it will consume much wall space, so better prepare beforehand and dedicate a sweet spot to it.

Four plastic feet will bear its whole weight and keep it sane when bumping on the loud volume.


The laminate surface in black gives you the look of the typical traditional subwoofer. Still, MDF construction gives you a sigh of relief because it will be more durable and provide enough room for the built-in woofer to perform.

It features a detachable grill at the front, but we are afraid to say it doesn’t seem rigid and durable. So, be safe with that.

Also, the grill covers a built-in 12-inches powerful woofer which is also black, so removing it wouldn’t make much difference.

What Makes it Different?

It’s a price tag!

A solid subwoofer with such high power output amplifier is nothing less than a dream, and that is the competitive advantage of the woofer in the market.

Besides, the speaker quality is also incredible, durable, and capable of bearing severe punishment. It is what any audiophile would look into the subwoofer for their home theater setups.

Easy to Set

The good thing about the subwoofer is the easy setup.

People tend to confuse seeing so many speakers and setups and get confused with the input selections, but it is fairly comfortable to handle.

You only need to plug in the power cord, hook up to the receiver with the compatible input, and push the power button to make it functional.

Inputs and Control Collection

You will find speaker inputs and outputs at the back of the woofer, divided into speaker-level and line-level. Using this pair, you can easily hook up the woofer with home theater systems and enjoy a highly stable connection.

The inputs include high-level binding left/right input/output, low-level left/right RCA inputs, low-level RCA filtered inputs, and a power cord.

As for the controls, it also has multiple options to adjust the sound and bass quality. Low pass filter ranges at 60 – 120Hz, gain level for volume control, phase control to 180 degrees, and auto on/off mode provide enough room to make the most out of it according to your preferences.


The powerful 12-inches Polk subwoofer has a digital amplifier rated at 300W continuous and 460W peak power output. The control options allow you to use the subwoofer best, but you must have some tech knowledge to do that.

Frequency Response Range

Polk PSW505 is an ideal addition to your home entertainment setup with a frequency response range of 23-160Hz. The amp fuel the power of 460W and let the woofer go down to at least 23Hz while boosting the bass notes.

Similar to the Polk PSW10, it also stands out incredibly with a thumpy bass level as it focuses on the extremely low notes with such perfection.

Bass Quality

The bass quality is beyond expectations at a constant of 300W power. It is powerfull, loud, and tight, but it doesn’t make you feel off with the compressions and distortions at loud volume.

We tested the woofer with games and bass-heavy music, and it surprised us by smartly managing the low notes, aligning with the mid and high ones of other speakers. However, we did make some adjustments to the volume and bass filter, but we were happy with the end results.

However, the port noise is highly noticeable at extreme listening levels. It may not disturb you while streaming movies or regular music listening, but listening to bass-sensitive music can be annoying.

• Easy hookup
• Magnetic shield
• Low pass filter
• Gain control
• 300W RMS
• Ported noise at high volume

Bottom Line

Polk Audio PSW505 is a confusing subwoofer with its sturdy design, excellent frequency response range at 50W power, and noticeable sound issues at certain volume levels.

Its solid construction, variety of input sets, and control may make it stand out among rivals, but audiophiles may question its usage. So, you better test the woofer and see if it suits your music-listening taste.

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