Top 7 Best Powered Car Subwoofers (Tested & Reviewed by Experts in 2023)

You have probably heard countless recommendations on which compact powered car subwoofer to buy, where, and how much to spend. You might be amazed by the numerous options available because the market is flooded with endless new and latest opportunities. The choice can be difficult, especially when your car’s audio system needs sound reinforcement.

Since car audio is a constantly evolving industry, new technologies are being developed rapidly. So, they might manipulate you with prices and attractive appearance. Therefore, we have tested and reviewed the top and best powered car subwoofers that can help you make a difference in your music listening routine and add realism and bass depth to your music.

You can find subwoofers that vary in size, so you have enough choice to end up with the product you really need. Also, don’t forget to read the mini guide we designed to discuss more about the powered car subwoofers.

1. Rockville RWS10CA Subwoofer

Rockville RWS10CA Subwoofer

Rockville and JBL powered subwoofer cars have been grabbing attention side by side. Both brands are doing their best to manufacture solid one-unit products to save space, cost, and the hustle of getting the immersive listening experience. 

Fortunately, we got to test the Rockville RWS10CA, a compact car subwoofer with a pleasing appearance and compelling power output. We didn’t face any hassle from setting it to enjoy its highly projected bass performance. 

This 10-inches powered car subwoofer comes in a sealed enclosure that helps produce the well-balanced and constructed bass. The front wheel-shaped driver placement throws some stunning aesthetics and can improve the car interior if you decide to place it in the truck. However, the flexible and compact body can also adjust under the seats.

The 10-inches compact subwoofer by Rockville houses a 300W amplifier and rates at 1000W peak power resulting in intense bass response and bringing the party wherever you go. The entire sub is covered with high-density laminated foam, and the 3D molded acrylic dust cap is also an exception.

It also features an instant connect Molex high-level input and auto turn-on technology, making it easily integrated into any OEM system without involving complex wiring. 

Moreover, the bass control and low-pass adjustable crossover are some other highlighting features of the unit. We got to adjust the bass quality for the personalized music-listening experience. 

Also, Variable +12 bass boost and 150 mv to 5-volt gain control can help you with the sub customization and setting up. The high and low-level inputs further refine the connectivity process. Hence, we call it a reasonable and top-powered car subwoofer for long playtimes and rough use for a long time.

Main Features

  • MDF enclosure
  • 4 Ohms impedance
  • 43 – 500 Hz frequency response
  • 60 oz magnet motor
  • High-temperature voice coils
  • High-density foam surrounding
• Low-level RCA inputs
• High-level speaker wire inputs
• Bass control
• Thundering bass quality
• 300W RMS power
• A little distorted sound if not set at optimum gain

2. Rockford Fosgate P300-10 Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate P300-10 Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate doesn’t need an introduction because it is famous for producing extraordinary bass-making machines, and P300-10 is no exception. 

This 10-inches self-contained entertainment solution will rock your car with a built-in 300W amplifier and woofer that secures a place in a custom-sealed enclosure.

It is a plug-and-play device, so you only need power, ground, and signal source to make it functional. It outstands the market by providing value for money and other features, including a 12dB octave low pass crossover, a phase switch of 0 to 180 degrees, and adjustable bass EQ to customize the sound.

In addition, remote bass level control is also included to make this beast user-friendly to operate while driving. The closed-loop design ensures its premium performance while picking up the low-end notes and boosting them where necessary.

We didn’t hear any distortions while playing different genres at loud volumes, and the sound clarity was also intact, so it was a win-win. Installation and placement are also almost no issue with its 10-inches slim profile and RCA connectivity.

Apart from delivering the optimum bass, it offers stunning device protection with short circuit and thermal protection features. Also, the 5/8 MDF construction makes it a durable unit to perform under different weather conditions, so it will definitely accompany you on your long road trips with your family.

Main Features

  • Low current design
  • High efficiency
  • MDF construction
  • Power/ground connector is detachable
  • Heat-activation vinyl covering
• Auto turn-on
• Bass boost EQ
• Remote bass level control
• Built-in phase switch
• Closed-loop design
• Bass output setting customization can be tricky

3. Rockville RW10CA Subwoofer

Rockville RW10CA Car Subwoofer

Whether you are planning a long funny road trip with your friends or family or just want to add some noise into your car while driving, get the Rockville RW10CA as it is a powerful 2 Ohm impedance unit with a 10-inches slim profile and 800W peak power handling.

Rockville has been in the industry for decades, and you can trust the brand for budget-friendly, durable, and feature-rich subwoofers that know their job and deliver quality spare time with nice-sounding bass.

With a built-in amplifier and 120W RMS power, the subwoofer is designed to enhance bass production and make it richer to hear. If you’re playing music that has bass, it instantly detects the notes and adds life to them, so you can hear the sound and admire the device.

We tested the sub with bass-sensitive music and were amazed to notice all the notes were hitting perfectly while banging on the windows. We could feel the bass, and it got more enriched with a few tuning adjustments. 

It’s not a surprise, but it comes with all the necessary first-hand wires and equipment to mount it inside the car. The 10-inches body can easily adjust under a seat or in the trunk, and the RCA wiring gives you room to breathe and make the entire process convenient.

Other highlighting features of the unit are an automatic turn-on option and adjustable input sensitivity, so you can listen to what you want to. Thermal and short circuit protection also makes them stand out because safety over everything and such things make the product durable.

However, you need to figure out the sweet spot where it can sit comfortably and perform with authority. Otherwise, it will be going to rattle the panel. Also, you need to figure out the gain and volume control to make it sound pleasing, so gear up for many tuning practices.

Main Features

  • 800W peak and 200W RMS
  • Auto turn-on tech
  • Phase switch 0 to 180 degrees
  • Short circuit protection
  • Boosting bass
• Fast and easy installation
• Amazing controls
• Subsonic filter for precise and low-end freq
• Low pass filter
• No power wires included
• Tunings require ample time and tricks

4. BLAUPUNKT GTHS131 Subwoofer


Finally, the Blaupunkt GTHS 131 10-inches has made it to our list of the best powered car subwoofers due to its terrific sound delivery, elegant body, and budget-friendly profile.

It is undoubtedly the high-rated car subwoofer on Amazon because small car owners prefer it over the other high-end big-size subwoofers due to its ability to enhance sound quality, balancing the mid and high notes with clean low-end notes and well-constructed tuning.

Its flat profile allows you to mount it under the seat, so you can save space and enjoy the sounding bass your ears want to listen to, so it is not a thought-provoking purchase for anyone. We fixed it under the rear seats and the sound projection was amazing. 

Besides, the power, voltage, and sustainable current flow needs are satisfied by the built-in amplifier rating at 120W RMS power. It passed enough power to the woofer so it can perform at its full potential. 

The sub is equipped with variable crossover control (50Hz to 150Hz) that lets you regulate its production of upper and mid-level bass. Since it comes with a built-in amplifier, heat generation is another big issue, but the smart production comes with an aluminum die-cast heat-sink that keeps the subwoofer cool and protects it from overheating.

Hence, the Blaupunkt GTHS131 powered car subwoofer can make up to your expectations and deliver high-quality clean bass at 200 Peak power handling, so you can enjoy the long off-roading with friends and family.

Main Features

  • MOSFET 200W monaural amp
  • Frequency response range of 50 – 150Hz
  • +-12dB bass boost
  • Compact profile
• Seamless fixation anywhere inside the car
• RCA connectivity
• 120W RMS power
• Heat-sink for keeping it cool
• Loud and intense bass
• It lasts when you properly maintain it

5. KICKER 11HS8 Powered Car Subwoofer

KICKER 11HS8 Powered Car Subwoofer

Saving space and cost is not enough to choose the powered subwoofer car underseat; its tremendous performance has also caught the attention and made it a worthy investment.

The latest development in the audio industry gives us many spontaneous options to improve the sound quality we receive from our systems. The Kicker 11HS8 car subwoofer is one of them, with an 8-inches integrated woofer and 150W RMS amplifier.

It is a small powered subwoofer for small or big cars, easily adjusted on trunk sides or underneath the seat, and offers flexible wiring and operating configuration. Setting up the woofer was a walk in the park with the easy wiring and plug-and-play profile. 

It does the job like a pro, offering a frequency response of 25 Hz – 120Hz, meaning the low-end frequencies will be super-hitting and create a dreamy harmony when blended with mid and high notes. We tested it with the rock and classical music type, and all the low-end notes were hitting on point.  

Besides that, it features bass boost control over 0 dB to +6 dB and variable phase control of 0 to 180 degrees. The auto turn-off feature is a big relief and will boost your mind when you sit in a vehicle for a never-ending journey. And the remote control helps you with the device control.

The installation process is also not complex as it comes with all the necessary equipment, including mounting brackets and cables to get it to settle in the car. However, you need to consider the ventilation system because the built-in amplifier will generate heat and require room for dissipation.

Main Features

  • Clear enough wiring instructions
  • Seamless installation
  • Flexible adjustment
  • Shaking and punchy bass sound
• Easy on pockets
• Hard on a vehicle with richer bass
• User-friendly operation
• Loaded with 0 dB to +6dB boost control
• 25 Hz frequency down
• Demands frequent attention

6. Focal IBUS2.1 Subwoofer

Focal IBUS2.1 Subwoofer

How about a compact powered subwoofer that you can easily put under the seat and enjoy the pleasure of loud, clear, and busting bass that you would be missing out on with your built-in sound system?

It is an 8-inches powered subwoofer for a car with 4 Ohm impedance, offering a frequency response range of 45 Hz – 150 Hz, ensuring the precise low-end notes with great precision and accuracy.

The subwoofer has a straightforward structure with all the necessary inputs. The built-in 2-channel amplifier saves the cost and space of adding the external one and enhances the voltage and current flow while satisfying the power required to produce a sound.

In addition, it is an ISO plug-and-play product which offers excellent heat dissipation. While enjoying the high-quality sound and bass quality at loud volume, we didn’t worry about the ventilation because the sub has it covered. 

It is a complete entertainment setup featuring an 8-inches woofer with a nominal power handling of 75W RMS. 2 x 55W RMS application, combined with an active enclosure, produces deep and rocking bass while improving the overall sound quality, including mid and high notes.

It is not only compact but powerful enough to sustain the current flow even in longer playtimes. The included remote provides you full control of the device, and the high-level inputs ensure solid wiring.

Main Features

  • Attractive appearance
  • Flawless sounding
  • Rich and resonant bass
  • 8-inches woofer
  • Built-in amplifier with 75W RMS power
• Small size
• Easy installation
• Remote control managing
• Great heat dissipation
• User-friendly
• Owners of the latest cars may have difficulty adjusting it under the seat due to the latest sensors

7. Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Subwoofer

Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Subwoofer

The first product we have is Kenwood KSC-SW11 for obvious reasons, and I mean, look at its compact design and handy body. It is extremely convenient to put it anywhere you want and forget about it, while it makes your stereo system’s overall sound quality worth listening to.

The subwoofer measures 11″ x 7.5″ x 2-3/4″ (LWD), so it wouldn’t cause trouble in adjusting or installation even if you put it under the seat. We adjusted it under the driver seat for seamless wiring and easy navigation. 

The built-in 150W Amplifier houses together with a woofer in an aluminum enclosure and delivers a powerful sound performance to surprise you. The enclosure complements the sound quality while keeping the woofer intact. 

Additionally, with a frequency response range of 32– 120 Hz, the subwoofer can pick the low ends and deliver them while making them richer and deeper. The tuning is incredibly amazing, but it may require you to set the gain levels and others per your preferences.

In addition, with zero level of distortion, it delivers an impressive bass performance on different music genres. So, never underestimate its compact size because it is more powerful than it looks. It also has a remote control that helps you manage volume, phase control, and variable low-pass crossover.

Hence, Kenwood has produced its all-in-one car subwoofer to give a powerful and punching reinforcement to your sound system. With a 1-year warranty, it claims to last more than you have expected. 

However, you need to take care of its cooling because the built-in amp tends to generate more heat and requires room for ventilation.

Main Features

  • Wired remote control
  • Powered subwoofer with 150W peak power
  • Built-in powerful amp
  • RCA and speaker level inputs
  • The 50-125Hz variable low-pass crossover
• Deeper and hitting bass
• Small size
• Seamless connectivity
• Easy to install
• No voltage or short circuit protection

Best Powered Subwoofer for Car – Ultimate Buying Guide

When you listen to your favorite playlist, what part of the song are you most interested in? Yes, the bass. Depending on the type of genre or song you play, bass always has a significant role in how you perceive the overall song.

However, listening to the built-in car subwoofers’ bass quality can ruin the excitement because they are just.. awful. And to get that extra edge regarding your car’s sound system, the best car subwoofer can be your only choice. There are numerous types of subwoofers available in the market that you can choose according to your preferences, budget, and other requirements.

We have mentioned the top 7 powered subwoofers above that can help you with the purchase but learning more about the device can help you land the right product. This mini buying guide is designed to save you time and effort and make your investment worthy for a long time. So, let’s start.

Why Powered Car Subwoofer?

A powered subwoofer is one that has a built-in amplifier to power up the device to save you trouble finding the relatable one and making the device function. Among many other benefits of a powered car subwoofer, we got it for its space-saving profile and ability to get loud while sustaining the required power flow.

The sub’s high efficiency and low current design make it an ideal option to upgrade your car sound system for enjoying a little more deep bass. So, if you are after a compact subwoofer with punchy bass and long battery life, get yourself a powered car subwoofer.

Where to Place?

Placement shouldn’t be an issue with a powered car subwoofer. From compact and handy design to convenient wiring choices; it is a device to place where you find it feasible.

However, the trunk is always ideal for fitting a subwoofer in a ported or sealed enclosure. You can put the small-size best car subwoofer under the driver or passenger seat and manage it via a control to save cargo space. So, it is a win-win.

What makes a subwoofer the best subwoofer?

We usually differentiate subwoofers’ range in power from subs that produce rumbly bass to the full-blown one that comes with peak power handling. But which subwoofer to purchase for a car has been a mystery.

You must not have heard the concept of bass involution. It is an evolution of sub-woofing because the bass was merely an extension of low-quality amplifiers or radio. But, with the help of technology and information, it becomes more to the audio. The modern-day subwoofers integrate the driver that picks up the music’s low-frequency sound and transforms it to sound better, deep, and rich.

So, if you find a subwoofer that can do this job with precision, try to bring no distortion while producing the sound, and keep the mid and high frequencies intact while delivering, hold onto it.

The Best Size for a Powered Subwoofer

 When looking for a powered subwoofer for car audio, there is no best or worst size of subs. It all depends on your preferences, how you like to listen to the bass, and how much space you can dedicate to the device.

You can easily find an 8-inches powered car subwoofer that you can fit under the seat, and then we have a range of 12-inch powered subwoofer cars to adjust inside the trunk. The small size may sound great and heavy, but the distortions can be noticeable. Similarly, the large-size subwoofers have their own requirements like adequate room, complex connectivity, ventilation, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best-powered car subwoofer?

Rockford Fosgate P300-10 is the best 10-inch powered car subwoofer we tested that shows high efficiency with a low current design. The peak power handling makes it sound more powerful and hard-hitting so that it can shake the windows while on the road. Besides, MDF construction and heat-activation vinyl covering give an unforgettable experience.

Are powered car subwoofers any good?

Powered subwoofers are designed specifically for home theater systems considering their tough job of producing deeper, hard-hitting, and clear bass. When connected to the stereo systems, the rumbling effects they can produce that the regular speakers fail to deliver can be very exciting and thrilling.

Who makes a good powered subwoofer?

You can find a diversified range of powered car subwoofers from famous and trustworthy brands, including Kenwood, Rockville, Fosgate, JBL, Kicker, Focal, etc. Head over to the article to explore the top 7 powered car subwoofers from different brands.

Ending Thoughts

The best car subwoofers are undoubtedly the ones that offer the best value for money. They must be reliable, powerful, and durable to perform under different weather conditions, with different genres and volume differences.

We also realize the subwoofers should be easy to set up and comfortable to adjust and handle with anyone inside the car. Depending on your budget and sound system, one of these best powered car subwoofers may be enough to satisfy your finding. They can produce enough power to fill small size to big vehicles and provide you with an immersive experience while on the road.

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