Where to Put and Hide Subwoofer in Car?

Car subwoofers are getting incredibly popular for obvious reasons. Car owners realize driving on long routes without any entertainment source is super boring, and there are a lot of affordable best car subwoofer options available in the market that can make you change your mind.

However, the question that sparks the debate among car owners is where to put subwoofer in car, or mainly how to hide subwoofer in a car to maximize the space while enjoying the low-end beats at their full potential. In addition, placing the car subwoofer in the wrong position can compromise the music-listening experience, so you have to be thoughtful.

Therefore, you need to find the best position of a subwoofer in a car while ensuring it is not apparent. We will discuss some hiding techniques and highlight the best position to fix the subwoofer in a car to make the most out of your substantial investment.

Car Subwoofer Positioning Facts

Our experts believe that many car owners fix the car subwoofer the wrong way in order to hide it, which obviously compromises its performance, and then curse themselves for making the wrong product purchase. Thus, you should know that only the car subwoofer’s specs and features don’t play a role in maximizing its sound quality, but the placement also has a fair share in the performance.

In addition, many car owners don’t know which position should be dedicated to placing the subwoofer; mainly, the front and trunk come to mind. However, choosing the right place can be overwhelming because sometimes a particular position works for “A” and doesn’t suit “B.” So, considering the best position for a car subwoofer, think about the following options.

Subwoofer Size

Subwoofers come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. You can easily find compact and lightweight subs that should be approximately 8 to 12-inches, giving you enough room to place in smaller cars and hide them effectively.

However, if you plan to set a sub in a bigger vehicle with a spacious trunk, you can easily get a big or heavy subwoofer that can go up to 18-inches and turn your car into a mini mobile theater. But many other options will come into action during the hiding process. So, decide about the subwoofer size wisely.

Subwoofer Types

The sound originating from the bottom of the speaker (down-firing) is preferred by certain car owners, while others prefer the sound coming from the front (upfiring). The type of subwoofer can also help you determine the ideal position of the sub and its hiding measures.

Where to Put Subwoofer in Car?

1. Rear Seat

A subwoofer is typically installed in this manner in a car. The vast majority of car owners use this to improve soundstage and bass quality, especially with the up-firing car subs. Besides, you don’t have to put extra effort into managing the voice coils and other properties, and you can easily fix it in a certain place as it won’t have enough space to move or bounce.

It is ideal for placing the sub in the trunk against the back seats, but you need to be careful with its fixing, so it won’t disturb you while driving.

2. Front of the Car

It may be a little unconventional but placing the sub at the front can be pretty exciting. However, if you want to have a device without showing it to the passengers, you can put the sub in a box or design a sealed enclosure that can entertain wirings and facilitate you accordingly.

3. Trunk

Placing the sub in your trunk corner is another ideal spot to fix the sub and receive the thundering or shaking bass from it. This way, you can save vehicle space and prevent the device from appearing.

Pay close attention to the delivery and impact of your sound as you play in this position. Inclination, a subwoofer to the right, for instance, boosts the driver’s volume but improves the bass quality for the passengers.

4. Other Sub Placement Options

These are some common subwoofer placements in car options you could try while not compromising the sound quality it produces. Remember, the subwoofer should face upwards or toward the car’s trunk, which helps achieve the best sound quality.

But, if hiding a sub is not a priority, you can try installing your subwoofer in the car doors to feel the real punchy bass and get the incredibly low notes. You may need some professional assistance to determine the right location and installation.

Besides, you can put the sub on the dashboard or beneath the driver’s seat and enjoy every bit of the delivering sound.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I hide my car subwoofer?

If you want to enjoy a crisp and thumpy bass in a car while not showing where it comes from, hide your car subwoofer in a trunk corner or beneath the rear seats by putting it in a sealed enclosure or box-type thing. It not only saves space in a vehicle but also helps with connection properties.

Can the subwoofer be hidden?

There are many options to hide the subwoofer at home or in a car. You can find specially designed subwoofers for the car that come with body type and driver’s placement properties that are made to hide while performing with full authority. However, you should not compromise its performance in order to hide or save space in the car.

Do subwoofer size and type matter in its placement in a car?

A simple answer is yes! You have to consider your vehicle size and options to entertain a subwoofer and then make a purchase accordingly. Smaller-size subwoofers are easy to handle and hide, whereas you must figure out certain measures to deal with bigger subs.

What is the best position for a subwoofer?

Where it fits perfectly and produces the deep, rich, and thumpy bass, know that it’s your place. Don’t bother where to fix a subwoofer in a car because the ideal places are the trunk or beneath the seats.

Bottom Line

Whether you are addicted to listening to music while driving or not, having a decent sound system in a car is a blessing. It keeps you going on long routes, helps you pass the time, and improves your mood throughout driving.

However, we haven’t seen good quality built-in speakers installed in the car lately, raising the demand for external systems like soundbars or subwoofers. Yet, the entire system for a car may sound like an expensive plan, but setting up the best subwoofer for car, designed specifically to facilitate vehicles, can change your mind.

They are relatively compact, have high-quality built construction, and are always ready to perform while connecting with the right amp or receiver. Save the time to research where to put a subwoofer in a car or how to hide it in a car because this article will help you enlighten some common car subwoofer placement options, but if you have other ideas, please share them with us.

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