Pyle PLPW15D 15-Inch Car Subwoofer In-depth Review

Most car sound systems are limited to playing music from a CD player or FM radio. The built-in speakers are not good enough to bother about mid or high frequencies, let alone the bottom ends. This urges the need to invest in a good audio system, especially if you love music and frequently find yourself traveling on long routes.

An elegant, pocket-friendly, and smart choice could be investing in a top-notch car subwoofer, like Pyle PLPW15D. It is an ideal machine for making the engine sound louder and more powerful. Also, the specs and features are impressive, but the big size may need you to make some adjustments to your vehicle.

But, if you want an extra depth of sound in your car that literally shakes you within, this is your product to get.

Pyle PLPW15D 15″ 8000W Car Subwoofer

Pyle PLPW15D Subwoofer
Model NamePLPW15D
Speaker TypeSurround Sound, Subwoofer, Woofer
Size15 Inches
Impedance4 Ohm

 Size and Placement

Pyle PLPW15D is a 15-inches huge subwoofer, properly designed to mount inside the trunk of the vehicle. There is no way you can adjust it somewhere near the seats because it is not only huge and heavy but also requires enough to settle down with ventilation. Also, it weighs around 11.21 lbs, so you need enough help to get it to fit inside the enclosure and then on the right side of the trunk. We also recommend going for professional assistance to avoid any mishap.

It is designed with a bass lower in mind, so it is going to be very shaky when functioning. With dimensions of 15.3-inches diameter and 6.3-inches depth, it is going to consume pretty much space, so only the vehicles with enough cargo space can think to get that.

Design and Enclosure

It has nothing special to offer when it comes to design. The subwoofer is typically black, with a round shape, and well-stitched with rubber on a non-press cone. It will make your music tracks growl in your vehicle, despite the enclosure type you choose to fit in. Yes, it can go with vented, open-air, and sealed enclosure types.

This versatile subwoofer has a specially treated foam surround that enhances the sound quality and makes it sound distortion-free.

Power Handling

Since the Pyle gives a bass punch from 4-pack woofers, each has a wattage power of 1000 Watts RMS, making 4000W in total. The peak power handling of the pack is 2000 Watts for each woofer and 8000W in total. So, it is powerful enough to fill the room with resonant frequencies and give you a premium listening experience.

With this amount of power handling, 95 oz Motor, and 4 layers dual voice coil for power management, it is set to produce a bombing bass in the vehicle.

Sound Quality

The sound from the Pyle car subwoofer is not booming or thin, but rather well-balanced to hear with different kinds of music. It smartly blends with the audio system, so you won’t be listening to the bass differently but with a mixture of other notes.

The amplifier beats the heart of the car subwoofer and makes it more powerful to perform beyond imagination. It shakes the windows in loud volume and gives you a stunning relaxing massage while driving. The best thing is that it won’t distract the driver by b sounding different or unusual.

The frequency response is also decent, and the 93dB sensitivity level also makes it an efficient device.

Necessary Specs

The subwoofer is designed specifically to reinforce the car stereo or home theater; thus, the 4 woofers pack speaks for itself. The thick foam surrounding makes it more durable and keeps the driver intact when pushing vibrations hard.

The non-fatiguing suspension keeps it safe from any trouble occurrence. Moreover, the 95 oz magnet motor structure is responsive enough to satisfy the power requirements and keep it running when you feel like having a non-stop car party.

However, we expected a remote bass control for easy controlling or subsonic filter property to further clean the bass. Still, it made a thundering bass considering its size.

• Durable and powerful subwoofer
• Surrounded with thick foam
• 4-layered voice coils
• Steel basket
• 1000W RMS power per woofer
• Extremely loud and clean bass notes
• A little expensive

Bottom Line

Finding a big and reliable subwoofer for your vehicle is not easy, but Pyle made it super convenient for truck owners with this unit, which is a perfect blend of performance and affordability. It can deliver what you are looking for without any strange feeling. 

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