Rockville Destroyer 12D1 12-Inch Car Subwoofer Review

Rockville is undoubtedly a huge name, and the entire collection of car subwoofers is taking its popularity to the sky. You can rely on the Rockville for compact to massive car subwoofers, according to your space and music taste, and it won’t disappoint you a bit.

So to speak, Rockville Destroyer 12D1 is another appealing unit of the brand that instantly blends with other speakers, catches the bottom-end frequencies, and starts performing with an amazing blend. It was a top-selling product; let’s see what it offers in detail.

Rockville Destroyer 12D1 Subwoofer

Rockville Destroyer 12D1 Subwoofer
Model NumberDESTROYER 12D1
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Size12 Inches
Mounting TypeCar Mount

Size and Placement

It is a 12-inches dual 1 Ohm car subwoofer that comes in a round shape, making the device more familiar and space-friendly for your vehicles. The subwoofer is relatively big and heavy.

The outside diameter of a yoke is around 8.27-inches with 25mm thickness +15mm washer. The installation requirement of a cutout diameter is 11.65-inches and a mounting depth of 8.66-inches.

You can house a woofer in a sealed or ported enclosure, but it is going to take your cargo space due to its space. It needs enough room to adjust because it tends to move while functioning and has airflow requirements that must be met.

Design and Enclosures

We recommend housing the woofer in a sealed enclosure with a volume of 1.41 to 1.77 cubic feet. If you choose a vented or ported enclosure, get one with a 2.12 – 2.83 cubic feet volume. It is better to decide on its placement and choose the subwoofer and enclosure accordingly.

Besides, the subwoofer has a traditional design, but the non-pressed paper cone makes it an attractive choice. It makes the machine durable, and its stiffness and thickness make it more vital to handle more power. You would also notice extremely thick foam surrounding that fights the distortion and keeps it minimal.

Also, the stitching cone further reinforces the cone and increases its lifespan. To handle high temperatures to keep the woofer safe and reliable, it is equipped with a paper dust cap that is an incredible material to do the job effectively.

Power Handling

Rockville Destroyer 12D1 has a peak power handling of 8000 Watts, program handling of 4000 Watts, and CEA-rated 2000 Watts of RMS power.

It also features Triple-stacked 300 oz Y35 Magnets that tend to perform better than most 400 oz magnets and make the motor super responsive while handling much power pressure.

BL is another rating that indicates how much power you can get out of the motor. The Rockville features 1-piece Chrome T-Yoke with a stamped logo that magnetizes much better to make the excursion reasonable to increase the BL rating.

To maximize the power handling capacity, the subwoofer uses high-grade black glue known to handle high temperatures and help the woofer handle more power than they are supposed to.

Sound Quality

It has the best sound quality you could ask for from a subwoofer.

They are not wrong when they say the bigger the woofer, the bigger the bass. It actually bangs the windows with high pitching and deeper tuning and takes the excitement level to the next level. With 8000W peak power and 2000W RMS, this monster will shake up your soul with the best-quality sound production.

The destroyer is designed to make your mood with its powerful delivery of low-end notes that wouldn’t compromise clarity and cleanliness despite the volume level. The woofer smartly catches the bass frequencies and hits them with so much pressure and confidence. So, if you are looking for a massive high-quality car subwoofer within a budget, this is your guy. 

Necessary Specs

It is made a perfect companion on your solo and friend’s trip combining all the features. The solid construction with the best quality durable material not only enhances its appearance but also plays a part in reinforcing the sound it makes.

Thanks to the stiff and stronger cone, it sounds incredible while not harming its construction. The glue makes it handle more power than it can, and the magnet keeps things in control while functioning.

Due to the thick foam, you wouldn’t notice any distortions, and the 3-inches, 4-layered voice coils made in the USA claim to withstand high temperatures. In addition, the rubber gasket makes the mounting smooth and airtight, and the Nomex spider is resistant to tearing, making it a reliable and durable choice for a long time.

• 8000W peak power handling
• Shiny appearance
• High temperature holding voice coils
• Precise and more profound bass quality
• Stronger or ultra-stiff cones
• Frequency response of 37 Hz
• Requires adequate space
• May need professional installation

Bottom Line

Rockville Destroyer 12D1 is a premium car subwoofer with impressive specifications and features. It may be big or heavy, but the smart technology integrated into it makes it a worth-making investment, especially if you are a music enthusiast. 

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