Rockville RW10CA Review (Tested by Experts in 2023)

When it comes to music, there are endless ways to enjoy it.

But for many people, nothing quite compares to the experience of listening to bass-heavy music in a vehicle with a subwoofer.

There’s just something about the way the bass reverberates through the car that creates an unparalleled sense of excitement.

That’s what Rockville RW10CA offers a powerful bass output with great clarity at high volume levels so you can enjoy the music while travelling.

Undoubtedly, Rockville subwoofers are hitting the market with extraordinary performance and reasonable prices, and the RQ10CA is no exception. Here’s a detailed review of the 10-inch subwoofer.

Rockville RW10CA 10-Inch Active Car Subwoofer

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Rockville RW10CA 10-Inch Active Car Subwoofer

Rockville RW10CA Subwoofer

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Rockville RW10CA is a subwoofer with a 10-inch built-in woofer and mono 300W Amplifier that may fool you with its compact size but performs incredibly surprising bass notes with clarity at high volume. It features multiple controls and high-level input for maximized usage.

Main Features

  • 1000W peak power output
  • 43-500Hz frequency response
  • High-temperature voice coils
  • Auto turn-on technology
  • Magnetic motor structure
  • SPL @93dB

Unboxing the Rockville RW10CA

Unboxing a new product is always exciting, but the excitement level gets doubled when the audiophile meets the high—quality subwoofer like we have this Rockville RW10CA.

It is a compact, lightweight, rigid subwoofer, and the packaging was very impressive, with a lot of protective Styrofoam surrounding it. After carefully cutting through all the foam, we finally got to the subwoofer itself.

After checking out the subwoofer, the first thing that caught my attention was the remote bass knob with compatible wiring and some mounting screws with hardware to get it installed.

Thankfully, the silicon bag had a high-level input cable for instant connection, which allowed us to test it on the spot. We also noticed a user manual with detailed instructions that would be helpful for beginners.

Subwoofer Size (Dimensions)

Rockville is a compact solution for adding heavy bass depth to your vehicles and providing a nominal harmonic effect whilst you enjoy driving.

It is only a 10-inches subwoofer, measuring 13.4 x 2.7 x 2.7-inches and weighs only 14.5 pounds. The super slim profile makes it perfect for placing under the seats or at trunks for the hitting bass performance.

Also, Rockville RW10CA is the CEA-2006 certified under seat subwoofer, which makes it reliable, unique, and safe to hook with your car stereos for unlimited fun.

Design and Enclosure

Rockville subwoofers usually focus on product quality and not product design. Hence, this low-profile subwoofer doesn’t have much to offer except the rigid enclosure, grill at the front, and blue surroundings.

Besides, the slim sealed enclosure may not enhance its appearance but ensures its durability while maximizing its functionality.

The MDF enclosure design is responsible enough to host and protect a 10-inches driver and Amplifier with the magnet motor.

Built-in Driver

As discussed, Rockville RW10CA is a 10-inches subwoofer, which means the MDF enclosure safely houses a 10-inches woofer based on an expanded or rolled steel basket.

The woofer is based on an ultra-stiff composite Pulp cone with Kevlar reinforcement, and the 3D Molded acrylic dust cap provides excellent protection to the woofer, poles, and voice coils to causing rubs.

The woofer is also surrounded by high-density foam surround that not only protects the woofer and keeps it intact despite intense punishment but also reduces the distortion level to maximize the sound clarity.

Built-in Amp

Rockville RW10CA has a built-in 1000W mono Black amplifier with a 200W RMS power output that lets you adjust the overall sound and bass quality to match your preferences.

So, with the 800W peak and 200W power output, this subwoofer will create a blasting environment in your cars and give you an optimal listening experience.

Inputs for Connection

The MOSFET transistor presence makes a difference and makes the power supply consume less energy.

Additionally, the unit has a collection of high-level and low-level inputs for secure and easy hookups with the receiver. The high-level speaker inputs with an auto-start sensing feature make it a flexible car device.

Built-in Controls

Like other Rockville subwoofers, RW10CA also features some control levels that let you adjust the sound quality and bass performance so that you can get the utmost out of the device.

It features a phase switch with a phase design from 0 to 180 degrees, and the bass boost can be set up from 0-18 decibels for the high-definition distinct bass notes.

Frequency Response Range

The frequency response range of the sub may not impress you, especially until you test the device.

43Hz to 500Hz is not an ideal frequency range for a subwoofer, and it may not give you precise bass notes that hit hard, but it will add a reasonable rumble in the bass-sensitive sound.


Besides the adjustable input sensitivity control, the subwoofer has some protection measures to use the device hassle-free.

It comes with thermal protection circuit, short protection circuit, and vented core magnet moto structure to deal with power problems and keep the device safe to use within a car.

Bass Performance

Rockville RW10CA is a compact, smart, and decent audio solution that can add bass to your car stereo while quickly slipping the subwoofer under the seats. Setting up and making it functional is as easy as it sounds, and the smart turn-on Circuitry helps integrate it into systems without messing with cable clutters.

Once you play the device, you will be amazed to hear the stunning bass quality that perfectly mixes with upper and mid notes and makes the organic low-end frequency attack while playing any genre.

The sound is well-produced with accuracy and out-of-the-box power output. It may not bang the vehicle windows or make your seats vibrate, but it definitely causes a rumbling sound.

• Compact profile
• Built-in Amp
• Low pass crossover
• Phase switch
• Thermal protection
• Noticeable muddy noise

Bottom Line

There are few things more exhilarating than cranking up your music and feeling the bass reverberate through your car.

When you have a Rockville RW10CA subwoofer, the experience is even better. It is easy to handle, connect, and hook with the receiver. It delivers the acoustic listening experience without making you compromise on the cargo or trunk space within your budget frame.

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