Rockville RW8CA Powered Car Subwoofer In-Depth Review

Having a car subwoofer in your vehicle is exciting because it gives you a sense of a home theater system by sounding so fulfilling, intense, and deeper. You can feel the bass in every note, and you won’t have to miss a beat when listening to your favorite tracks.

Rockville RW8CA is designed to fit perfectly in your car and enhance the sound performance while driving. It is relatively smaller than a regular subwoofer, so it doesn’t take up much space and won’t create unnecessary noise while driving, only a significant bass.

Here are some highlighting features of the very famous Rockville RW8CA subwoofer. 

Rockville RW8CA Under-Seat Car Subwoofer

Rockville RW8CA Subwoofer
Model NameRW8CA
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Subwoofer Size8 Inches

Size and Placement

If you can get a handy car subwoofer, this has to be Rockville RW8CA. It is an 8-inches compact subwoofer that easily fits anywhere in small or large vehicles. It is relatively convenient to operate, and its breeze installation process makes it a go-to product for bass.

A subwoofer’s dimensions are 12.4 x 11 x 2.7-inches (LWH), giving you enough hints to decide its placement. We recommend putting it by the rear seats or trunk, and placing the driver’s face towards the front can enhance the sound quality and fulfills the room pretty fast.

Moreover, we recommend taking your available space measurements and match with the subwoofer size to avoid misunderstanding. It may seem smaller for trucks, but when you place it, it can disturb you with wiring or finding the sweet spot that meets its requirements.

Design and Enclosure

Well, it depends on you how you perceive it. We see it as a solid square box with a measurement of 8-inches, a grill concealing the driver, and all the inputs available at the rear panel.

The subwoofer enclosure has only 2.7-inches thickness, allowing you to slide it under the seats. Thank God it comes with a built-in amplifier, so you don’t have to spare space for another device and enjoy an all-in-one solution.

The high-level inputs make the installation super easy and make you not bother with the complex remote wirings. Besides, you would see all the inputs and outputs on one side to make things simpler.

Power Handling

Rockville RW8CA has 600 Watts peak power handling and 150W RMS power. Be careful, as it may blow when forced to handle power more than that. But, its performance and sound quality wouldn’t be compromised a bit.

Also, being CEA-2006 compliant, this product gives its word when it talks about the power handling capacity. It also takes pride in being one of the firsts and slim under-seat subwoofers CEA compliant.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is immersive and outstanding, delivering each bass note with dedication and precision. The low-end notes delivery is impeccable, and you feel the difference when playing the bass-friendly tunes.

In addition, you have many options to customize the frequencies. The amazing controls allow you to tweak the sound and make it according to your preference. Besides, it also features subsonic filters to filter the ultra-low frequencies that even you can not hear. The built-in subsonic filter will enable at 29 Hz.

Since we mention the dynamic power handling of 600W at 2 Ohms, the subwoofer has a frequency response range of 20 Hz – 150 Hz with a sensitivity of 100dB at 1w/1m.

Necessary Specs

Despite being pocket-friendly and a compact bass maker, the Rockville RW8CA offers some amazing features.

The solid and powerful construction makes it long-lasting, pushing the driver to perform at full authority. The typical design could be boring, but you can easily hide it under the seat because the enclosure thickness is likely to be slimmer than usual.

The controlling of the machine can be convenient with the included remote control and overload protection unit makes you keep up with it when it tends to capture more power than it is supposed to. Moreover, it has a built-in bass boost at 0 – 18dB at 45 Hz and a phase switch at 0 – 180 degrees.

• Adjustable input sensitivity
• Built-in 150W amplifier
• Auto turn-on technology
• Built-in subsonic filter
• Noise ratio at 95dB
• Killing bass quality with subsonic filter
• Typical and boring design
• Limited warranty

Bottom Line

Rockville RW8CA is a decent bass-making machine in a compact size and solid profile. With a 600W peak power handling, you would get to hear some deep and killing bass that is precise and accurate to hear. All your favorite tracks will sound so soothing and relaxing when it automatically turns on. 

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