SB1000 vs SB2000: Which One is Better?

Choosing an audio device that won’t disturb your neighbors is crucial. A downward-firing subwoofer may be unfavorable if your room is on the third or fourth floor. Wood floor apartments reverberate the sound well, as I have observed.

You’ll start wondering which one is better between SVS SB 1000 and SB 2000. Due to this, you will find detailed information and explanations of their differences in this article. In this article, you’ll learn about their sound quality, build quality, key features, and which is best for your situation.

So, let’s start!

SVS SB1000 Subwoofer

SVS SB1000 is a great example of a powerful, small subwoofer. It is one of two subwoofer lines marketed for the entry-level/small market by SVS.

Despite its small size, the SB1000 is powerful and redefines the term “value for money.” If you have a small room and want to get the most out of it, then the SB1000 might be the right choice for you.

SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer

As a successor to the original 12-inch closed subwoofer, SB-2000 features a qualitative leap. Its small size, powerful output, excellent sound quality, and many other features make it an excellent choice.

It appears small when you first see the SVS SB-2000. This subwoofer is ideal for venues with a small or medium size due to its penetrating power, which is twice as powerful as a standard subwoofer.

SB-2000 is known for its rapidity, cleanliness, clarity, and strength. Low-frequency textures are the focus of this subwoofer.

SB-1000 vs SB2000

Comparison Chart of SVS SB 2000 and SVS SB 1000

ModelSVS SB 1000SVS SB 2000
Weight38.6 lb / 17.5 kg (with Grille)38.6 lb / 17.5 kg (with Grille)
Enclosure TypeSealedSealed
Subwoofer TypeActiveActive
Drivers1 x 12″ / 30.5 cm1 x 12″ / 30.48 cm Aluminum
Driver Placementfront panelfront panel
Detachable GrillesYesYes
PortsNot SpecifiedNone
Amplifier Power Rating300 W RMS720 W Peak550 W RMS1500 W Peak
MagnetNot ApplicableNot Specified
Passive RadiatorsNot ApplicableNot Specified
Voice CoilNot ApplicableNot Specified
Frequency Response24 to 260 Hz19 to 240 Hz
Crossover frequency50-16050-160
Connectivity1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Input (12 V Trigger)1 x Stereo RCA Input (LFE)2 x Binding Post Pair Input1 x Stereo RCA Output1 x Stereo RCA Input (Audio/LFE)1 x USB Type-A Input (Service/Wireless)1 x Stereo RCA Output (Audio)1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Input (12 V Trigger
AC Input Power110 VAC, 60 HzNot Specified
Volume ControlYesYes
Low-Pass FilterYesYes
Main Power SwitchYesYes
Subwoofer PhaseYesYes
Amplifier ClassClass-DClass-D
Placement & Mounting OptionsNot ApplicableFloorstanding
Input Impedance47 Kilohms16 Kilohms
Cabinet MaterialMDFMDF
Floor ContactsNot ApplicableNot Specified
Warranty LengthNot ApplicableLimited 5-Year Warranty
ColorsBlackBlack Ash, Gloss Black

SVS SB1000 Key Features

  • Amplifier with 300 watts RMS (720 watts peak)
  • High-performance 12″ SVS driver
  • 24-260 Hz ±3dB Frequency Response
  • Input impedance – 47 kΩ (unbalanced RCA)
  • Featuring two high-grade ferrite magnets

SVS SB 2000 Key Features

  • An amplifier of 500 watts RMS (1100 watts peak)
  • SVS 2000-series 12″ driver
  • 19-220 Hz ±3 DB Frequency Response
  • DSP amplifier Sledge STA-500D
  • A pair of high-quality ferrite magnets
  • The input impedance is 47kΩ (unbalanced line-level RCA)

SVS SB1000 Build Quality

With such a powerful intensifier and engine housed within such a small fixed cabinet, it is essential to manage the heat effectively. For this reason, SVS designed an outstanding vented post piece and a powerful voice loop for maintaining SB-1000 subwoofer temperatures without affecting sound quality.

Due to its rigid construction and passive musical design, the desk delivers pure, natural bass, even at the highest driving levels. With a weight of 27 pounds, the SB-1000 is one of SVS’ smallest and lightest subwoofers, making its 24Hz to 260Hz (+/-3dB) recurrence response even more remarkable.

From the front, the grille is visible and covers the entire front face, along with the SVS emblem at the bottom. With a simple tug, you can remove the grille. Upon removal of the grille, the large 12-inch subwoofer is surrounded by a piano black surface finish with pins on each corner that keep it in place.

Due to the sealed construction, there is no port, and the subwoofer occupies the majority of the front of the enclosure. In addition to the middle, the SVS logo is visible on each corner of the front and rubber surround.

An LED light is visible in the upper left corner to indicate the status. Red indicates that the subwoofer is off; blue indicates that it is on. The LED is hidden when the grille is in place. The appearance is neat, however.

In the middle of the back is the SVS logo and serial number, which are surrounded by the same glossy black surface.

SVS SB2000 Build Quality

This SB-2000 Pro subwoofer is an innovative version of the industry-leading SVS 16-Ultra Series, which has won almost every award in the industry or in the media for its remarkable performance and innovation.

Driver control and precision in recurrent response aren’t sacrificed to achieve incredible results and expansion. Its permanent cabinet arrangement sets new performance standards for subwoofers based on cutting-edge research and SVS’s most complicated subwoofer innovation ever.

It produces huge amounts of magnetic energy through a 15-pound double ferrite magnet engine assembly, providing a thrilling driving experience without letting go completely. Without distorting, augmentation below 20 Hz can be achieved easily.

It achieves room-invigorating SPLs that are controlled even at the highest levels, thanks to lightweight aluminum vents and a composite fiber dust cover. By using a restrictive infusion formation, long-toss illustrative encompasses can provide an exceptional bass experience while extending the drive unit’s lifespan.

With the aluminum shaft expanded, you get exceptional heat scattering features, as well as a double-layer voice curl arrangement which improves linearity and precision during the travel and reduces power pressure and mutilation.

This SB-2000 sealed subwoofer features a simple chevalier design. With its curved edges and black-gray finish, it looks attractive, and the quality of the manufacturing is excellent. Moreover, its body is made of durable MDF wood, which sits on screwed-in rubber feet. In spite of its modest dimensions, this subwoofer weighs 16kg and measures 37 x 36 x 43cm. 

A curving mesh grille on the front adds a modern touch to the traditional subwoofer design. The SB-2000 also features a 12-inch front gearbox, which is convenient for families with children and pets but is not essential.

It utilizes the Sledge STA-500D DSP amplifier that is very efficient and has a Class D topology. In terms of power, its module delivers 500 watts of RMS on a continuous basis. The maximum output power of 1100 watts may be possible, however. The power amplifier produces double power output to promote the bass unit.

SVS SB1000 Sound Quality

This smaller SB-1000 subwoofer featuring front-terminating drivers, massive twin ferrite magnets, and FEA-advanced inner engine technology offers incredible performance. Lightweight cone material in the long-stroke driver recreates unpretentious sound tones and massive low recurrence sway realistically.

Even when the subwoofer is used for prolonged periods, its elastic covers ensure long-term performance. True music or home theater fans will be pleased with the SB-1000’s genuine and harmonious sound.

Providing 300W RMS and 700+ Watts peak output, the Sledge STA-300D intensifier ensures that the subwoofer is controlled precisely at all drive levels, allowing you to push reference volumes without bending.

With an increased leveling bend, the SB 1000 is faster and more responsive than ever, making it sound bigger than its size. With a short start and stop time, it maintains consistency with the source material, which is usually only the domain of much more expensive subwoofers.

Furthermore, the high-level DSP motor provides easy integration into home theaters and sound systems and calibration of sound playback. When listening to loud music such as 78db, the sound clarity of this device won’t overwhelm you. Clear, pleasant, and tight audio remains even when the gain is increased.

The absence of a port resulted in no port noise. It was right there at the foundation. There is no lag between stops and starts, which is what a subwoofer should do.

In addition to music, the SB 1000 subwoofer also delivers an intimate, nuanced presentation for movies. The little 13 by 13-inch cube pumped out a bass that would shake a couch. It sounded tight and clean without distortion.

SVS SB2000 Sound Quality

You will enjoy listening to music and watching movies with the SB2000, regardless of your taste in music or movies. All of these bass tones are captured with great delicacy and complexity by the SB-2000. 

In spite of its weight, this miniature vessel is capable of maintaining detail and control, and its expressive force far outweighs its weight. 

It can produce an entire subsurface roar during heavily sound-designed film scores without interfering with the conversation. 

In terms of accuracy and musicality, the SB-2000 surpasses most subwoofers in this price range. 

No matter what you’re watching or listening to, this small subwoofer won’t disappoint. With it, you have precise control over the depth and detail of your bass. 

As a result, SB2000 is an excellent first choice when it comes to movie sound quality, especially when it comes to music programs or music movies that are regularly used. There is a low likelihood that some small space users will encounter difficulties such as standing waves.

Pros And Cons of SB-1000

• True Precision Bass
• Minimal Design
• More Value for Money
• Not Ideal for Large Rooms
• Lacks the Oomph Factor

Pros And Cons of SB 2000

• Tight, highly-articulated bass
• Plenty of seat-rumbling force
• Even and smooth from top to bottom
• Rivals much more expensive subwoofers
• Vinyl veneer is unremarkable
• Grill is large, adds to footprint
• No brass spikes/footers included


SVS SB-2000 subs are more expensive than SB-1000 subs. SB-2000 subwoofers cost about $200 more than SB-1000 subwoofers.

Therefore, if you have a fixed budget, the SB-1000 is a good choice.

The price increment means you’ll have to pay for additional wattage that you don’t necessarily need, particularly when you need low frequencies.

By adjusting the volume based on the size and surroundings of your room, you will be able to enjoy a reasonable level of sound.

An Auralex pad is sometimes necessary to keep the sub from touching the ground.

Furthermore, you should also consider covering the wall behind the subwoofer with sound foam.

Space Occupation

An SB-1000 subwoofer makes sense if you have a room that measures 13×12 and has a 9-foot center ceiling. Furthermore, it does not matter whether the room has a perimeter tray.

As far as space occupation is concerned, this type of offer is also excellent.

In comparison to SB-2000, which looks huge, this isn’t an issue if your space is limited. 

This is why the device can be used even in the living room. When possible, choose SB-1000 since you can adjust its volume or calibrate it to your space.

Deeper Extension

The SB-2000 subwoofer offers a deeper extension than the SB-1000 subwoofer. A feature like this is essential, especially when watching an action movie.

You will feel like you are in the middle of a battlefield. SB-2000 offers such a real-time streaming experience, therefore, that it makes it unique.

Watching action movies on the SB-1000 might not be an ideal choice as it does not offer room-filling sound.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SB1000 or SB2000 Which one is better?

Most of the customers claim that the SB-2000 subwoofer provides excellent audio quality. Additionally, it is advisable not to overlook the SVS SB-1000 since it offers excellent sound quality for its price.

Does SVS SB-1000 have Bluetooth?

This SB-1000 Pro offers a greatly improved user experience than the previous SB-1000 because it comes with wireless control capabilities via Bluetooth via the SVS smartphone app, which is free to download and works on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.

Is SVS SB1000 good for music?

It gives a taste of how well the SVS engineering team and production team work together. It’s an incredible deal for a pair of subwoofers at $599. It uses a 12-inch driver with a huge voice coil, along with a 325-Watt Mosfet amplifier that’s great for music or movies.

Is SVS SB 2000 Pro good for music?

SB has a much smaller footprint than previous subs, and it’s tight, detailed, and has a very small footprint. If you’re looking for a musical sub to integrate into your system, this is the one to get. As you play through your music library, you can also make small adjustments using the app. At an affordable price, this product delivers great performance!


There are a few factors that differentiate SVS SB-1000 from SB-2000. You should compare the two solutions based on sound quality, pricing, depth of extension, and other factors.

Although they can provide superior service, it is now dependent on your preferences and the amount of money you are willing to spend. A wider frequency response range is offered by the SB-2000 than by the SB 1000. However, it is more expensive than the SVS SB-1000 subwoofer. 

You will likely have to pay about $200 more for an SB-2000 subwoofer. In order to enhance your home entertainment experience, it is crucial to select a subwoofer with good sound quality.

According to several customers, the SB-2000 subwoofer delivers high-quality sound. However, the SVS SB-1000 also provides excellent sound quality at a reasonable price, so it should not be overlooked.

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