How to Secure Subwoofer Box in Trunk [Guide]

You could think of many things that can boost the bass in a vehicle, but nothing can beat the power and charm of a subwoofer. 

A subwoofer is a device or machine designed to focus on low-end frequencies in music and make the sound deeper, richer, and more thrilling. We all desire to listen to heavy bass because it sets quality sound standards and keeps you immersive. 

After the massive success of subwoofers in home theater systems, you can now get a car subwoofer to bring the heart-pounding bass to your vehicle. You would feel like flying on the roads while playing some rap or pop music on the subwoofer, at a loud volume, and with friends to enjoy. It sounds like a dream, isn’t it? 

Subwoofer Placements

We can’t stop admiring the qualities of a subwoofer for obvious reasons, completely forgetting the other vital factors, like its placement in vehicles. 

Fortunately, car subwoofers come in different sizes, so you can choose the one according to the available space in your car or truck. Besides, a trunk is ideal for making it home in a vehicle. You can also consider keeping the compact subwoofers under the seat, like 6 or 8-inches ones, but the bigger ones need significant space to get comfortable and perform. 

Hence, when you are out and about enjoying your favorite tunes at loud volume, it is important to check if the subwoofer box or enclosure is well-secured. We will discuss some tips in the article about how you can secure a subwoofer box in a trunk and avoid any mishap. 

How to Secure Subwoofer Box in SUV?

Subwoofer Box in SUV

Glad you have an SUV. You must have managed to keep the 10-inches or bigger subwoofer box in your trunk, but it’s not about that. The safety of the subwoofer box is what should matter to you. 

Here are some tips below:

  • Make sure the enclosure box is properly secured to the vehicle. It can be done with bolts or screws through the bottom of the box and into the vehicle’s frame. So, get ready for some drilling. 
  • If using bolts, make sure they are sufficiently tightened to prevent movement. Loose bolts can allow vibrations from the box to travel throughout the vehicle and cause damage.
  • Use a quality lock if securing the box overnight or when not in use. A quality lock will resist theft and will keep children away from the box while it’s not in use.
  • If you are avoiding drilling for any reason, another option could be to bolt “L” brackets to the vehicle’s cargo floor and then all the way through the enclosure. It keeps the box intact from moving. 

During the drilling, you must be careful and ensure not to drill through the wiring harness, gas tank, brake line, and any other crucial system in the SUV. Let’s see how we can do the drilling safely. 

If you have any doubts, you can always call for professional help. 

Drilling the Car Subwoofer in the Trunk 

drill subwoofer box in truck
  • If you’re looking to secure your car audio and improve bass response, drilling a hole in your trunk is a great option. You’ll need a drill, some screwdrivers, and an Allen wrench.
  • Unscrew all four screws that hold the bottom of the car subwoofer enclosure to the trunk floor. Once those are out, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws that attach the enclosure to the trunk wall. 
  • Now you can remove the enclosure from the trunk. Be sure to save all of the parts so you can reinstall them in reverse order when you’re done. 
  • Next, get an Allen wrench to remove the six screws that secure the speaker box to the trunk panel. Carefully pull off the panel, then set it aside.
  • Drill a hole in one of the box’s corners using your drill bit and screwdriver. Make sure to use enough pressure so that the bit doesn’t slip out of the chuck. You don’t want holes in both sides of your box! 
  • Remove both screws from the inside of a box and set it aside. Repeat with the second corner.

How to Keep Subwoofer Box from Sliding?

Keep Subwoofer Box from Sliding

Subwoofers are meant to function like a monster. They tend to move or slide a lot due to the vibrations, so keeping them intact and secure is necessary. The sound quality can be affected when left loose, and many annoying distortions could ruin the entire process. Also, keeping it secure can reduce the chance of damage which is a real threat in the event of constant sliding. 

So, when we talk about keeping the subwoofer box secure in a trunk, we also stress about how to keep the subwoofer box from sliding. Here are some suggestions to consider. 

  • Use bungee cords or cable ties to secure the woofer to the trunk wall.
  • Mount the woofer to the inside of the trunk using brackets or hooks.
  • Use padding to protect the woofer from scratches and dings.
  • Add a layer of carpet or another padding to reduce noise from bouncing around.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I keep my sub box from moving in my trunk?

1. Metal fasteners can help secure the sub box 
2. Bolt down the subwoofer
3. Velcro fasteners can be used to stick it 
4. Double-side tape can be helpful 

How do you secure a subwoofer box?

You can secure a subwoofer box by drilling a hole in the trunk and running the bolts through them. Besides, never forget to use the lock washers and flats not to let the bolts loosen up. 

Bottom Line

No matter what vehicle model or type you have, if you plan to mount a subwoofer to reinforce the car stereo, you better be thoughtful about its placement and security. A subwoofer should be kept safely inside the trunk, preferably in a box. But always leave room for ventilation so it won’t get heated up. 

This article can guide you with some important tips to keep the subwoofer safe in the trunk and save it from sliding while performing. 

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