Skar Audio SDR-18 D2 18 Inch Car Subwoofer In-Depth Review

Subwoofers have become must-have audio equipment for any car enthusiast. They provide an extra powerful layer of bass that transforms your car audio experience as no other speaker can. But if you opt for a car subwoofer from Skar Audio, it makes your music sound better and more exciting and can also improve your driving experience.

Skar Audio SDR-18 D2 is a massive, powerful, and premium car subwoofer that is no exception when delivering a deep, rich, and hard-hitting bass. Its smart technology catches the frequencies, makes them sound better, and makes you feel its depth. Let’s see all the necessary features that raise its bar in the market.

Skar Audio SDR-18 D2 Subwoofer

Skar Audio SDR-18 D2 Subwoofer
BrandSkar Audio
Model NameSDR-18 D2
Speaker TypeSubwoofer
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Subwoofer Diameter18 Inches

Size and Placement

You must be wondering about the large-size car subwoofers, but they are very big and require ample space to feel at home. With 18 x 18 x 9 inches dimensions and 25.2 pounds of weight, Skar Audio SDR-18 D2 can be a real monster for your vehicle if you manage to arrange its space.

With this large size, it can be capable of so many things, mainly ultra-low-end frequencies. As they say, the subwoofer should be placed in the room corner to increase its output, but in the case of cars, placing it in the trunk or cargo space while moving its face towards the front seat is a better idea.

However, with this huge subwoofer, you need to consider its sound placement because it can enhance or ruin the whole experience.

Design and Enclosure

With this size and design, you need to invest in customized and high-quality enclosures passed through the expert’s analysis. The MDF construction could be reliable. Besides, the spring-loaded terminals can also be helpful with 8.00-inches mounting depth.

The subwoofer construction is mindblowing. The competition-grade paper cone makes a difference in making it long-lasting, and the high-temperature copper voice coils can be valuable in wiring and increasing durability.

You will also notice a high roll foam surrounding this 18-inches subwoofer. Still, Skar Audio products’ specialty is to boost the sound quality and deliver riveting bottom-end frequencies.

Power Handling

It features peak power handling of 1200 Watts and RMS power of 600 Watts. 1200 Watts is the maximum power level that this subwoofer claims to handle in a short burst, keeping your subwoofer safe from blowing.

Sound Quality

It is designed to be a hard-hitting 18-inch car subwoofer that offers incredible sound reproduction and bottom note capabilities. It precisely catches the frequencies from music and makes them sound deeper while blending with other notes.

When connected to a car audio system, you won’t feel like a sound coming from any different speaker, but it beautifully mixes with the speaker sound and performs accordingly. You only need to give it some time to break in because the real party will start afterward.

In addition, it features a frequency response range of 18 Hz – 250 Hz, which is a valuable spec to notice because it plays around these frequencies.

Necessary Specs

Other necessary specs that we should highlight are the advanced cooling system it comes along with to maximize your playtime and the high flux ferrite motor that makes it more powerful and responsive whenever you want to play it.

2.5-inches 4-layer high-temperature voice coils attached to red spiders are also a valuable addition. And the sensitivity of 87.3 dB and Fs 24 Hz also plays a part in making it a valuable purchase for next-level bass enjoyment.

Moreover, its construction is weather-friendly so that you can take it anywhere the roads take you.

• Fantastic sound reproduction
• Noticeable low-end note capabilities
• High-flex motor magnet
• Killing subwoofer
• You need professional help with the installation

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, Skar Audio has become a top car subwoofer brand with its diversified product launch. This 18-inches subwoofer is no exception when expecting a terrific sounding bass with no distortion and loud volume delivery.

The included specs maximize the bass quality, and affordability makes you fall for it, so it is a win-win. 

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