SVS PB16-Ultra Review (Tested by Experts in 2023)

A subwoofer can really enhance the music listening experience, adding a whole new dimension of low-frequency sound.

A subwoofer can add a great deal of power and richness to the overall sound, making it much more enjoyable to listen to. And when we happened to come across SVS PB16-Ultra, we realized it is the only wild subwoofer that can make that happen.

SVS PB16-Ultra Cabinet Subwoofer

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SVS PB16-Ultra Subwoofer

SVS PB16-Ultra Subwoofer

SVS PB-16-Ultra adds life to the music with 5000W power and seamless blending with other speakers for accurate, detailed, and heavy bass output. With a class-D Amp, it unleashes the full depth of music with a crisp precision of bass touch. It is a dream come true for audiophiles.

Main Features

  • 5000W of peak power
  • 30-200Hz low-pass crossover
  • 15-280Hz frequency response
  • Multiple navigation options
  • Phase switch

SVS PB-16-Ultra is the world’s lowest distortion subwoofer with a mind-blowing 5000W peak power. It raises the bar for professional studios and music recording/listening applications while ensuring extremely deep bass frequencies.

We had the best time spending and testing this beast because it was beyond our expectations. We had a packed schedule with it, but thankfully we made the most out of it. The deep low bass frequencies were clean and thundering to set a heavy soundstage while setting up with the home theater setup.

This detailed review article will unfold many great things about the subwoofer, and we recommend every audiophile out there to get their hands on it for the premium cinematic and studio listening experience.

Unboxing the Real Beast

SVS has done a great job with product branding as the PB-16-Ultra came in a brand’s box with diversified knowledge about the product and brand all over it.

We received a massive and heavy box, but opening instructions were a breeze, allowing us to open the box from both ends and slide the woofer out of it. It is quite heavy to move so that you might need help.

The grill was separately packed in a plastic bag, and the woofer also had plastic and foam in the surroundings to keep it intact and safe throughout the shipping.

Revealing the woofer was a shock as the gloss color pleased the eyes. We instantly pressed the power button, and the mini display at the front started functioning. 

Subwoofer Size

Let’s start with its monstrous size, featuring 25 inches high and 174.5 pounds. It is heavy, tall, and bulky enough to demand a dedicated space in the room. Also, it instantly catches attention, so it is almost impossible not to have a look at it.

We tested it while putting it in the corner because we thought we find a sweet spot for it to perform at its full potential. However, it can fill the room with loud, powerful, and intense bass wherever you place it. Also, it’s not the device to move around freely, so make up your mind beforehand about placement.


When it comes to appearance, it is quite decent, with a glossy finish. But the fingerprints can make it look messy. The front has a non-resonant steel mesh grill, and hard cabinet material makes it look rigid to stand despite the heavy punishments.

The SVS logo is placed at the center, and three ports are at the bottom. The ports can be sealed or opened. Besides, all the controls and input/outputs are at the backside of the subwoofer but are easy to reach.

Additionally, unlike other subwoofers we have tested yet, this beast comes with a digital control pad with control buttons at the top edge. However, you may not need to use it since it allows managing the device via the app.

Lots of Connections

The back side has a panel of connections, including input and output levels. Even though a line-level input is enough to connect with the home theater system, it still offers a set of other ports to add more devices or stay in a safe corner.

There are two balanced XLR line-level inputs and outputs and a 3V-12V trigger input (for turning the subwoofer on when another piece of equipment is activated). In addition, it is easy to connect with the labeled slots, which saves time and hassle.

Built-in Driver

Low frequencies are responsible for the “thump” and “rumble” you feel when listening to music, and a good subwoofer with a high-quality coil will make this more pronounced.

Similarly, SVS PB-16-Ultra features a front-fire 16-inches driver with a large 8-inch voice coil and a massive four-ferrite magnet surrounding it. The class-D Amplifier is also a valuable addition that fuels continuous power to the woofer by giving it enough room to showcase its potential.

Since this generates a strong magnetic flux, the force is acting to propel and retract the cone increases. That helps overcome the effects of inertia caused by the subwoofer cone’s extreme weight compared to those of a midrange driver or tweeter cone.

Power Output and Frequency

The subwoofer includes a class-D amplifier with 1500W of RMS continuous power along with 5,000W of peak power. If the low-frequency sound is the constant roar of a spacecraft engine, the wall 120 volts AC will likely fall a little bit.

However, if the sound is brief, you should come fairly near to what the Amp is capable of creating, which means you will get to feel the studs in your walls vibrate and feel the ground beneath your house shake.

With the frequency response range of 15Hz to 280Hz at +/-3dB, you will get to feel the precise notes with real depth and tight punch. When the ports at the front are open, the frequency can go down to 13Hz and can incorporate bass-heavy content with great pressure and thumping.

The sealed ports wouldn’t make much difference and take the frequency to 14Hz, which is also more than enough to hit the bars with heavy soundstage and heart-pounding tight bass.

Sound Performance

It’s not a soundbar to use with regular music streaming in small spaces, but if you do it by chance, it will shake the place with constant vibrations and roaring and put your space upside down with a real feel of bass depth. 

It is made for highly intuitive and powerful home theater systems and places with dedicated space to accommodate such monsters. It gets extremely loud and adds a lot of excitement and energy to your music, making it more enjoyable and exciting when enjoying with friends.

It delivers extremely deep bass frequencies and near-to-perfect transient responses to any music or movie soundtrack you can throw. With its all-new aluminum cone, this beast will give you a jaw-dropping home theater sound like never before.

We enjoyed every second spent with this powerful subwoofer. Whether gaming, movie streaming, or music listening, it got us by fulfilling the music with low-end frequencies- exactly how the audiophiles like.

• Excellent piece of art
• Class-D Amplifier
• 1500W RMS power
• Distortion-free sound
• Multiple input/output sets
• Thundering and shaking bass
• Clean low-end notes
• Super heavy at 175 pounds

Bottom Line

The SVS PB-16-Ultra subwoofer represents a new level of audio and home theater experience. Offering state-of-the-art engineering and design, this powerful subwoofer is a true audiophile’s dream.

With the patented Sledge STA-300D amplifier, the PB16 offers deep and accurate bass. With powerful 16-inch drivers and 5000 watts of peak power, this subwoofer will shake the room with hard-hitting and deep bass notes.

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