SVS SB-1000 Review (Tested by Experts in 2023)

Music is for everyone!

No one should have to compromise on the music quality when listening to their favorite playlists, especially on home theater systems.

The SVS-SB-1000 is an ultra-compact, low-profile subwoofer with a powerful punch. It’s designed to deliver incredible, high-definition bass from any music application.

It also provides the accurate response you need at all volume levels, giving you a premium listening experience.

But wait, it offers more than that! Let’s see why this low-key subwoofer has become a part of our life, and we can’t imagine watching movies or listening to pop music without it.

SVS SB-1000 Compact Powered Subwoofer

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SVS SB-1000 Compact Sealed Subwoofer

SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer

The SVS-SB-1000 is a classy 720W subwoofer on a solid enclosure with a curvy edge design. It packs a tight punch from the low profile, and the wide frequency makes enough room to catch the frequencies and boost them with intense power.

Main Features

  • Front-firing subwoofer
  • 720W peak power
  • Attractive look with a glossy finish
  • Line and speaker-level inputs/outputs
  • Phase switch and crossover

Unboxing the Compact SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer

12-inches subwoofer and compact, Yes!

Adding a 12-inch subwoofer to a home theater system is always exciting for a deep and heavy bass punch, but we enjoyed unboxing it a little more compared to other product unboxings.

It is unusual from the 12-inch woofer, but it came in a compact box from the brand with the SVS logo and product name on the front. This floor-standing woofer was resting patiently within the solid and reliable box that played a significant part in the safe shipping.

It’s about 19 inches tall and 19 inches wide, but handling it wasn’t an issue for us. You will also find unboxing instructions at the top, so follow them consciously. We had to turn the box and then open it, but we found a box within a box.

We found the woofer safely packed with some instructions manual, power cable, and a registration card. 

Valuable Upgrade

As seen in the improvements from the previous models in the 1000 series, the SVS SB-1000 is touching the sky with great build, decent performance, and value for the price. Also, it is the most cost-effective model we tested among the other subwoofers in the series.

But on the upside, the entry-level subwoofer performs competing with the high-end ones, so it smartly outclasses the price range and makes its place in several households. 

Size and Design

The SVS-SB-1000 has a classic look with a finishing touch of glossy style at the front. We liked the grill that was shielding the driver underneath.

The glossy black look complemented the overall space and caught our attention when we put it aside after unpacking. Also, compared to the other 12-inch subwoofers we tested, it was relatively lightweight and handy enough to handle without assistance.

Without the grille, the subwoofer has measurements of 13 x 13.5 x 13.9 inches (HWD) and weighs only 26 lbs, which is unbelievable but realistic.

Besides, the build quality of the subwoofer box felt rigid and powerful, enough to handle the heavy pressure while throwing some vibes with the curvy edges.

LED Status

Another great and valuable function we found in the model was LED lights at the front indicating the subwoofer functionality status. When you turn off the sub, it turns red and switches to blue when you turn it on.

This LED indicator is helpful when the user detects any issue within the subwoofer. Sometimes the subwoofer fails to start or faces an issue while connecting with other devices; the lights will help them resolve this.

Built-in Driver

The driver is brand new, and that’s the first thing to notice. SVS constructed a cone out of fibre composite material that is both strong and rigid and then mounted it on a motor with two ferrite magnets. As you’ll hear, the result is very high-quality bass for this affordable subwoofer.

The Sledge STA-325D amplifier is the highlighting component of the subwoofer, pumping out 300W RMS and 720W peak watts of power for the hard-hitting bass at extreme volume levels.

Class D amplifiers are particularly well-suited to balancing power output with thermal dissipation, and this model does not disappoint. Its power is generated by metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs), and as we’ll see when we discuss the sound quality below, they do an excellent job.

Frequency Response Range

Even though it is not the deepest subwoofer from the brand, it still delivers a premium listening experience at this price.

We were lucky enough to test the Titanic from the brand that has 13Hz of frequency, but SUV SB-1000 with around 20Hz wasn’t disappointing. The frequency response range of 20Hz to 200Hz at +/- 3dB is ideal for getting a home theater experience with banging doors and hitting bass notes.

Connections and Setup

Among other things, we liked the simple setup of the device. It didn’t waste our time by confusing us with complex wirings or buttons, but it was relatively straightforward to hook up with the existing applications.

Also, the user manual was a big help that we found in the box. To test the subwoofer, we placed it in the living room against the wall so the sound notes easily reach the corners and fill the room with rich music.

I used the RCA input set to connect the subwoofer with my existing home theater application. It was a smooth connection, and we didn’t face any hurdles or stability issues during the whole playback time.


Despite being in the category of the entry-level subwoofer, it offers multiple controls to give you control of the bass quality you want to listen to.

You will find all the control knobs at the back of the model. It includes crossover, phase switch, and volume controls for better and personalized listening.

Additionally, the input and output sets are also at the back. We recommend putting the sub in standby mode, which makes the sub turn on automatically when receiving the audio signals and turns off in a lack of activity. It saves a lot of power and greatly impacts the bills.

Sound Performance

My friends and I are big fans of country music. We also like to listen the rap apart from classical and rock, so we decided to test the subwoofer with different genres. 

We began the testing with classical and were impressed to receive the smooth and well-balanced tuning with perfect alignment of upper, mid, and lower notes. The subwoofer was catching the signals and reproducing them by adding the real depth of sound.

But when we increased the power and switched the music genre to something pop or rocky, it started banging the windows and made itself noticeable to everyone in the house. The bass was hitting right in our chest, and we could listen to the lyrics more clearly.

On the other hand, we hooked the gaming console and made it part of our intense gaming sessions to try something new and exciting. The loud gunshots, explosions, and clear running noises boosted our enthusiasm, and we were shocked to see the performance of this average-looking soundbar.

However, there was a muddy noise or turbulence at certain volume levels, but at the 80Hz or so, the sound performance was incredibly insane.

• Solid profile
• Rubber feet for movement
• Power-saving mode
• Low-pass filter
• Affordable
• STA-300D Amplifier
• Turbulence at high volume

Bottom Line

The SVS SB-1000 is an e]aesthetically pleasing 12-inches subwoofer with 720W of dynamic peak power that instantly fills the space with thrilling, heart-pounding, and clean bass.

The easy setup, multiple controls, and different line levels provide a seamless user experience with diverse music, games, and shows.

It is worth investing subwoofer for the price and features.

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