SVS SB-1000 vs PB-1000: Which One is Better?

If you’ve ever researched subwoofers, you’ve surely heard about SVS. SVS is a renowned brand in the subwoofers industry. In the last few years, SVS has been especially known as the brand that produced some of the most successful subwoofer ranges. 

SVS has won countless awards, including ‘Sub of the Year” accolades, Best Buy Badges, and many highly positive customer reviews.

PB and SB series are two of the basic level series from SVS. SB series come in sealed form, while the PB series is ported. We tested these subs, and today we’re sharing a detailed review of SB-1000 and PB-1000 to enable you to make a mindful decision.

SVS SB-1000 vs. PB-1000 Comparison Table

SVS SB-1000 vs. PB-1000 Comparison

We tested and compared both subwoofers and here is a quick comparison of their features.

Subwoofer ModelSVS SB-1000SVS PB-1000
Dimensions13.5 inches x 13 inches x 14 inches18.4 inches x 15 inches x 18.4 inches
Weight27 lbs46 lbs
Frequency Response 24-260Hz19-270 Hz
Driver Size12 inches10 inches Ported
Amplifier Power300 watts RMS (720W Peak Dynamic)300 watts RMS (700 watts peak)
Low-Frequency Extension22Hz16Hz
Acoustic Output115.4dB
InputsRCA, Speaker Level, 12V TriggerLFE, Stereo RCA, Speaker Level
WarrantyUsually 2 YearsUsually 2 Years

SVS SB-1000 Review

SVS SB-1000 is a front-firing, 12-inch sealed subwoofer with no port. SB is the acronym for a sealed box. A Sledge STA 300D amplifier provides continuous power of 300 watts and a peak power of 720 watts.

It operates in the range of 24 hertz to 260 hertz. This is a nearly cube-shaped subwoofer that measures 13 inches wide, 13.5 inches tall, 14 inches deep and weighs 27 pounds.

Three different surface finishes are available: black ash, gloss black and gloss white. I purchased this model in a gloss black finish, which was gorgeous. 


The front face of the SB-1000 is covered entirely with the grille, and the SVS logo is placed at the bottom. You can pull the grille off by giving a simple tug. The grille itself is durable, rigid and firm, and it is held in place with pins on each one of the four corners.

A piano black surface finish surrounds the 12-inch subwoofer when the grille is removed. Since it’s sealed, there’s no port, and the subwoofer takes up most of the front face. There are four SVS logos around the front and the rubber surround, as well as one in the middle.

There is a little LED light in the top left corner that indicates the status. When it is off, it is red, and in the on state, it is blue. When the grille covers the LED, you can’t see it. Otherwise, it looks nice and clean.

The bottom of the subwoofer has a gloss-black finish. You can see it around the speaker. In addition, it has four rubber feet to protect your precious floors. You can unscrew the feet and put them on other feet if you want.

Connections and Control

Its connectivity and control options set it apart from other budget subwoofers. Most of the SB1000’s competitors in this price range offer similar connectivity and control options. Line-level inputs and outputs are included along with a standard coaxial port.

This device also comes with two pairs of wire inputs that can be used to set up 5-way speaker systems, making it ideal for small speaker systems and home theaters.

Additionally, there are AC/DC trigger inputs, which aren’t quite common in budget subwoofers. You probably know by now how this subwoofer will sound.

A power switch and standby/on switches are included with the SB1000. This subwoofer has digital knobs for volume, phase, and a low-pass filter, making it a good purchase to consider. With this, you get better audio precision and a noise-free listening experience.

Sound Performance

Music experience on SVS SB 1000 was amazing for me. I set it at 78db, it delivered very good music that was not overwhelming and also not underwhelming. The sound produced by SB 1000 is clean, nice, tight and pleasant.

One good thing about this subwoofer is that it doesn’t produce port noise since it has no port. There was a perfect base there. This subwoofer stops and starts instantly, which is exactly what you want.

Just like music, this subwoofer gives the same intimate detailed presentation while watching movies. I was amazed at how hard, and clean SB-1000 hit. 

It delivers excellent results even on the heavy bass sounds like some of the scenes from “Aquaman” and “War of the Worlds”. This tiny little box is enough to shake your couch by putting out monstrous bass. It provides tight and effortless sound with zero distortion. 

SVS SB 1000 also provides an exceptional bass response while playing games. It boosts your gaming experience by booting up many bass-heavy moments. I was much impressed by how great SB1000 sounded here.

You’ll get all you need from a subwoofer; tight, deep and impactful bass. I never thought a sealed subwoofer of this size and price would be able to handle bass-heavy games such as “Modern Warfare.”

Extra Features

When you switch the SB-1000 to standby mode, it consumes less than 0.5 watts of power, which makes it more cost-friendly in the long run.

For those who care about the environment, SB 1000 comes in lead-free construction and is also RoHS compliant. 

• Clear, precise and deep bass
• Very small footprint
• Excellent build quality
• Reasonable price for an SVS product
• SB-1000 is not suitable for large rooms/spaces
• It doesn’t go as low as other similar subwoofers
• Though deliver good bass but lacks the punch of bigger subs
• The front power led can cause a bit of distraction

SVS PB-1000 Review

SVS 1000 series consist of two subs; PB-1000 and SB-1000. SB-1000 has been reviewed above, and now it’s time to review PB-1000. Unlike SB, PB-1000 has a ported box cabinet.

Theoretically, PB-1000 is more suitable for movies, while SB-1000 performs better with music because of its closed cabinet. Now we’’ll discuss PB-1000 in more detail to show you what it can give you under the name of SVS.


SVS PB-1000 is quite large when you compare it to other subwoofers that promise to deliver the bass under 19Hz. It measures 18.4 x 15 x 18.4 and weighs about 46 lbs. So, if your partner doesn’t like a large black box in your lounge or room, then this subwoofer might not be for you, lol.

But in my opinion, this decent-sized subwoofer doesn’t disappoint you for your bass needs. 

It comes with a rigid and braced MDF cabinet, and its black ash finish gives it a decent look. A plastic molded cloth grille covers the front of the subwoofer.

You can pull off this grille easily. Below this grill is a 10-inch cone that is front-firing and a high-flow port that measures 3.5 inches with outer and inner flares.

The LED power indicator is the only other thing on the front aside from the cone and the port. This LED power indicator glows blue when active and red when on standby. Some customers complained about the location of the LED indicator, and it could be better if SVS positioned it at the rear.


The connectivity configuration of the PB-1000 is the same as the SB-1000. That means you’ll get the usual LFE coaxial port that will be used to connect to an AV receiver. The subwoofer also contains a pair of outputs and another pair of line-level inputs.

It also contains two pairs of inputs for 5-way high-level speaker wires. A 3V-12V AC/DC trigger input is also present, which may be helpful in certain situations. There are some other ways you can use to connect the subwoofer along with these ports.


Controls on the PB-1000 are also similar to the SB. This means it contains a standby/on switch and a power switch. Above these switches are three knobs: one for controlling the phase of the subwoofer, one for volume control, and one for low pass filter(LPF) with a 50Hz-160Hz range.

Although these knobs are not similar to most subwoofers, digital accurators provide greater control and precision with noise-free adjustments. SVS didn’t become famous by chance, and small this shows the reason.


As the name indicates, this subwoofer has a PB (ported box) design, and it delivers more output power compared to the SB(sealed box) subwoofer with a similar amplifier. 

Its placement depends on what you want from it. It will give you louder and less accurate bass if you place it in the corner. But if you feel that this output is boomier, you can place it across the wall to get lower bass with more accuracy. 

So, one thing is clear this subwoofer gives you the luxury of its placement selection, which is not the case with many other options. In any case, there is no wrong or right, and you’ll get different results at different positions. So, take your time and try different placements to find the most suitable for you. 

Extra Features

PB-1000 has an auto/standby feature that only consumes 0.5 watts making it more cost-effective in the long run. For those people who are more concerned with the environment, this subwoofer comes with lead-free construction and is RoHS compliant with all worldwide safety certifications.

• Great build quality
• Ideal for movies
• Punchy bass
• Affordable price
• Not suitable for large areas
• Demanding music showed some port noise
• The front power LED indicator can be a bit bothering

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is SVS PB-1000 pro good for music?

PB-1000 pro was too good at its original price, and no doubt it is still a heck of a value at its new price. If you want an exceptional pored sub that will deliver foundation-shaking low-frequency sound effects and detailed and powerful musical midbass, then this subwoofer is your way to go. 

How good is SVS PB-1000?

This subwoofer provides greater detail in the 20-50Hz frequency range, allowing low-frequency sounds to come out even in complex soundtracks. The bass output of PB-1000 is precise, balanced and controlled, which gives the film soundtrack genuine impact.

Are SVS subs worth the money?

Yes, SVS subs are good subs with good value. The omnidirectional sound is created at a frequency where your ear can tolerate the distortion. In Australia, these subwoofers cost around 1000-1200 dollars for brand new, but you can get 12-inch subwoofers for about 300-400 dollars.

Which is best, SVS SB-1000 vs. PB-1000?

The SVS PB-1000 features a large port alongside the 25cm/10” driver. There is no port on the sealed SVS SB-1000, but it has a bigger 30cm/12” driver. The PB has the ability to go deeper and louder if necessary. If you’re interested in reading more, you can read the above comparison.


You may be wondering why the discussion is about the original models, as pro models are now the core 1000 series offering. Well, I just want to say that these original SVS models are still a great buy at this price level.

Both the models from the 1000 series provide an excellent bass response. Here, I just want to add a little thing: the PB-1000 model sub provides a more powerful bass as per my experience. SB is more suitable for music, while PB is better for movies. In short, you can’t go wrong with any of these subs, which makes SVS stand out.

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